8 FAQs About Chaga To Answer Them All

Many have questions about chaga and its benefits. Here are 8 FAQs about chaga to answer those you may have been asking

FAQs About Chaga: Is it really So High In Antioxidants?

The ability of foods to stop dangerous oxidization is an ORAC level is a breakthrough for health professionals.  Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity foods such as chaga give us more antioxidants which promote our bodies ability to fight off harm full free radicals.

It is the antioxidants that look to destroy our health, so Chaga and other high ORAC level foods are essential as a line of defense other lesser foods cannot offer.

Where Does Chaga Come From?

We now know that the best areas in the world for the finest chaga is Siberia. The Forests of Siberia are birch tree laden and they are the hosts of this king of mushrooms, drawing all their potency known previously to ancient civilizations.

Chaga grows high on the tree and interestingly, can be seen by some as a parasite.

What Is The Best Environment for Chaga?

In order to thrive the environment in which the birch trees grow should be a non-pollutant one.

Chaga can absorb toxins and impurities from the air around it.

Areas away from city pollutants are best and is why Siberia is far superior in terms of chaga and its quality.

How Do People Harvest Chaga?

It is essential that experts harvest chaga properly to retain its nutritional elements. Poor harvesting results in Poor quality. Do not harvest chaga from a dry tree, nor should it be taken off the ground.

Sayan Health’s chaga hunters ensure there is a small piece of chaga left on the birch tree to ensure future growth

How Do People Process Chaga?

The best practices for collecting, drying and storing will produce the best product. Experts handle chaga is to remove all sundry bits of loose bark and debris from the forest. A drying process should always take place in warm, but well-ventilated areas. Fresh chaga is cut into pieces no larger than 3-60 centimeters wise and dried until they are crumbling. From there experts place the dried chaga into a glass jar securely.

Why is Chaga Good For Me?

A combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and immune boosting compounds make chaga one of the best supplements for ongoing health.

Incorporating one simple cup of chaga tea a day can boost your stamina and help with stress levels to help you cope with life’s demands.

A full life with less illness is why some view chaga as a medical herb worth its weight in gold.

Should I take Chaga To Prevent Illness?

8 FAQs About Chaga To Answer Them All

As we age, our bodies naturally lose some enzymes and nutrients. Chaga can assist to replenish and even add nutrients that are lacking in our everyday diet.

Think of it as a daily tonic to help with immunity strength and antioxidant assistance.

Supplements are especially helpful where recovery is important.

Is Chaga Safe?

Chaga is a natural occurring mushroom. Natural is best when choosing any kind of supplement. Chaga works for pets as well as humans.

Look to your medical practitioner for advice where other medications are already a requirement for your chronic or ongoing conditions.

Chaga drives many conversations over the past years. As with many natural occurring organisms, we can learn a tremendous amount about bettering and preserving our health into the future.

Chaga leads the way as a revered superfood.

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