chaga tea to drink before bed

The Best Chaga Tea to Drink Before Bed

Tea is favored as a pre-rest beverage for a few reasons. The simple act of a nightly routine helps the winding down process.

This, coupled with something pleasurable makes for a restful night.

If this appeals, remember it’s important to choose the right kind of tea.

Herbal teas still remain high on the list for those wanting a soothing night-time beverage.

Chaga proposes another alternative: Chaga Mushroom Tea.

Why Rest is Needed

So, why is rest so important.  Consider your bodies inner functions. We overheat, get overly stressed and become physically and mentally tired. There’s no avoiding it, and appears to be the human condition, but there are consequences of not allowing for proper sleep and rest.

Our immune systems are amazing things, and help repair and revitalize us every day. This immunity can weaken with continued undue stress. Rest is needed to allow our immune systems to regroup and repair without further activity fighting it.

Chaga Tea to Drink Before Bed

What Can I Include in My Evening Chaga Tea?

Choose calming teas that already have a reputation for promoting rest. Some also help relieve muscle tension and headaches.

Restful teas can include peppermint, chamomile. Peppermint is documented as a reliever of tension and can help a person relax before bed time.

Chamomile has a history as a sleep aid. It is also said to promote a calmness at any time of the day.

Generally, herbs adapt well to chaga tea as its base.

Don’t forget about regular old fashioned chaga tea. Revered for its earthy taste it remains caffeine an excellent free way to unwind all on its own.

Coupled with inherent health assisting compounds, this ancient healer could be the way to go.

To Brew or Not to Brew

If you don’t have the time to brew chaga tea, then take advantage of the products available for one time use.

Teabags and tea tablets are convenient ways to introduce and keep this medicinal tea in your daily health regime.

If you don’t have time to brew, consider other options.

It’s all about experimenting.

Should I Induce Sleep?

Insomnia can be a debilitating problem.  With the need for rest certainly established, natural remedies can offer solutions.

Everyone is different. Some may find herbal remedies such as valerian and the like affect mood and have other negative outcomes for them as individuals.

Practice Makes Perfect

Taking the time to brew the best kind of chaga tea that will suit your nigh-time needs.

The act itself can induce a more relaxed environment. Stick to a time to make your tea, and have a place to enjoy it. Preferably away from noise and disruption.

Be sure to have everything done so as you’re not interrupting your path with tasks yet to be completed.


We all would like a better night sleep. There are some key points to remember.

Avoid caffeine. Even a small amount of caffeine in tea can have an effect at the end of a long day.

If you are used to having your days full of time consuming, demanding events your body may use the caffeine to re-energise.

At bed time, even a slight stimulant can cause a problem.

Contrarily, many do not feel the effects of caffeine as much as others.


There is never one solution for everyone, but when calming of the mind is required for a restful night, incorporate the things that help you relax.

Is it time to put chaga on your list?

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