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Should You Give Chaga To Pets?

Our pets, let’s face it, are like our children. They are a member of our families and for the most part, tend to get the best of everything, even before ourselves. And why shouldn’t they? Pets can bring a lot of good into the lives of many, whether…

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Boost Your Melanin Naturally With Chaga

Of all the things we know that chaga can bring to our health and wellbeing, along comes another, in the form of melanin. This amazing compound is a material that our bodies produce that effects the color of eyes, hair, and skin. So the less melanin in our…

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Chaga Supplements: What To Look Out For When Buying

The search for alternative and complementary medicine is an age-old one. When you begin your search for chaga supplements, the first thing that may come to mind is whether this is the supplement for you. Is chaga tea healthy as a supplement? Explore the findings on this king…

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Chaga Mushrooms VS 5 Other Top Superfoods

If you’re not familiar with what makes particular foods good for us, you may be confused by comparisons of foods that claim to be best for our health. There’s no need for concern though. As there are lots of foods that can be of benefit for a variety of…

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5 Delicious Chaga Mushroom Recipes From The Web

So you’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate chaga into your cooking? Sounds like a great idea and it’s not so surprising, as the benefits of chaga can only be described as amazing. Its properties and their ability to assist with a variety of medicinal purposes are now…

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