Chaga Raw

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Chaga Raw

In today’s world we like to process things. And processing can have many benefits, but some still prefer to use items in their raw state.
When it comes to chaga, cultures have been using it for health and wellness purposes for centuries. The chaga mushroom is found in northern climates including Siberia and Canada. The cultures there have been using chaga in a variety of ways for many years.
We know that several hundred years ago that people have some ability to process and perhaps more than we give them credit for, but they likely used chaga and other natural herbs and mushrooms in a raw state.
Today, people often look to past cultures for inspiration when it comes to health and wellness. And that inspiration often leads to using items like chaga in the raw form.

What Is Raw Chaga?

Raw chaga is the purest way to obtain chaga other than picking it straight off the birch tree in Siberia and Canada. Some people prefer this type of chaga because they can process it to the consistency they like for however they’re going to use it. And, because raw chaga requires less processing from the selling company, it should be a lower price for the consumer looking to save while still getting the benefits of chaga. We should mention that our proprietary method for preparing raw chaga mushroom eliminates any bitterness in the end product.
Raw chaga comes in two main forms: chunks and powder. The chaga that comes in chunk form is very pure and very similar to the consistency one would find in a natural setting. It can be broken down further into smaller pieces or into a powder or it can be left as the larger pieces for brewing.
And the powder is commonly used as an additive to drinks like hot water or mixed in with food like yogurts and other items with similar consistency.

Why Should I Use Chaga?

While researching is being done to confirm the benefits of chaga, cultures all over the world have been using it in all forms, including raw form, for centuries.
In the past, chaga has been referred to as the “King Of Herbs” and many other similar names depending on the culture. But many cultures have used it for health and wellness properties and benefits.*
Today, people use chaga and report that it has many benefits including reduced stress and improve energy levels. Some use it as a topical agent on their skin to improve their skin health. Others report improve digestion and some use it as a detoxifying agent for their entire digestive system.*
Some have even reported that chaga may support healthy blood sugar levels. And others report that chaga could be a good dietary supplement during common cold and flu seasons, which is likely a result of an improved immune system.*

How To Use Raw Chaga Today

As we’ve been discussing, you can really use raw chaga in a variety of ways. We’re always surprised at the ingenuity people have when it comes to using raw chaga. The raw chaga offers you the freedom to create your own health super foods and drinks.
We like to recommend using chaga in teas and smoothies, but with raw chaga there are many options.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.