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    Chaga Mushroom Soap

    It started in the Northern hemisphere where cold climate and lack of vitamins pushed people to explore nature and find essential products that could support their health. This is how Chaga mushroom and its health-supportive benefits were discovered. Chaga mushroom grows on birch trees and feeds off the sap. It contains melanin, a large number of important minerals such as calcium and potassium and is a great source of antioxidants as well.

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    One unique way that Chaga has been used in the past and currently seeing increased interest is Chaga soap. People have been using Chaga to improve their health in a variety of ways. And now you can use Chaga soap not just to look better but also to live a healthy and toxin-free life.


    What Is Chaga Soap?

    Chaga Soap is great cleanser and could be used daily to remove dirt, sweat serum, and oils from your skin. Skin is your body’s largest organ and works hard all day long by pushing out toxins your body makes. During bathe, you exfoliate skin from the toxins that excretes throughout the day. It would be great if you can help your body and do a little cleaning to get those toxins off the skin. By doing so, your skin will look healthy, fresh and clean again. That’s why we recommend using Chaga soap for body regularly. 

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    Made by hand with love and care, our soap has Chaga as one of the main ingredients. All other natural ingredients will improve your skin turgor and appearance. Using Chaga soap it is a much better option to naturally support your look other than using generic soap with unhealthy chemicals that are so widely used in the beauty industry, this good soap to wash face.

    Using Chaga mushroom value is easy –  just use it as you would any other soap. All  Sayan Chaga soaps are designed to exfoliate your skin, help your body to absorb essential minerals found in Chaga mushroom and other natural ingredients.

    It a simple way, you remove the bad and add the good. And remember: 

    “What is elegance? Soap and water!”
    Cecil Beaton

    You can’t really go wrong by ordering any of our Chaga mushroom soap. Handmade with the best all-natural ingredients our nature can offer and no irritants, toxins, or undesirable ingredients, packaged in environmentally friendly kraft materials Sayan Chaga best of soap will be a great addition to your bathroom shelf!


    Different Varieties Of Chaga Soap

    Chaga soap comes in a variety of different options. But each soap better soap bar can help with firmness and elasticity of your skin while supporting your overall health and beauty. The absorption of the natural ingredients provides you with not only improving skin appearance but also with great peace of mind.

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    Since different minerals and natural ingredients can provide different benefits we carefully chose the ones which would be the best for your skin. We offer three different types of Chaga by product of soap with natural ingredients like coconut oil, lavender and orange essential oils, Shea butter, rhassoul clay, cinnamon, honey, vanilla and even red wines  All of these components will promote healthy skin and support your overall health. You can’t go wrong with any of these, so choose what you like the most! 

    All Sayan Chaga soaps are best quality soap, kind to any skin type. Even people with the most sensitive skin will be able to feel and enjoy the benefits of our unique soap bars. 

    Chaga mushroom soap is not the only product offered by natural handcrafted soap company Sayan which can be used for skin. Chaga oil and cream are other natural products that could effectively improve your skin appearance and wellbeing as well.

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