How Much Chaga Tea Should You Drink Per Day?*

Author: David Vartanian

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Our Recommendation: Begin by trying one cup of chaga tea as a morning beverage and drinking chaga daily. When you become more familiar with its taste, progress to three cups a day: Morning, midday and evening.

That is the recommendation for adults in generally good health. If you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking any medications, please consult with your doctor before beginning a regular regime of chaga tea.

For children or adults over the age of 60, consider fewer cups per day starting with 1/2 cup to one cup in the morning. Begin with a small amount. See how your body reacts. If you’re comfortable you can begin increasing the amount, but listen to your body.

To our knowledge, no official studies have been conducted relating to the daily dosage amounts of chaga or chaga tea. However, a number of animal studies have been conducted using similar amounts and many studies have found positive benefits.

A recent study found that mice taking chaga in varying amounts over a 14-day period saw an improvement in their fatigue levels with no toxic effects. In another, mice taking chaga over a 4-week period saw the benefits of chaga as a hypoglycemic functional food. One more tested the effects of various doses of chaga extract and found positive effects suggesting it could be used as a natural anti-cancer ingredient in the food.

How much chaga tea to drink daily?

If you are considering chaga and how much to drink, first consider your individual needs. Supplementary medicines can be invaluable for those whose dietary intake lacks required nutrients.

Consistent health is a concern for us all, but when planning for a healthier future, we can overdo it.

So, how much should I drink?

Start with a cup a day and progress from there. If you are targeting a particular ailment then the amounts and times of consumption can vary.

As an example, increased antioxidant intake needs may require a lunchtime iced chaga or a coffee substitute.

Chaga tea daily

To increase stamina, or help your body recover, chaga raw can be of assistance after training, or for those with a high level of physical activity and professional athletes.

A routine beverage, planned throughout the day morning noon and night may be the best for those with recurring needs. Sayan Chaga remains in your system because you are replenishing it on a regular basis. We are all different with varying needs.

Consequently, you may only need a warming tea at night to calm your mind after a strained day.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Can you drink too much chaga tea? The answer is, we love tea for different reasons, but complementary health supplements, tea or otherwise, should be taken seriously. Health supplements can cover may base from energy levels to vitamin deficiencies. The key is to find something that can be of benefit effects of chaga mushroom for your individual concern.

Taking any complementary medicine too many times or for the wrong thing, can lead to neglect in the areas that need the most attention.

Remember, the body will expel any surplus supplement.

Chaga Tea Daily: How Much Should You Have

Begin slowly if you are new to chaga tea. The same rules apply for any new health supplement. Сhaga dietary supplement is a very special naturally occurring substance used to assist in the preservation of good health.

As ominous as chaga mushrooms may appear within is an abundance of benefits for us mere mortals. Brewing chaga is easy (readymade teabags make it even easier) simply follow the instructions on your supplier’s product packaging.

Mushroom powder dosage can begin at one cup per day, increasing to two and three, with a final cup at night. If you are looking to supplement for a particular reason, consider chaga’s individual qualities. The key is to ensure you are familiar with what chaga brings to the table. This is an important point about how to use chaga powder.

If a more energetic day is your goal, then chaga may help with stamina, and revitalization. The night time scheduled tea may not be the best for someone who feels chaga mushroom powdermay stimulate them. Although caffeine free(this is chaga mushroom powder benefits above coffee), chaga can help those with mental alertness issues, possibly interrupting rest time for those susceptible to some causes.

Try chaga where others have failed. You may have found your one and only supplement.

Replacing all beverages and all daily routines may not be necessary with a supplement like chaga. You may see the difference in your wellbeing with one cup per day, every few days.

That’s the fun of it. Experiment with chaga tea. The tea can be added to existing beverages or even baking to provide an added antioxidant and vitamin boost. Use the right chaga tea recipe and as a bonus, introducing this tea becomes a part of everyday routines without disruption. 

When is the Best Time to Drink Chaga Tea

Are the morning hours the best time to drink chaga tea?

If you are a nine to five worker, it may be. However, shift workers and those on rotating rosters have differing sleep patterns.

There are times where vitamin intake requirements and energy needs will be outside the norm for some people.

When people need a boost it tends to be in the mornings, before a long day at work, or mid-afternoon when energy and motivation levels begin to ebb.

Have a chaga tea instead of reaching for the more common choices of chocolates, and soda. Your body will take the nutrients and assist your body far greater than the poorer pick-me-up choices.

Apart from the time of day, considerations there are many variants we all face. Attributed to the chaga tincture benefits, Chaga can be used as an alternative to caffeine loaded drinks when more energy is required for sporting or other athletic commitments.

So what are other times to take chaga tea?

Don’t forget your body will be craving certain nutrients after sickness. Recovery time may be lessened with the addition of chaga tea into a daily hydrating routine.

Times of stress

Sustained release can also be a priority, and so chaga give consumers the option to have this king of herbs at multiple times throughout the day

Link to tablets

Consider your individual needs when you first introduce chaga into your health regime.

When our energy is depleted we can make the mistake of reaching for the usual caffeine and sugar based sodas and sports drinks.

They all have their place, but if long-term health is a consideration, they may not be the best choice.

When is the Best Time to Drink Chaga Tea

Time to Celebrate

Take chaga any time of the day or night, depending on your needs. Chaga is a great option for overall great health and well-being.

Congratulations if you are taking steps to better health. One day at a time, with a key goal is all that is needed.

Organic chaga powder can help you get there.

The Best Chaga Tea to Drink Before Bed

Tea is favored as a pre-rest beverage for a few reasons. The simple act of a nightly routine helps the winding down process.

This, coupled with something pleasurable makes for a restful night.

When is the Best Time to Drink Chaga Tea

If this appeals, remember it’s important to choose the right kind of tea.

Herbal teas still remain high on the list for those wanting a soothing night-time beverage.

Why Rest is Needed

So, why is rest so important. Consider your bodies inner functions. We overheat, get overly stressed and become physically and mentally tired. There’s no avoiding it, and appears to be the human condition, but there are consequences of not allowing for proper sleep and rest.

Our immune systems are amazing things, and help repair and revitalize us every day. This immunity can weaken with continued undue stress. Rest is needed to allow our immune systems to regroup and repair without further activity fighting it.

Chaga Tea to Drink Before Bed

What Can I Include in My Evening Chaga Tea?

Choose calming teas that already have a reputation for promoting rest. Some also help relieve muscle tension and headaches.

Restful teas can include peppermint, chamomile. Peppermint is documented as a reliever of tension and can help a person relax before bed time.

Chamomile has a history as a sleep aid. It is also said to promote a calmness at any time of the day.

chaga tea to drink before bed

Should I Induce Sleep?

Everyone is different. Some may find herbal remedies such as valerian and the like affect mood and have other negative outcomes for them as individuals. Don’t forget about regular old fashioned chaga tea. Revered for its earthy taste it remains caffeine an excellent free way to unwind all on its own.

Coupled with inherent health assisting compounds, this ancient healer could be the way to go.

Chaga proposes another alternative: Chaga Mushroom Tea.

Are There Bad Reaction Of Chaga Tea?

Bad reactions, of course, are a concern held by most of us when it comes to consuming new or different alternative health supplements. There is a certain medication that may need to be monitored when taken in conjunction with chaga.

If you are not sure, check with your own medical practitioner.

A few important considerations:

  • First, it’s important to see your doctor regularly for any recommending testing of blood work and vitals.
  • Second, if you are taking medications you may need to adjust both daily and long-term chaga tea amounts. Work with your doctor to develop a plan specific to your situation.
  • Third, to our knowledge there haven’t been long-term dosage studies on the effectives, positive or negative, of chaga. However, there is one case study of a 72-year old woman taking chaga to aid her liver cancer. After six months, some vital signs diminished.
  • Fourth, there have been animal studies showing the benefits of chaga including one that found that continuous chaga extract use in mice promoted energy metabolism.

What Is The Correct Chaga Tea Quantity?

Most advocates of chaga see its popularity growing. More enthusiasts are learning how to make chaga tea. There are a number of wonderful chaga tea recipes. It’s best to be sure your supplier is one who is passionate about the products so as to bring you the best available.

It’s also important to consider your long-term dosage. Above, we recommended that it is generally considered safe to consume up to three cups of chaga tea per day: morning, midday and night. This dosage is a good recommendation for long-term consumption as well.

Moderation in everything is still a good example to live by. It’s important to not overuse any natural supplement. Our bodies are very good at removing supplements we do not need. If we let out body do its job, it will absorb what we require and dispose of the rest.

Reasons behind drinking chaga tea are as different as the people consuming this herbal beverage.

From immunity boosting potential to anti-oxidant protection elements, chaga is used for a number of reasons.

To say that chaga is versatile would be an understatement.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

22 responses to “How Much Chaga Tea Should You Drink Per Day?*”

  1. Hi
    I have the left bundle bunch blocked since birth,i am 67 yrs ,and only the last 10 months my bp is unsettled ,i am on amlodipine 5ml,i wonder if i can take chaga powder.

    • Hello,

      Even though we don’t know about any restriction for taking Chaga powder, we would highly recommend contacting your family doctor for consultation, he is the one who should answer your question.

  2. Thank you all for the info
    Has anyone found any info if chaga would assist to get rid or kill for suspect cancer cell in bladder.
    Than you from a Vet

    • Hello PapaRay,

      Thank you for your question. Chaga mushroom is not a medicine and can’t be used as one. Some of our product are dietary supplements which will support your immune system. For the best results, we would recommend using Chaga mushroom extract powder with betulin in pouches or in capsules. Please note that Chaga extract with betulin doesn’t dissolves in liquid well so we would recommend mixing it with yogurt or take in capsules.

      Best regards,

  3. Hi how do I know I am allergic to Medicinal Mushroom like Chaga ? I recently started to use chaga tea. I feel the good part of the tea but I also noticed something that after I take The tea for a few days, I will have headache and dry month. I stopped for a day or two, everything goes back to normal. I suspect I may be allergic to this wonderful mushroom… thanks for advise

    • Hello Emma,

      If you have a headache and dry month after taking Chaga for several days you might be allergic to the Chaga mushroom. It is also a possibility that the amount of Chaga you are consuming is too much. We would recommend taking less dose of tea and drink it maybe 2-3 days per week skipping a day between consumption.

    • Yes, a person could drink Chaga tea for 2-3 years. However, for best results, we recommend taking a 5 – 7 day break from taking Chaga powder or chunks every 24 – 28 days. In other words, use it for about a month, stop for a week, and then use it for another 4 weeks, and so on. The break will allow your immune system to work without any outside help and your body won’t develop Цчага толеранце.

  4. Hi there,
    Can a person drink Chaga tea everyday for a long time like 2 or 3 years? Is there any harm in that? Do you know if anyone has drunk it that long?

  5. I just want to add, Oxalic acid is found in other foods also. Nothing was mentioned regarding her recent food consumption. Other foods with higher oxalates are beets and their greens, spinach, endive, kale, rhubarb and cocoa, just to name a few that are commonly eaten. So too many details were not included for that biased conclusion. YAY Chaga! 🙂

  6. do we have to avoid any specific medicines while consuming chaga tea and should be after meal or before or any time

    • Some studies suggest chaga has platelet inhibiting properties and may potentiate the effects of blood thinning medications such as warfarin. Chaga may also lower blood sugar levels , thus you need to monitor blood sugar levels when you get intravenous glucose infusion, and for people taking medication for diabetes. Also some people can be allergic to medicinal mushrooms.

  7. Chaka DOES have side effects…. I just read in a naturopathic magazine that a lady had kidney failure due to “overusing” tea but of course I don’t know how much.

    • Dear Judy,

      Thank you for contacting Sayan Health. You probably referring to chaga mushroom, not chaka.
      The story which you referring to was published at PubMed That article indicates that women took 4-5 tea spoons of chaga powder per day. We do not recommend raw chaga in that amount per day to our customers. The abstract doesn’t provide information how exactly that patient was consuming chaga mushroom, was it brewer or was it just consumed per oral/ eaten?

      We only recommend brewing raw chaga mushroom. Consuming raw chaga mushroom doesn’t provide any health benefits to humans, you can read about it on our website.

      According to the researchers this was the first report of a case of oxalate nephropathy associated with ingestion of chaga mushroom powder. As far as we know it is the only case. Still, a rare occurrence should be heeded.

      It was presumed that the fungus was to blame for her kidney failure. However, the woman had liver cancer for a year prior, and it is unknown if she had taken any other supplements or medicine prior to, or during her treatment for liver cancer, which may have contributed to her renal failure other than just the chaga mushroom powder.

      In order to be sure that there is such connection between chaga mushroom and oxalate nephropathy scientists would need to do case studies where they have control group in order to make scientific conclusion.

      Also article says:”This is the first report of a case of oxalate nephropathy associated with ingestion of Chaga mushrooms.” they use word “associated” not caused by. There could be many other reason what cause oxalate nephropathy in that particular woman as well. Since that report there was not any other reports worldwide which had similar conclusion that chaga mushroom is associated with oxalate nephropathy.
      There are thousands of people who take chaga mushroom on daily basis as dietary supplement and so far only one person who had liver cancer, had oxalate nephropathy. And we could not determine if that particular person took chaga mushroom in proper way. So at this time it too early to jump to conclusion that there is definitive connection between chaga mushroom consumption and oxalate nephropathy.
      The other article which you are referring to: only states that “Oxalic acid was found as the main organic acid, with the highest amount in the aqueous extract from Russia.” There is nothing in this article which concludes that oxalic acid is the cause of any side effect or is the reason for developing any health problems in people who consume chaga extract.

      Best regards,

    • Hello Debbue,

      Thank you very much for contacting Sayan. Chaga tea doesn’t have any side effects. Yes it good for lived because it supports liver detoxification.


    • Dear Tejay,

      Thank you very much for contacting Sayan. The best way to dry chunks after use would be to keep them on flat surface under the sun and let them dry naturally.

  8. I bought the tea is it all right. To put it in your coffee and let it steep or is their a specific one for coffee I can’t find it , I have Ben doing this for a couple of days now thank you any e mails or information , on Chagall would be welcome

    • Hello Janet,

      If you want to use chaga products with your coffee, than it has to be chaga extract powder. You can’t use raw chaga by mixing it with your coffee.

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