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Chaga Tea Storage Tips

Looking for chaga tea storage information?

If you are aware of the history behind chaga and the benefits of this ancient healer, chances are you want to know how to store it correctly

It makes sense to want to protect your chaga,

So where do you begin.

Understanding Chaga

To know about chaga means to understand what it is, and the things affecting it adversely.

Chaga is seen as a mushroom. An ancient healer, this unusual looking growth is found as a parasitic growth on the birch trees in colder climates of the Northern hemisphere.

Arguably, the most beneficial health find in centuries, chaga and its products offer assistance with everyday health and immunity support, common health ailments, and even illness protection.

As the chaga itself is quite susceptible to environmental and air toxins, it is best to keep it from any contaminants.

Contaminants can include things we may not have thought of as being problematic.

It takes a little research and a dash of common sense to keep your chaga healthy to enable continued use.

Preserving the Integrity

To have a respect for chaga means to have knowledge of how to preserve the very things that chaga gifts us.

Staleness and incorrect storing leads to beneficial elements vanishing. Potency is reduced and therefore, natural health-giving compounds lost.

What should you use? Firstly, ensure any containers used are clean, that is number one most important point to remember.

Some prefer glass sealable jars and containers. Glass is probably the best for of vessels, but failing that plastic airtight seal-able containers are also suitable.

Remember to make certain the plastic ones are food friendly. That is, free from BPA’s and other chemically tainted products. Do a bit of research on this and you will see why.

The stability of the vessel is important. Many devotee chaga drinkers will use glass because if its integrity. Try to avoid plastic bags for storage and they can be compromised more easily, by bugs and various insects and critters. You don’t want these chomping down on your chaga.

Think about where you are placing the storage containers as well. Dry, cool and not to bright areas are the best for chaga. Consider other food processing products, such as flour and sugar. You wouldn’t put those items just any

Why Store Chaga?

Like many foods stuffs we store chaga to enable continued use. Buyer of bulk chaga will first need to ensure the use of correct storage methods and vessels.

Storing chaga means a constant supply at your fingertips. Whether freezing or sealing in freshness chaga will keep for up to two years when stored properly. Recommendations are also on the packaging. Use-by dates are also helpful.

It makes complete sense to buy quality chaga products and store them for bulk tea consumption.

If you are not one for storing chaga, or simply don’t have the room to accommodate maybe the best way is to buy chaga in smaller packaging. It does take some consideration when contemplating storage, so if its not your thing, don’t push it.

Wasting chaga because you’ve forgotten about it will lead to disappointment and frustration.

Remember to label the chaga. After several months in storage, or particularly if you have a change of address may lead to being confused about what’s what.

Believe me, it can happen, especially with chaga powder. Other people may mistake it some something else.

Remaining Consistent

When receiving your chaga, follow some steps to ensure you are resealing the vessel correctly. The time taken in the beginning needs to be continued after you take out your chaga for use.

Don’t forget you can freeze brewed chaga. Ice cube trays are a fantastic way to store frozen change. You cannot beat the convenience of simply emptying the tray for a new batch of heated tea, or a jug of iced and spiced tea.

Storing chaga doesn’t always mean for months at a time. If you wish to keep your freshly brewed chaga in the fridge for a few days, feel free.

A quick tip, though. Refrigerators hold many food stuffs and many varied odors.

A clean fridge is a happy fridge. The chances of your chaga brew being contaminated with other food and beverage odors is lessened when aware of this one simple thing.

What Can Happen to Chaga?

It is imperative the container used are completely clean and dried well. Do not take the chance. Make sure you give yourself enough time to do this correctly. Don’t rush it.

Moisture is the enemy of stored chaga. It will ruin any hopes of future chaga tea brewing.

Chaga is dried professionally when first harvested. The moisture removed for the benefit of the supplement.

Moisture can create mold on your chaga. It may seem strange that we see mold as an issue considering the very nature of the medicinal growth, but there are different types of mould.

Some you can eat, others will make you extremely ill.

We are trying to better our health, not ruin it.

Dirt Is Your Enemy

Dirty containers are likely second on the list of storage nightmare stories. Contaminants of any kind will ruin your chaga.

Dust and dirt (yes dirt) can make its way into even the cleanest of cooking areas and utensils.

Be very aware of the cleanliness of the jars or containers you decide for use. Glass, of course can be sterilized in the same way that jam makers do.

Simply place the jars into boiling water for a period of time. Remember not to handle the inside of the jars when removing. You’ll defeat the purpose.

Steam cleaners have also been used to clean plastic storage containers.

Just remember the drying process takes time.

Heat comes into play when thinking about where your vessels will be stored. Dryness and heat are different things. One helps to keep moisture out and the other will adversely heat your chaga to the point of rendering it inactive.

Too much heat will destroy your prepared chaga. Heat affects many things for the worse, just ask any chocolate lover.

Heat affected supplements may lose their ability to do the very things we aim for.

Storage With Benefits

The benefits of chaga outweigh many other complementary health products available.

Th antioxidant levels alone make chaga a rich source of assistance. Vitamins and minerals, and general potency may be lost if we do not give our chaga the best environment when storing.

Find a happy medium when locating the prefect area for your stored chaga.

The time you take will make all the difference to your experience and the life of your chaga.

A quick tip. When the gift giving seasons are upon us, create presents from your stores of chaga.

Wrap up or tie a big bow around your preserved jar of chaga for the most unique gift you will ever give. The gift of on-going health won’t be lost on your loved ones.

This is particularly perfect when you have stores of chaga you may not be needing for the rest of the year.

In Conclusion

Gaining knowledge and respect for this ancient healer is its own reward.

Keeping your chaga protected from elements that can damage its usefulness is not a hard thing to learn.

Your chaga journey won’t end if your armed with the know-how to bring about longevity.

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