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Chaga Tea vs. Chaga Extract

It’s a battle that continues today Chaga tea vs chaga extract? This is a common question when considering introducing this supplement into our daily lives.

Everyone is different. Lifestyle, work and family demands, and health goals all vary among individuals.

So what are the differences? Is One better than the other?

What is an Extract

By definition, an extract is a substance made by extracting, or ‘taking from’ a part of a raw compound. In terms of a complementary health products, extracts can be in the form of liquids or powders.

An extract is thought to be a more potent form of the included nutrients and minerals of a natural source.

Chaga Tea vs. Chaga Extract

Chaga tea is a beverage, brewed like any other tea. Comparatively, the extract is more of a concentrated form.

The form itself is essentially the difference between the two.

A chaga extract has already been prepared so there is no need to do anything but enjoy the benefits.

Extracts aren’t for everyone. Some may not care where they get their chaga as long as its consumed at their leisure. The experience had by the drinkers of chaga may also be different.

In terms of the process involved, to have chaga tea means to brew it oneself, or to take a tea bag and make a beverage.

It involves a conscious process.

An extract, on the other hand, requires no planning. Digestion is quick, easy, not time consuming and not particularly noteworthy in terms of impacting your day.

Why Chaga at All?

Devotees of this king of herbs equate chaga with health, a higher feeling of well being, and the must-have when introducing a dietary or health supplements.

The high antioxidant levels alone make it one to reach for.

From chaga tea, to chaga oil and powdered extracts, chaga offers a chance for improved energy levels, increase beneficial vitamin and mineral intake, and helps us to enjoy better overall health.

In addition, chaga is a known adaptogen. An adaptogen helps our bodies cope with stress.

If you want a trendy word for it, Superfood comes to mind.  With chaga you get the gift of all of this combined in one naturally occurring substance, used for centuries before the western world ever knew of its potential.

The Choice Is Yours

The fact that people are willing to research chaga is a great thing. Not only does it arm people with information to enable the right choices, but it creates interaction between those with an interest in better health.

Narrowing down the choice of complementary health products the first step. Choosing chaga to replace many other products out there, can offer more convenience, and save you time and effort.

Once you have begun to consume chaga, keep notes on how you feel. Increase your consumption where you feel appropriate and work chaga into your life wherever possible.

To Conclude

There is no right or wrong when deciding to take chaga, in whatever form.

The only difference may be in the obvious and inevitable diversities we all have as individuals,

The choice to purchase chaga need not be arduous. The key is to find the best supplier, with a range of advices and products should you choose to move beyond a simple chaga tea.

The reasons for wanting to consume this nutrient filled means of health support seem to be agreed to by all who take the opportunity to bring chaga into better their wellbeing.


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