Choose wisely. Not all wild Chaga wholesale suppliers products are equal. The knowledge, advice and passion about their products will say it all. Look for a history. What are they all about? Do they discuss openly their background and who they are? You go to your favorite fruit and vegetable retailer because they offer quality and value for money, right? Same rules apply for your health suppliers. Just because it’s packaged, doesn’t mean it of a quality you should be buying. Look for GMP certified and FDA certified companies. After all this is your health.
At Sayan , we’re proud to offer only the finest-quality Chaga mushroom products at wholesale pricing.
When searching for the best supplier of Chaga mushroom supplements for wholesale orders, here are a few questions to ask:

Where Do You Source Your Wild Chaga?

Make sure you know where the Chaga you are buying comes from. Not all Chaga mushrooms grow in the same region, and not all Chaga sold online via wholesalers is top quality. Chaga grows on birch trees in cooler climates, including Russia, Eastern and Northern Europe, the northern United States, and Canada. But Siberian Chaga has the highest concentration of active ingredients of all available Chaga mushrooms. Perhaps this can be attributed to Siberia’s unique ecoregion, with its extreme swings in temperature. Because we at Sayan are committed to producing only premium quality Chaga products, we source only Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga. We only harvest wild Siberian Chaga mushroom in the forests in the north of Irkutsk region and Khakassia and sometimes in Altai Mountains region at a distance of more than 200km from the nearest town. This ensures ecological cleanness of our Chaga mushroom supplements benefits and its medicinal properties.

How Much

How Much Experience Do You Have Producing Chaga?

Our manufacturer has 40 years of experience manufacturing Chaga. David Vartanian, founder of Sayan company has more than 10 years of experience working with Chaga. During this time he went through a difficult but fascinating way from sustainable harvesting of wild Siberian Chaga to producing first ever Chaga beverage which was sold in Whole Foods store in late 2000.

For the last several years we mastered our technology which helped us in the creation of many innovative and exclusive Chaga products which now are offered on our website.

What Is Your Preparation and Extraction Process?

The founder of our company is a medical doctor committed to producing the finest-quality
Chaga products and preserving the active ingredients in wild Chaga mushroom that are beneficial to health and dietary supplement weight loss.

Raw Chaga chunks and powder – We offer only all natural wild harvested Chaga mushroom. Raw Chaga is cleaned and tested for contamination and heavy metals before it is offered for sale or used in our extract. Since 2007, we’ve used our proprietary technique of drying Chaga to eliminate the bitter taste. This involves many steps one of which is to carefully monitor humidity level while drying Chaga.

Chaga extract – Producing the purest and most potent Chaga extract is a process that requires a deliberate, scientific approach. We currently offer premium freeze-dry Chaga extract, but we can also offer other types of extracts if you are looking for less effective and slightly cheaper product.

The majority of Chaga manufacturers use a Thermal Infrared Drying extraction process that does not preserve all the beneficial ingredients. In contrast, we use a proprietary technique to prepare raw Chaga with a low-pressure hot water extraction method with subsequent freeze-drying process, to ensure we preserve the most essential, beneficial nutrients. Here is a more in-depth explanation of the benefits of our Chaga extraction process.

We are actively and constantly researching the benefits of Chaga using various methods. An independent lab, Brunswick Laboratories, determined that our Siberian Chaga extract has an ORAC value of 153,200molTE per 100 g. Compare this to acai extract at 102,700, blueberries at 9,621, pomegranates at 4,479, and you can tell that our Chaga extract is highly potent.

Brunswick Laboratories also tested our extract for SORAC, Total Phenolics,and Polysaccharide content. Tampa Bay Analytical Research, Inc tested Sayan extract for Total Triterpines. All these lab reports are available upon request.

Sayan Chaga Mushroom Supplements at Wholesale

Now that you know where to buy Chaga mushroom at wholesale price, we recommend to take a look at our store to find the product you are looking for tо purchase. Each product page has valuable information which will help you to make the right decision. And if you are not sure what product do you need or you want to create a special beld, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you with any of your Chaga projects and needs.

Sayan offers Chaga mushroom supplements and other products in many different forms:

Grounded Chaga– We offer several products:

Chaga Raw Powder: with mill from 300 microns and up

Chaga Chunks: made custom to your request from 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 12 inches (30 cm)

Different levels of humidity can be ordered: 10%: very dry, ready to use product; and 15%: if you need to manufacture your own product. Chaga Extract powder– Premium high-quality freeze-dry Chaga Extract has extraction ratio of 16%, which means for every 1 kg of raw Siberian Chaga Extract, we produce 160 grams of reishi extract powder. In other words, we process 6.25 lbs of raw Chaga to produce 1 lb of Chaga extract powder. However if you are looking for more concentrated product, please let us know and we will produce one per your request and specifications.

Tea – Many manufacturers call Chaga Tea just grounded Chaga. Our tea is a different product, it is a custom blend of two ingredients: raw Chaga powder and Chaga extract. We could offer you Chaga Tea, in its original pure form or with a blend of dry herbs. We also offer custom-made Chaga Tea with extracts of different herbs and mushrooms. Tea could be grounded per your request to package it into tea bags or in a form of loose tea. We also offer exclusive instant tea tablets.

Coffee Mushroom blend – this unique product which included organic Arabica coffee blended with Chaga and organic reishi extract.

Capsules – These can be manufactured per your request with either gelatin or vegetarian capsules. In different capsules sizes and colors. Custom blends are available upon request.

Chaga Cream, Chaga Oil and Chaga Soap – these are other products which you could order from Sayan.

SHILAJIT – Directly from Altai mountains, all natural product which is gaining popularity is offered in resin form and in tablets.

We ship worldwide

You probably wondering where do we ship and what is the shipping cost? We ship worldwide. Shipping cost depends on the quantity ordered. We use UPS, USPS or Air Shipping services depending on the country of destination. If you would like to buy Chaga Online wholesale or have questions, call or e-mail us.

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Chaga Mushroom Wholesale – Where to Buy Chaga?

Rules and regulations for organization who deal in alternative health products are a serious matter. They are in place to protect us. The more problematic traders will see such regulation as a mere roadblock in their way to grab the extra profits. These traders may see FDA regulation as a speed bump on the way to infusing the market with inferior products at super cheap or over-inflated prices.

Companies which provide Chaga mushroom at wholesale should be chosen with a great deal of thought. So, how much Chaga worth? You may have seen that the price of Siberian, Canada or Alaska Chaga can and will vary greatly. Should you choose the lowest price and be happy? Naturally, we all try to save money but cheapest may not be the best way to go.

Does Chaga price per pound simply based on supply and demand? We would recommend to avoid under-priced products. There’s much more than simply finding wholesale Chaga mushroom offer at some random website. The wholesale price depends not only on how Chaga is harvested, since this could be done rather inexpensively by unexperienced harvesters. But also depends on how it was dried and manufactured later, obviously you don’t want product which was sun dried and manufactured without proper equipment and GMP compliance.

You should ask if wholesaler offers CoA, which will tell you whether the raw Chaga mushroom was properly cleaned and tested. Does wholesaler imported it in USA legally, does manufacturer has FDA registration number? All these factors will affect the quality and the wholesale price.

Sayan holds exclusive rights for distribution Siberian Chaga products from two major Russian Chaga manufacturers. We provide premium quality wild Chaga, sourced and harvested correctly and sustainably. All our products are offered with CoA and are tested for heavy metals and microbiological contamination. Our products produced at FDA registered facility with GMPs compliance and are officially imported in the USA. We can also provide samples of our products per your request.

What it the Chaga Price per Pound?

Now you are armed with a few points to focus, your decision should become clearer. Price is one thing, but it should never be the only consideration. Do you get what you pay for? Don’t be fooled by the cheapest product available on the market. There’s generally a reason for it.

When you know the differences you can avoid the inevitable concerns about whether this is the best product for you or your customer. Afterall we are talking about health, right?

Why Chaga Mushroom price per pound is cheaper from seller X? Alarmingly, the products out there being sold could range from poorly harvested, to incorrectly processed Chaga. Chaga taken from the ground, or not high enough on the birch tree, will result in a lower quality product. Believe it or not, some suppliers even pass off Chaga from trees or different herbs plants that are not from the natural environment, they simply grow Chaga artificially.

Consider the quality of Sayan Siberian Chaga Mushroom before you place your PO anywhere else. Value for money is something we all hold dear. Acquiring products aimed at empowering us to better health is a decision not made lightly.

How Much is Chaga Worth?

Еveryday and everywhere people make decisions about their health. Would you trust just anyone with your wellness? Most likely not. The price for Chaga mushroom depends on many variables.

Where does Chaga comes from? Is it organic and sustainable? Is it imported in the USA legally? Can I trust this seller? All these are valid considerations. Also, you might want to consider if you could help your local community to stay in business by rethinking where you place your order.

Supplementary health products have guided us to understand our bodies and their ability to let us know when things are not right. It is our internal alarm system that should be tuned when considering the right dietary supplement and not the price of the product.

A better understanding and education in what you consume to aid better health and wellbeing will lead to superior products crossing your path. It is a privilege to have the ability to choose natural products that may improve your health.

If you want to order high-quality Siberian Wild Chaga in bulk or you have questions about wholesale price, please give us a call or email us with questions, we will be happy to answer them all.

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If you want to order high-quality Siberian Wild Chaga in bulk or you have questions about wholesale price, please give us a call or email us with questions, we will be happy to answer them all.

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