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Sayan Mushroom Coffee Blend

Billions of cups of coffee are consumed in the world every year. It’s been part of human history dating back at least one millenia to about the 11th Century when the coffee plant or coffea plant was discovered in Ethiopia. Since that time, coffee has spread throughout the world. It was transported to other areas and quickly caught on as a natural stimulant and regular drink in cultures throughout the world.

Today, coffee comes in many forms. The coffee plant is still the main component of modern coffee. The beans are the seeds of the fruit of the plant is the main ingredient used in the drink. These seeds are harvested, roasted and then used in various forms to create the coffee drinks we love today.

Traditional Coffee and Coffee Blends

There are basically two coffee types: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is one that is very common throughout the world and in the United States. In many instances, people consume coffee straight from the roasted bean from the coffee plant, but over the last several years and decades, coffee blends have become much more common.

A coffee blend is the combination of two or more types of coffee. Usually a coffee blend is created with the purpose of creating a different texture or taste or both. There are now seemingly an infinite number of different coffee blends. Today, most coffees are sold as coffee blends. This gives coffee drinkers variety and also cuts down on costs.

Modern Coffee Blends

In recent years, coffee blends have taken on an even more modern flare. You’ll now find coffee blended with other components such as chocolates, dairy products, sugar, spices and many other ingredients. As you might imagine, this provides an even more interesting layer to the intrigue of instant coffee.

One intriguing modern coffee blend is the mushroom instant coffee blend. The chaga mushroom and the reishi mushroom are now starting to find their way into coffee blends. Many consumers are interested in a different taste with their coffee. They’re looking for the boost that coffee provides. Caffeine gives some people the jitters. As an alternative, some look for basic wellness benefits like immune system support and natural adaptogens.

Many people are also looking for more than just a boost with their coffee. They are looking for more benefits with the drink they love. With those modern mushroom blends they are seeing those benefits. Chaga and reishi are recognized throughout the world as sources of many benefits. They’re ingredients that have been around for many years and today they’re available in delicious coffee blends.