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    Bundle “Chaga”

    Chaga Extract Powder

    Experience astonishing Chaga extract benefits with our Siberian Chaga Extract Powder. Containing absolutely no fillers or hidden bulk by-products, we’ve concentrated a collection of all the active ingredients released by the Siberian Chaga mushroom when we processed it. The result is a high-powered, water-soluble wild Chaga mushroom extract with high ORAC value and immune system support properties.* Use it daily in yogurt, milk, smoothies, juice, or hot water.

    Chaga Raw Powder

    Although raw Chaga tea has only recently caught on in mainstream health circles, Russia folk medicine has leveraged the power of this medicinal mushroom since the 16th century. In its pure, virtually unprocessed form, Chaga raw powder has a high ORAC value, reflecting its ability to reduce oxidative stress. For the best raw Chaga benefits, combine Siberian Chaga powder with your favorite beverage.

    Chaga Extract Capsules

    Get the most out of Chaga supplement benefits on the go when you buy Chaga supplements from Sayan Health. Convenient and palatable, take this product daily for proactive health maintenance and potential immune system support. As the only company on the market to produce pure Siberian Chaga products, Sayan has simplified the way you can benefit from this powerful mushroom supplement. This dietary supplement could help you look and feel better as well as boost your energy and stamina.

    Chaga Tea Bags

    Siberian Chaga tea bags pack antioxidant-rich Chaga tea benefits in 20 convenient servings per box. All the way from Siberia’s Sayan Mountains, this tea gives you an energy boost without caffeine and can improve digestion.

    Bundle “Chaga+Shilajit”

    Chaga Extract + Shilajit powder

    Chaga Extract + Shilajit Powder Combines Two of Nature’s Best Gifts Life can be tough on our bodies and minds. To resist the effects of environmental stress and typical wear and tear as we age, we need a unique and effective supplement to enhance our energy and rejuvenate our bodies. Exclusive to Sayan Health alone, we offer Chaga extract fused with shilajit powder, a powerful combination designed to deliver incredible health-supporting benefits.*

    Chaga Raw Chunks

    Our exclusive tea blends aren’t the only way you can experience the benefits of raw Chaga mushroom. Made with Siberian Chaga, a medicinal mushroom that grows on birch trees in cool climates, buy raw Chaga mushroom in chunk form to grind into your own powder, or steep in warm water to brew your own raw Chaga tea (below 122º F).

    Shilajit Tablets

    Altai Shilajit is an ancient natural substance which has been known for centuries as the most valuable complex of natural, biologically active substances, and its use has been scientifically approved by numerous studies. These Shilajit tablets contain pure (100%) Shilajit from the Altai Mountains. These tablets are clean and retain all of the natural Shilajit’s active substances.

    Shilajit Powder

    Shilajit powder contains 85 different ionic trace minerals, including very rare earth metals, render their positive effects on health and wellness. These trace minerals such as—Vitamin B complex, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, and Iron helps in increasing motivation, curbing fatigue and dealing with issues associated with aging, which includes the reproductive system and memory.

    Bundle “Chaga Mix”

    Shilajit resin

    Altai Shilajit, or mineral pitch, is packed with vitamins and minerals. Each serving contains more than 85 ionic essential minerals, as well as trace elements. Shilajit is also rich in fatty acids and plant sterols, as well as vitamins A, B, C, and P. Other perks, include mega amounts of fulvic and humic acid, which naturally help the body balance electrolytes and transport vitamins and nutrients to the gut, brain, and skin.

    7 mushrooms extract powder

    Feel amazing from the moment you wake up with this dream team of powerful mushrooms. Our 7 Mushroom Extract Blend includes Chaga mushroom, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shitake, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail. Offering a unique Chaga extract blend packed with antioxidants and more than 30 enzymes that provide health-enhancing benefits, you’ll give your body and mind a jumpstart with every daily dose.

    Chaga Extract plus Reishi Extract Capsules

    Chaga mushroom and Reishi are two of the most beloved medicinal mushrooms in nature. Sayan Health has developed the first-ever Chaga and Reishi mushroom blend in supplement form. We are pleased to introduce its many health benefits to our customers. To support the immune system and overall health, stimulate energy and stamina, promote improved athletic performance, regulate balanced mood and sleep patterns, and stimulate enhanced vitality of the skin and hair, try our exclusive Reishi and Chaga capsules.

    Chaga Tea Bags

    Siberian Chaga tea bags pack antioxidant-rich Chaga tea benefits in 20 convenient servings per box. All the way from Siberia’s Sayan Mountains, this tea gives you an energy boost without caffeine and can improve digestion.