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How to Buy Raw Chaga

So, you have decided to dip your toes in and buy raw chaga. Whether experienced or not, raw chaga is an excellent product to begin your path to improved health and wellbeing. Armed with good information and the best supplier you have all you need to become a master chaga brewer.

How to Buy Raw Chaga

Do you know how to buy raw chaga?

Online shopping offers convenience, allowing consumers to purchase goods at their own time, wherever they are comfortable. Online spending trend continue to grow with this and trader competition being the reasons buys can obtain great deals.

But online shopping also has some pitfalls. Trader looking to make a quick dollar always need to be watched carefully. The old saying of buyer beware has never been so true.

Thankfully, consumers are now aware of obtaining supplier information and doing their research, however buying chaga also extends to knowing about the product and where it comes from.

Processing and handling of chaga is just as important as other considerations.

Packed with correct and current information, the labels should have full disclosure. This offers transparency for the consumer and shows the seller has nothing to hide.

Don’t disregard the old-fashioned way to buy raw chaga. Some online traders also have preferred partners which keep chaga instore. Its worth keeping watch, or even asking your online trader if they have selected partners from which to buy in-store.

Whether online convenience or old-school store-bought goods, we all look for the best we can find.

Seek out the best. You’ll soon see the difference.

The Pre-Season

To use a sporting term, the pre-season work is everything.

Perhaps in the beginning ask yourself some questions about how you want to use chaga. What are your intentions. Be realistic. Are you experienced enough and knowledgeable to carry your grand schemes?

We all like to experiment and take chances, but make certain you have the skills and tools needed to have chaga in you daily life.

Many will let excitement take over practicalities. Ensure you have the space and correct means to store your chaga, and understand the results of poor preparation. Ait-tight containers placed in cool dry areas are best, if your plan is to stock up on chaga chucks or powder.

Treat chaga with the care and respect it deserves. Your aim is to preserve health.

Incorrect practises can lead to disappointment.

All this leads to the chaga experience. Make yours a great one.

Chunks or Powder

The choice is yours.

Consider chaga chunks as the raw untamed big brother of chaga powder. Chaga powder is simply the chunks ground and processed into the powder you see packaged.

Powder can be used in a number of ways. Some use the powder for convenience in making tea. With the use of a strainer, just like in regular black tea, chaga powder works extremely well.

Brewers of large pots of chaga may opt for the chunks. The number of chunks is determined by your preference for a long-brewed experience or a shorter timeframe tea.

A word of warning for the new commers. Please do not try to consume raw chaga in its natural state. It is not digestible and needs to be brewed or cooked in recipes for it to be of use.

Add it to food and beverages for the best result. Experiment with chaga and be creative. The best result will come from taking note of the instruction, if you are new to chaga.

Choosing raw chaga in chucks or in a powdered form is a personal preference. Whichever you chose, enjoy chaga for the benefits, and the knowledge that you are doing good for your ongoing health.


Buying Price

Something to remember when buying chaga online is that price is not everything. Cheaper bulk buying in chaga can see an inferior product creep into the market.

It is the quality of the product that required your attention. Don’t be fooled into buying a large amount of chaga powder on to discover it has all kinds of fillers mixed in.

How do you know what is inferior? Something these things take experience, but communicate openly with your supplier.

Its won’t take long before you know the difference between and good and bad product, and its supplier.

Pure chaga must push out this inferior chaga products.

If we continue to buy the cheapest we can find, the best chaga suppliers will find it difficult.

It is a pressure on consumers to make certain they know what and where their chaga comes from.

It is a responsibility that we should all agree to adhere to.

What to Look For

There is no quick and easy fix. The best chance you have is to be informed and self-educated on the suppliers of chaga. Word of mouth and anecdotal evidence from other consumers are all ways to find the right supplier for you.

Keep an eye out for those who can’t offer much information on their product. Unfortunately, mistakes have been made and alternative sellers are sought. As with most things in life we learn from these findings. If we make errors in judgement, take steps to correct them.


So, what’s the buying criteria. Firstly, look at the selectors, or the harvester of chaga. Who are they and where do they harvest. They are responsible and respectful of chaga and its environment.

They care about the quality not the quantity of chaga sourced. Professional harvesters also know to leave some of the chaga on the birch tree to ensure it can grow again.

Then look to the sellers. All the things mentioned previously are so important when considering bringing chaga into your life.  Make certain you know what to look for in terms of supplier product knowledge, communication and customer service.

The three keys points are pureness, price and reputation of the seller. Focus on these three things as a guide to buying chaga.

Confidence builds trust. That trust can lead to a lifetime of chaga consumption. Expect a great relationship with your supplier. The best ones will have no issues with answering all of your questions or concerns.

Seek and you shall find.

Go forth and look for the best. You owe it to your own health.

To Conclude

Mindfulness leads to clarity when choosing what chaga and where to buy raw chaga.

It is certainly in your best interests to ask questions. Write your concerns don if you think you will forget.

Uncertainty may lead you to not buy raw chaga, when five minutes of your time can guide to a great chaga experience.

If the supplier you chose does not or will not provide answers to your questions, then move on.

Supplier confidence and the ease of purchasing should be a fundamental.

Raw chaga is a great place to start to experience chaga and its versatility.

Your experiences along the way will add to your love of this Diamond of the forest. When you’re confident in buying and making chaga tea, spread the word and teach others.

The more that know, the longer chaga will remain in all our lives.

No all that’s left is to go and buy raw chaga. By now we all know the benefits of chaga and the health goals it helps us achieve.

The time is now.

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