How To Make A Chaga Bath Tea

How To Make A Chaga Bath Tea

As we become more familiar with chaga, we find that this King of Herbs offers different ways to enjoy its nutritional benefits.

If you have never thought about having a chaga tea bath, then now is the time to consider this potent medicinal mushroom and its potential for your health improvement, both physical and mental.

Your skin may thank you with increased softness, and a more youthful appearance.

Brewing The Best

Make some chaga tea the way you normally would by leaving the chaga to brew in a pot for 10 minutes or more.

One thing to remember when you wish to make a chaga bath tea is the bathing water should not be too hot, and neither should the water when making the tea. The best way to enjoy chaga and absorb its benefits is not to have too hot water, as it will destroy some of the nutritional compounds.

Add the chaga tea mixture to the bath water and let settle, and mix.

Of course, if you want something further in your bath water, add some sprigs of lavender or your favorite water-soluble oil, to add to the whole relaxation experience.

Aromatherapy does play its part, after all.

The Importance of Restoring Balance

Stress shows on our bodies, more than we realize. Finding a balance is the key.

In times of stress, we need to find ways to relax. Built up anxieties due to daily demands and unexpected problems will only lead to the breakdown of our health.

A warm soothing bath can be the start to unwinding and letting the pressures of the day go. By adding a nutritional element such as chaga were giving back to our skin the things we take away.

Turn the screens off, make some time for yourself, and try a chaga tea bath.


Benefits of A Chaga Bath

For those who have dry skin due to lifestyle or elements and for those who suffer from more annoying chronic skin issues, chaga offers us the opportunity to soothe and protect.

Chaga’s elements of protection include vitamins K, D2 and Zinc that are all great for your skin. In additional chaga’s potential for assistance with anti-aging and its usefulness as an anti-inflammatory is now well known.

Regular bath remedies can strip the skin of essential oils, which in turn lead to conditions we would rather live without.

In addition to using chaga tea in a restorative bath, complement your skin’s wellbeing by including chaga soaps for your daily cleansing needs.

Our skin is a great absorber. Unfortunately, it absorbs the bad as well as the good. Maybe it is time to tip the scale in favor of our bodies.

How To Make A Chaga Bath Tea

Both internal and external methods can be used to have our body’s glowing from the gift of chaga, but sometimes trying new things can sometimes cause hesitation. Find the best supplier and chooses the products best suited to you.

The external application of chaga can prove a way of gaining health benefits, gaining the experience of full-circle complementary and alternative health applications.

As our biggest organ, we owe it to ourselves to give your skin the very best.

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