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How To Prepare Chaga First Thing In The Morning

Do you prepare your chaga first thing in the morning?

Morning rituals are said to set us up for the day. They can be no more than a quick cup of your favorite tea, or a full-on family affair. Whatever the morning brings you, introducing chaga adds health benefits to your day.

It’s easy to incorporate something old and something new in a morning routine. A few reasons spring to mind.

Staying Hydrated

Hydration is paramount to overall health. Some say thirst is a sign of existing dehydration. But why is it so important.

Our bodies consist of 70 percent water. If that doesn’t tell you of is importance, nothing will.

Problems associated with dehydration are quite serious. Extreme case sees people suffering dizziness, and collapsing.

Staying hydrated is much more critical than most think. Keep it in mind when considering your daily intake.

Water of course may be the best form of hydration, but there is hydration in all forms of food and drink. For those who cannot bear to look at another bottle of water, there are more alternative to staying hydrated than ever before.

Include chaga tea for your overall fluid intake. Not only are you staying hydrated but you are enjoying a preferred drink.

Remember, tea is water flavored hydration.

Nourish Me

For those already introduced to chaga you will know of its health benefits. For those still undecided, or if chaga is a foreign word, do some research into this medicinal mushroom.

Essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidant levels in chaga will help strengthen your immune system, assist with mental and physical stamina, and go a long way to improved wellbeing.

Change in itself can be the first step in assisting everyday health.

Our bodies have the ability to let us know if we are lacking in something. Why wait. Take chaga on a daily basis and make it a morning habit.

Whether you believe in the word super food or not, you owe it to yourself to seek out the benefits this obscure natural compound can do for you.

Start the Day Right

Tea drinkers around the world number in the millions. Is it just a daily habit that brings people back to tea?


For some it can be a pleasant ritual, and for others a well-known morning revitalizing tradition. If your goal is to introduce chaga into morning routines, sticking to regular time pattern, but changing the type of beverage may make the transition easier

So, what’s the best way to prepare chaga tea in the morning. Your options are many. For those with little time on their hands during peak times, chaga tea bags are perfect.

Whether on the goal, or taking your time to enjoy the morning there is a chaga product for you.

Chaga tablets also offer convenience for those wanting to have more than one tea of a morning.

If this is your chosen way, just remember for both tea bags and tables, ensure the water is not too hot. Boiling water with only render the essential benefits of the chaga tea less potent, and you may affect the taste.

Chaga is here to be enjoyed, but let’s treat it properly in the first instance. Read instructions if you aren’t at all sure on where to begin.

For those lucky enough to have more time on their hands, a brewed cup of chaga tea is the way to start a perfect day. Brewing can take as much time as you need.  Generally, the chunks are steeped and brewed for a couple of hours, then allowed to cool.

Store the remaining in the refrigerator once completely cooled for a time saver the next morning.

You can plan ahead with chaga. It is very accommodating for those with morning demands all the way through to most of us with more demands in the mornings.

What Kind of Chaga to have in the Mornings

Warm tea beats most by a long way but try something different with your chaga.

Chaga smoothies are a great way to start a busy Saturday morning, and help keep your energy levels up.

Start with your favorite base. Regular milk, soy, full cream or fat free, the choice is yours.

Add berries of choice and blend. For something different add cinnamon.

For those wanting more sweetness, honey is a great option. Fruit will have its only natural sugar content. Keep this in mind if you are watching sugar intake.

Add ice and blend all well. Serve in a tall chilled glass for one heck of a healthy smoothie.

Warm days in the summer months scream out for a refreshing iced tea. Don’t just keep if for the evening, iced tea can become your favorite breakfast beverage.

Start with crushed ice, leftover brewed chaga tea and mix well in a large glass chilled jug.

Add lemon or lime or maybe even some spices. Experiment with your preferred.

 If you’re wanting a sparkling iced tea, why not add soda water or mineral water to the mix.

Not only is it delicious, but you are doing your body good.

Making a Good Thing Better

Adding other flavours to chaga tea may surprise you. Once the art of making chaga tea is accomplished, adding different flavors enhances the whole experience.

For those with a creative mind, and skilled in flavor matching, this method of varying chaga teas offers ways to impress friends and family.

Certain spices are added to food to enhance flavor and make something out of the ordinary.

Taste is everything.

More so than the flavor variants, spices and herbs have their own health benefits. Parsley, all kinds of berries, sage, and even pepper all have a range of beneficial offerings.

Another example is turmeric. Now days this spice is said to be of great value to those suffering from arthritic aliments, and joint immobility.

In fact, many naturally occurring herbs and spices bring a world of health-giving properties. By combing these with chaga, you soon have a super beverage.

If you are no so skilled in the culinary arts, simply look online for ways to match flavor for the best end result.

Chaga on its own is sufficient and quite enough for many consumers. The taste is described as ranging from an earthy wood like taste to a vanilla birch flavor.

See for yourself.

Add chaga to your list of health necessities.

To Conclude

Is there a best time to drink chaga tea? Not everybody is the same. Daily demands and habits vary as do appetites. Consequently, there is no right or wrong time to drink chaga tea.

Most may like to get their daily dose in the morning, but if that doesn’t suit, then choose a time preferable to yourself.

Some chaga drinkers may not find it appetizing on an empty stomach, and therefore wait until mid-morning.

Keep in mid to not leave it too late in the day. If you are prone to restless nights chaga may affect this.

Experimentation is the key. Take notes. Write your own chaga journal to review and look back on if you are likely to forget when you consume.

Develop chaga habits by this method and you will no doubt, find the optimal time for your chaga tea hit.

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