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How to Use Chaga Powder

If you wonder how to use chaga powder, discovering new recipes is one of the joys. Using many and varied recipes, the creative chaga devotee incorporates the King of herbs into their daily lives.

Chaga in its powdered form offers the chance to see what you can do.

Try a regular tea strainer or muslin cloth to strain the tea into a cup or pot.

Chaga’s versatility as a dietary supplement surprises those not fully aware of this Diamond of the Forest’s real potential.

No longer is there a need to pick a supplement, and hope for the best when deciding on complementary medicine.

There is a real possibility some dietary deficiencies can be met with chaga at the top of the preference list.

Use chaga powder as a health aid  with an ability to be added to other foods, or beverages with virtually no change to lifestyle, or daily planning.

Chaga powder gives you that option.

To all the cooks out there, imagine the surprise when you offer up a batch of warm chaga muffins, or a cold chaga breakfast smoothie. For those willing, chaga powder really is a solution for out-of-the-ordinary foods, with a healthy twist.

What is Chaga Powder

The chaga conk, harvested from the birch tree, is dried and processed into the products we see today. Packaged chunks and fine powders experience different types of processing ready for consumption.

Chaga chucks purchased can also be made into powder by the consumers themselves.

However you take your chaga the main point is to drink it, make it, bake it or freeze it.

Your daily chaga hit is never far away.

The Power of Powder

Whether powder or chunks, it really isn’t that much of a concern. This is a personal preference.

While powder is easy and versatile, chunks offer the aficionado a reason to spend a Sunday afternoon making his or her own large batches.

Some see chaga powder as a less time-consuming way to make tea, while others favour traditional brewing, using the larger chunks.

Is Chaga A Super food?

Comparisons are inevitable in today’s richly saturated health supplement market. The one good thing about chaga compared to others in the super food category is that we think more about what we are purchasing.

More importantly, comparisons made encourage us to see what’s right in front of us. Ask yourself how the supplement is made and where it comes from.

Being armed and self-educated on the foods consumed creates a sound basis for decision making. It is information that helps us feel secure in our choices.

Chaga outshines many health trends. The fine powder, and indeed all the chaga products available, offer a simple solution to many of today common ailments, and general well being concerns.

It is here to stay.

In Conclusion

Chaga has developed way beyond being a simple beverage, but thankfully some traditions remain the same.

Chaga’s foundation for ongoing health is one for old and new chaga enthusiasts to enjoy.

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