chaga tea bags

How to Use Chaga Tea bags

The best suppliers of the finest chaga tea have gone to lengths to ensure you can enjoy chaga in many forms.

Whether brewed for hours or a quick cup before a busy day, there’s no longer any excuse to miss your daily boost.

How to Use Chaga Tea Bags

Can we learn any lessons from Goldilocks? Yes, remember make your chaga tea not too Hot, and not too cold – just right. The best temperature for many herbal teas is around 80 degrees. If the tea goes beyond that, and into the 120-degree mark, some elements of the tea may be lost.

Don’t forget you can use your chaga tea bags more than once.

Think outside the box and create new and interesting chaga tea beverages. Make Frozen chaga popsicles, and ice cubes for later use.

If you are the creative type, consider making your own chaga tea bags.

Use ground chaga powder and place in some muslin cloth or similar. Tie with butcher’s twine or a non-coated string. Treat as you would a normal pre-bough tea bag.

The tea will steep out creating a fresh pot or cup of tea.

The Spice of Life

Just because the tea bag is in a common compact source for the beverage, doesn’t mean added interest cannot be obtained

Many make the mistake of thinking brewed tea is the only way to enjoy supercharged chaga beverages.

Flavors can enhance your enjoyment of chaga tea. Try adding cinnamon, or even a refreshing burst of mint to your tea.

See what new ways you can come up with. Make iced chaga tea with teabags as well. Just ensure you have a few supplies.

Chaga Benefits

Accessibility, and convenience aside, there is more than one reason to begin to consume chaga.

As an antioxidant boost chaga remains highly revered. It is caffeine free for those interested in cutting back on commercially driven, high sugar energy drinks.

Chaga is rich in vitamin K, D and B group vitamins. It can assist where detoxification is a focus for a new heathy you, and will also aid in digestion.
Reduce stress an improve your immune system by introducing chaga into your daily routine.

Chaga is all natural. Best for you and your family.

Convenience at its Best

Convenience means different things to different people. When we speak of supplementary health though, many think of capsules or vitamin tablets of some type.

Manufacturers have devised a way that supplements can be taken on the go, or at any time during the day.

Tea too can be a convenience with tea bags being the ultimate way to enjoy all types of tea.

The Nearness of You

Our lifestyles vary, with many having to be somewhere other than home due to work commitments

Travel with your preferred chaga tea bags. The array of portable travel mugs and holders makes it easier to take our favorite beverages with us. No longer are we shackled to a kitchen table to enjoy hot tea.


Revitalizing and hydrating tea is an extremely popular beverage throughout the world. Chaga in particular has an historical significance with ancient civilizations using chaga as a daily supplement.

Why not take ancient habits, bring them into this century and make them your own.

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