chaga iced tea

Is Chaga Iced Tea Enjoyable?

Can chaga iced tea be enjoyable? A focus on health and alternatives to caffeine filled drinks drive a continued interest in herbal teas.

Green tea, and fruit based teas remain popular for those adopting something different to their daily habits.

Chaga proudly stands with the tea revolution. Why not transform it with the addition of a few iced chaga tea recipes.

Drink Yourself to a Healthier You

If you have previously discover chaga it will come as no surprise this king of herbs offers a change to regain lost feeling of overall health.

As a supplement of some reverence, the humble chaga mushroom is transformed simply into a nutritional tea. A daily habit for both old and new devotees of an alternative beverage, chaga can also be made into other drinks.

Brewed and chilled chaga tea is an excellent foundation for a myriad of iced teas.

If you are looking for substitutes to commercial bought products, experiment with chaga tea.

Brewed weak or strong for an earthier taste, add favorite blends of herbs and spices for your own signature beverage.

If time is not on your side, forget brewing and use the convenience of chaga tea bags.

Especially if you are new to chaga, the option for an easy introduction is there for the taking.

Does chaga tea really translate into an iced version? Find out for yourself. You can keep it simply or bring out the blenders for some iced treats like never before.

Be creative chaga lovers! Share the wealth of your new creation with family and friends.

Sugar and Spice

Sure lemon and ginger chaga tea is a great start, but why not bring in cardamom pods, or even pepper. Whether white or freshly cracked black, pepper adds a different kind of heat.

It is not like the heat from chilies, but equally as great, when spiced teas are to your liking.

For those who like the sweeter things in life, choose a natural alternative to processed sugar. Honey, maple syrup and some available substitutes are always an opportunity to remove regular sugar from your daily drinking traditions.

Why Do We Drink Tea?

Stats tell us tea consumption has seen steady growth and will continue to do so.

An extremely popular drink in all its forms, chaga tea sits among the discovery of alternatives not simply for enjoyment, but for an improved health commitment.

Another reason tea is a great beverage is the need for hydration. While water may be preferable, we all need other things to hydrate us besides regular, boring H2O.

Why is Hydration important? Our bodies consist of around 70 percent water so replenishing, and maintaining intake is essential to good health, and, well, life itself.

Ignore the need to hydrate and you will soon find out the importance.

Changes in season will always have us looking for something a bit different.

While trends come and go, an in interest in better health survives.

Combine your knowledge of chaga tea’s health benefits into ice tea recipes to be enjoyed on a regular basis.

Once you start you mightn’t stop. That’s the joy of chaga

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