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The Main Culprits for Bad Skin

Do the foods we consume have a direct effect on our skin? Back in the day, it was a warning to all young people that avoiding chocolate and oily foods paved the way for better skin.

Today, thankfully some myths have been found to be simply that. Even chocolate has been reported to have some benefits for our health.

Don’t you love scientists.

Seriously though, whatever your habits, our lifestyle in all areas, can have an effect on skin.

What Does Our Skin Do?

If we are honest, our skin gets a little mistreated.

As our largest organ, it is an absorber, and a filter for toxins. It expels sweat, and in contrast, tells us when we need warmth.

It can also be a silent tell-all if your health is not what it should be. Health issues can reflect is what our skin looks like.

Physiologically, if we don’t look our best, we may not feel our best. Like any chronic illness, our very outlook on life can be severely influenced.

In extreme circumstances, depression and anxiety can be the result of chronic bad skin.

What Are the Main Culprits for Bad Skin?

Make up, medications, and lotions make up the most of what ails people’s skin.

If you are a sufferer of skin conditions, this will ring true.

Perfumes, chemicals, and even naturally sourced fruits in these products are sometimes to be avoided.

It is simply that your skin could be sensitive to them.

Dry, flaky or itchy skin, are a result of something not quite right. Having an interest in what we put on our skin is a great decision, but there are also some insidious, hidden reason for skin problems.

Hormonal changes can play a part. Consequently, a visit to your preferred GP for a check-up may eliminate any imbalances that may be on your mind.

Let’s not forget what the sun can do Vitamin is essential, but overexposure to UV rays can burn us so brutally, that our skin can blister and scar.

It is best to discontinue sun exposure, and avoid any products that cause issues.

Chaga for Skin

Chaga loves skin. As natural substance with high levels of anti-oxidants, chaga will assist your skin’s natural defence mechanisms. Combine this with the inherent B group vitamins, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, chaga may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Replace commercial products with chaga soaps and skin creams. Add chaga tea to your bath, as something different. You can always add your favorite natural fragrances, such as mint leaves or cinnamon for that added pampering.

What Can I Do?

Looking at your current skin regimes is the first step. Commercially available cosmetics, soaps and lotions may be a convenience, but could be having an effect on poor skin health.

Try chaga. This medicinal mushroom, starts its life in environments that must be free from today’s pollutions and environmental irritants.

Remember, stay hydrated with plenty of water. If water is not your thing, then try ice tea with chaga as a component, or treat yourself to some hot chaga tea.

Your state of mind may improve, not just your skin.


Self-awareness is the first step with all health concerns. Take a look at lifestyle, foods, habits and take stock.

Some of the most inconspicuous products currently used can leave your skin vulnerable.

Try chaga for a refreshing difference and give your skin the break it deserves

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