Chaga + Reishi Extract Dietary Supplement

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Chaga and reishi are two of the most beloved medicinal mushrooms in nature. Sayan Health has developed the first-ever chaga and reishi mushroom blend in supplement form. We are pleased to introduce its many health benefits to our customers. To support the immune system and overall health, stimulate energy and stamina, promote improved athletic performance, regulate balanced mood and sleep patterns, and stimulate enhanced vitality of the skin and hair, try our exclusive chaga and reishi capsules.

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Chaga and Reishi Capsules – Two Medicinal Mushroom Superstars in One

Sayan Health’s new chaga and reishi supplement is the only blend of its kind available on the market. What better way to experience the health benefits of two of the most beloved medicinal mushrooms than in this powerful blend?

The most popular medicinal mushroom on the market is reishi. The next-most popular varieties are chaga, and a blend of various mushrooms. Reishi is known as the “Mushroom of Immortality,” and chaga as the “King of Herbs.” We combined the two into one convenient capsule that supports immunity and overall health. This powerful blend marries two adaptogens, both of which can help your body better deal with stress and improve longevity and well-being.*

If you’re already taking chaga supplements and are curious to experience the health benefits of reishi as well, this supplement is the perfect introduction to reishi.

Reishi Extract Dietary Supplement

Reishi and Chaga Mushroom Health Benefits

  • Supports the immune system and overall health*
  • Stimulates increased energy levels and stamina*
  • Promotes improved athletic performance*
  • Regulates balanced mood and sleep patterns*
  • Stimulates enhanced vitality of the skin and hair*

Reishi has the longest history of medicinal use of all medicinal mushrooms. In China, reishi belongs to the highest class of medicines. It is considered a tonic that promotes strength, vigor, and longevity. Reishi is known to support the immune system; support healthy blood pressure,  healthy cholesterol, and healthy blood sugar; and promote a balanced mood and healthy sleep patterns. Many athletes use reishi to support their athletic performance.*

Chaga has also been prized for centuries by traditional healers, for its ability to support general well-being and immunity, promote energy and stamina, support body detoxification and improved digestion, and promote healthy appearance of the skin and hair.*

We’ve been producing the finest-quality chaga extracts, teas, dietary supplements, and more since 2007. We couldn’t think of a better product to offer our loyal customers than an exclusive blend of chaga and reishi in convenient capsule form.

The Sayan Health Difference

Traditional medicine has identified many beneficial plants, but we at Sayan believe in using scientific research to validate the evidence of tradition. For years, we’ve researched chaga and other adaptogens to confirm the value of our all-natural supplements. Our ingredients are always free of fillers, GMO substances, and chemicals.

We only use wild-harvested chaga and certified organic reishi mushrooms to produce extracts of the finest quality. Both extracts are manufactured by hot water extraction to retain maximum strength of the active ingredients.

When you order our chaga and reishi supplement capsules, you’re giving your body the gift of two of nature’s most prized medicinal mushrooms.

If you have questions about our chaga and reishi supplement capsules, please contact us.

Packaging: 90 vegeterian capsules 440 mg each.

Directions: Adults take 1-3 tablets twice daily on empty stomach.Drinking more water will also help enhance the effects of Reishi by helping body detoxification. It is also recommended to take Vitamin C with Reishi as this will assist the body in absorbing the active ingredients in Reishi. Studies have shown that Vitamin C helps break down the complex polysaccharides into smaller manageable pieces that the body can intake

Ingredients: SIberian whole chaga mushroom extract, Organic reishi extract powder. (210mg / 210mg in each capsule)

Extract ratio: Chaga extract 6.5:1, Reishi extract 4:1

Caution: If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a health professional familiar with medicinal mushrooms before using this product. Store at room temperature.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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  1. John L.

    Healthful habit and benefits seems endless! I am not a tea fan and so ordered these capsules. Benefits of these Sayan Chaga Caps are out of this world. I use to pop these veggie caps every morning for stamina and energy boost. Also, I have tried other chaga suppliers in the past but Sayan Chaga, has the best Chaga ever.

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