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    Chaga Extract + iShilajit powder

    Chaga Extract + iShilajit Powder Combines Two of Nature’s Best Gifts Life can be tough on our bodies and minds. To resist the effects of environmental stress and typical wear and tear as we age, we need a unique and effective supplement to enhance our energy and rejuvenate our bodies. Exclusive to Sayan Health alone, we offer Chaga extract fused with ishilajit powder, a powerful combination designed to deliver incredible health-supporting benefits.*

    (24 customer reviews)

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    Chaga Extract + iShilajit Powder Combines Two of Nature’s Best Gifts

    Life can be tough on our bodies and minds. To resist the effects of environmental stress and typical wear and tear as we age, we need a unique and effective supplement to enhance our energy and rejuvenate our bodies. Exclusive to Sayan Health alone, we offer Chaga extract fused with ishilajit powder, a powerful combination designed to deliver incredible wellness-supporting benefits.*

    Both supplements on their own bear an ancient history in Asian folk medicine and are experiencing accelerated popularity in today’s health circles. Combining the immune-boosting properties of Chaga with the supporting digestive health and nutrient absorption benefits of ishilajit, the result is an all-natural duo that can transform the way you feel every day.*

    Life-Enriching Chaga Extract and iShilajit Powder Benefits

    Popular in Asian medicine for thousands of years, wild Chaga mushroom or the “Gift from God” has become a notable name in holistic health circles for the last few decades. This wild-harvested birch tree fungus is packed with a variety of exceptional bioactive ingredients, minerals, and essential vitamins.

    A strong immune supporter, Chaga mushroom is also an excellent antioxidant source. It has a higher ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value than acai berries or green tea. Chaga also contains melanin, polyphenols, polysaccharides, and vitamins B, K, and D, among many other nutrients, offering improved digestion and detoxification, increased mental clarity and promotion of healthy skin, help in reducing environmental stress and energy boost *


    Just as ancient and venerated in medical texts, specifically the Ayurveda (the traditional medicinal system of India), ishilajit is a special, tar-like substance found in the mountains. Sometimes known as mumio, ishilajit is formed after organic matter dies and mixes with metabolites and minerals from soil, water, and other sources. After a fermentation period, the ishilajit is drawn out by the sun’s heat, ready for harvest.

    Like Chaga, the benefits of ishilajit are innumerable. Also a valuable source of antioxidants, ishilajit is known for its powerful adaptogenic properties and its ability to boost energy, support a healthy liver, and promote cell regeneration. iShilajit also contains about 85 minerals and nutrients in ionic form, along with selenium, fulvic and humic acid, and phospholipids. Fulvic acid, which has been known to slow the effects of aging, comprises 60 to 80 percent of the substance.*

    Advantages of Proprietary Extraction and Blending Process

    More than just doubling the benefits, we’ve fused our potent Chaga extract with pure ishilajit health benefits powder to develop a pleasant taste. On its own, ishilajit does not suit everyone’s pallet but when it blended with Chaga extract, the mixture tastes as great as it makes you feel.

    We also make it easy to get your ishilajit and Chaga daily. While ishilajit requires being dissolved in water and raw Chaga mushroom needs to be brewed, our superior product is ready to use. Simply mix our product with any liquid, hot or cold, for an instant, tasty beverage.

    Sayan ishilajit uses powder begins its journey when we scrape it from the rocks in the Altai Mountains. Once we have the natural product in our facility, we start the refining process using water extraction to distill pure ishilajit from its raw state. The extracted solution is filtered and evaporated in a vacuum at 60-62 degrees Celsius until it achieves a concentration of 15-20%. The obtained product is kept at the same temperature for 40-60 minutes while it continues to purify via natural sorbents. One of the following sorbents is typically used for this step: calcium carbonate, a mixture of calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxide, or a mixture of calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, and silica gel. The refining process is completed by drying the purified mass at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius.

    After purification, the ishilajit is mixed with Chaga extract, using our proprietary blending process. Then the final concoction is freeze-dried to ensure our product is optimized with the most essential nutrients.

    Our hard work results in a product that packs the most potent Chaga available and 20% more concentrated ishilajit than you’d find in its raw form. This ready to use product is free of bacteria, microorganisms, and other decomposition byproducts that may contain harmful toxins.

    Sayan Health Is Your Source for health-supporting Natural Products

    At Sayan, we are dedicated to offering you unique, premium products, direct from the Siberian forests and Altai Mountains, untouched by human civilization. Hidden away in a land as pure as the driven snow, we carefully gather these gifts of nature to process them into a product you can easily use and enjoy every day.

    All ingredients are 100% pure and we never add fillers or GMO substances. All our products are produced in FDA registered facility

    We also provide fast international shipping and unparalleled customer service, making us your go-to source for excellent, holistic health.

    Ingredients: Chaga extract powder and ishilajit powder.

    Directions: Recommended use is to add 1 gram of powder mixture per day to hot water or any other beverage (cold or hot) of your choice. Add honey or stevia to sweeten if necessary.

    24 reviews for Chaga Extract + iShilajit powder

    1. Joseph Pacheco

      This is the only shilajit I have ever taken and I really love this product. My energy levels have increased and my mind is clearer and more focused. The natural ingredients help to maintain overall wellbeing. I figure I will keep utilizing this brand for the present since it appears to bring a lot of positive results.

    2. George Garza

      I am amazed by the Sayan brand to make such a healthy product. I add this powder to my green tea and add some lime juice to it. That’s the way love goes! 🙂 superfood

    3. Beth Green

      The small serving of this brilliant product is the best power source I have used so far when compared to other brands I have used.
      I have ordered freeze-dried chaga directly from Russia many times but I can say that Sayan Chaga is much better among all. I really like the consistency of the product every time I order.
      I blend it with my coffee every morning. Excellent product giving medical advantages and an incredible taste.

    4. Robert Sisk

      It works well with my body health. Love this product. I have been using this for the last 6 months. It has improved my overall health and energy levels. It’s one of my favorite health products. Thank you!

    5. Joseph White

      I truly loved this product. I guess I have found the real chaga extract now. This one looks more potent. It is working well with my health. I feel more energetic and active. Added Shilajit is a big plus!

    6. Ronald Reynolds

      I usually add a little amount of this extract powder into my cup of green tea. This makes me feel stronger and boosts my immunity. Highly recommended.

    7. Francis Shipman

      I have been taking Chaga mushroom extract powder for few years and I can say this is the best among all other extracts. The best part is the preserved flavor which you can feel in the first sip. I love it.

    8. Tom Ferguson

      It feels so potent, I really love the taste. A great addition to my morning coffee!

    9. Neil

      I’m not sure what to say yet. I was really excited and just got my order. I love chaga and have always wanted to try shilajit. I’ve tried it twice now and it immediately throws me into an allergic reaction. I start sneezing and my nose gets itchy. Not sure if maybe it’sa bad batch or just me but I rarely ever get any allergic reactions to food or supplements. Would love to try a different batch but honestly not willing to pay for another. I’ll try a few more servings here and there to see what happens.

      • admin

        Dear Neil,

        Some customers report an allergic reaction to shilajit. Some temporary side effects from Shilajit may be:


        You have experienced these symptoms, we would recommend to stop taking shilajit immediately.

        Also, these reactions could be developed if potent shilajit overused or used for a very long period without cycling.

        If you plan to use shilajit regularly than you should know that you would need to stop taking it after a month for a week or 10 days.

        Also note that Shilajit could potentially trigger an allergic reaction because it is a raw, unprocessed product that contains a percentage of organic plant remains.

    10. Jeff Stephenson

      Sayan chaga extract is a fantastic product. Excellent source of medicinal mushroom and nice in combination with shilajit or added to cooking.

    11. Jerry Espinoza

      Great product, it’s worth trying.
      I read somewhere that chaga mushroom extract works great with shilajit powder, so decided to try it. It’s a natural energy booster and helps in detoxifying the body. It’s been a week but the results are unexpectedly good.

    12. Michael R. McGregor

      A must buy for those experiencing stress!
      I bought this product last month. Since I have started taking it every morning, I have noticed a considerable decline in my stress levels. My overall health has also improved. The only thing I didn’t like is the taste. But that doesn’t matter when the product has so much to offer.

    13. Beatrice Gober

      Loved it!
      The combination of Shilajit and Chaga works great for your health. And, the best part is you can even add to your smoothies or ice tea for a different flavor. I take it every alternate day; it’s helping me sleep better.

    14. James Hudock

      It works as a perfect afternoon tonic to me. Shilajit is very complimentary to Chaga. I’m so glad they make this. I love taking it in the mornings or late afternoons instead of coffee to maintain focus and stay energetic. If you feel tired all the time, I’d recommend trying this product.

    15. Kris

      What is the recommended serving size?

      • admin

        Hello Kris,

        Please find directions below:

        Directions: add 1 gram / 0.035 oz (¼ of a teaspoon) of powder mixture per day to hot water or any other beverage of your choice. Add honey or stevia to sweeten if necessary. Please note that the daily dose can be split in half or even three or four equal portions, to be taken throughout the day.

        For best results, take a 5 – 7 day break from taking Chaga extract powder with ishilajit every 24 – 28 days. In other words, use it for about a month, stop for a week, and then use it for another 4 weeks, and so on.

        While taking Chaga extract powder we recommend to follow a dairy-vegetative diet and try to minimize the amount of smoked meats, products high in animal fat such as bacon, strong seasonings, and processed foods. We also recommend quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake to a moderate level

    16. Marcella Lafever

      I love to mix the extract into my morning juice or afternoon smoothie, without any lumps it blends perfectly…and the taste is super divine! I feel really good starting my day out or getting that afternoon pick-me-up from it.” Everyone around me are extremely happy to see me energetic.

    17. lfin777

      What is the effect on blood pressure? Is it increase the blood pressure?

      • admin

        It doesn’t increase or decrease blood pressure. Many our customers reported that it actually helps to stabilize blood pressure.

    18. Santina Arenas

      I am extremely surprised. I have been using various products like this over the years and lost all hopes of expecting something good or more natural for my overall health and energy levels. But this one proved me completely wrong. I don’t get that gross sweaty feeling that coffee gives me, I feel cleaner overall.

    19. Antoinette Gerlach

      I feel the noticeable difference if I miss chaga supplements for any reason. My alertness and physical strength has doubled in a week since I’ve started taking this. I am feeling more energetic, lively and happy intrinsically and most importantly stopped napping during the day which was very much difficult for me earlier.

    20. Catherine

      Chiro introduced me to this product so far convinced it has helped me with energy’and some of inflammation in my body.

    21. Sheheryar noor

      Is it dual extract?

    22. Ronnie Jamerson

      I feel very stronger and active..

      Not tested this product thoroughly… So far I have found the taste is amazing and my energy level appears to be higher than before ingesting this product. Thank You for such an amazing product !

    23. Greg Butler

      I am Loving it.. Lifts up my energy level and mood

      Love this stuff. It improves my mood and concentration. I use to mix it in morning coffee.. it can interfere with your sleep if taken later in the day!

    24. Lisa Parker

      Mild taste and easy to drink with healthy benefits! This product has energized my life truly, amazing natural product. The taste is mild but I love the wonderful health benefits. Sayan Health is the best company to purchase great quality chaga. I would order this again.

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