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    Chaga Raw Coarse Powder*

    Although Chaga tea has only recently caught on in mainstream wellness circles, Russian folk homeopathy has leveraged the power of this mushroom since the 16th century. In its pure, virtually unprocessed form, Chaga raw coarse powder has a high ORAC value, reflecting its ability to reduce oxidative stress. For the best raw Chaga benefits, combine Siberian Chaga powder with your favorite beverage.

    (23 customer reviews)

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    Chaga Coarse Powder – Raw and Pure from the Heart of the Sayan Mountains

    Known as “Nature’s Silver Bullet” or “Gift from God,” Chaga powder packs a powerful combination of unbeatable wellness benefits. Natural healers in Russia and China have been using Chaga mushroom powder in folk homeopathy for thousands of years. It’s only recently that the Western world is waking up to the power of this little mushroom to support the immune system and general wellness of the body in a big way.*

    Raw mushroom Chaga powder can be brewed as a tea or prepared tea mixed with smoothies and other beverages. It tastes good, is simple to prepare, and can help support well-being in numerous ways.

    Major Benefits of Raw Chaga Coarse Powder

    • Reduces fatigue and improves mental alertness*
    • Supports detoxification of the body*
    • Enhances vitality of skin and hair*
    • Supports Immune system
    • Promotes healthy digestion*
    • Provides energy boost*

    Exploring the Benefits of Chaga Coarse Powder

    The Power of Chaga in Your Cup

    Recent scientific studies have uncovered a variety of potential wellness-giving benefits of mushroom Chaga powder. Chief among these benefits is that Chaga is an adaptogen, which is a natural substance that can help the body adapt to stress and help normalize bodily processes. Some people prefer to use raw Chaga powder because it is unprocessed. We developed a proprietary method of drying wild-harvested Chaga to eliminate the bitter taste in the tea you are brewing from this amazing mushroom powder.

    Sayan Chaga mushroom coarse powder is developed using only the highest-quality, wild-harvested organic Chaga mushroom powder from the Sayan Mountain range of Siberia. Chaga has a high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). The higher the ORAC value, the better your body will be able to fight oxidative stress and neutralize free radicals.*

    Wild Chaga constituents also include polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and polyphenols, all of which can help strengthen the immune system and general wellness of the body.*

    Whether you would like to purchase raw Chaga or Chaga extract we offer several options at our online Chaga store. Please note that Chaga extract is more potent form – one pound of Chaga extract contains approximately 6.25 pounds of raw Chaga. Please visit our FAQ section to earn more about Chaga mushroom. An Honored Siberian Tradition

    Chaga is a mushroom that grows on birch trees in cooler climates, including zones in Russian, Eastern and North Europe, the northern U.S., and Canada. However, Siberian Chaga is known to be the most potent due to the specific ecoregion created by the area’s unique extreme swings in temperature. Because we prize the highest levels of wellness benefits, we only source the Siberian variety.

    Although the power of Chaga mushroom coarse powder is only beginning to become more well-known throughout popular wellness circles and forums in the West, wild Chaga has been used by folk healers for thousands of years. Even Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in his 1967 novel Rakovii Corpus, references the Chaga mushroom. It’s only a matter of time before this little mushroom takes on the world.

    The Finest-Quality Chaga Coarse Powder Sayan Chaga

    Our Chaga mushroom powder is minimally processed and derived from sustainably sourced Chaga direct from the Sayan Mountains of Siberia. The shelf life of raw Chaga is 2 years, and each package of coarse powder we send to you has undergone a strict quality control process to ensure that the Chaga you receive is as pure as possible and has not been compromised.

    All our Chaga powder is 100% natural and gluten-free.  With benefits backed by hard science, you’ll know you’re getting a product delivered by people who care about your longevity and overall wellness.

    Why Choose Sayan Raw Chaga Coarse Powder?

    The raw coarse powder is a less expensive alternative to our Chaga powder extract. Featuring similar benefits and completely natural ingredients, buying Chaga powder is the closest thing you’ll get to harvesting and grinding the Chaga yourself – without all the hard work.

    Give a gift to your immune system, skin, and energy levels with Sayan mushroom Siberian Chaga coarse powder. This home-brewed tea is a great additive for your daily diet.* We have been offering the finest-quality raw Chaga mushroom products since 2007 and have delivered them to many customers around the globe.

    Ingredients: Whole Chaga Mushroom (Innonotus obliquus) Coarse Powder.


    Pour warm water (no hotter than 122º F) over 4 to 5 teaspoons of raw Chaga powder, and let steep for 30-40 minutes. Enjoy earthy, soothing flavors from your favorite mug.

    For best results, take a 5- to 7-day break from taking Chaga raw powder every 24-28 days. In other words, take it for about 4 weeks, stop for a week, take it for another 4 weeks, and continue the cycle.

    While taking raw Chaga mushroom, we recommend following a dairy-vegetative diet and minimizing consumption of smoked meats, products high in animal fat such as bacon, strong seasonings, and processed foods.

    Caution: Avoid consuming Chaga if you are currently taking penicillin or intravenous injections of glucose, in case of adverse interactions or side effects.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    23 reviews for Chaga Raw Coarse Powder*

    1. Rachel Donley

      I ordered it for my parents. We all drank it before going to bed. This tea has wellness properties and helps me to sleep well every night. Just as advertised. Good product.

    2. Christopher Mabie

      This product was exactly what I wanted. This is coarse grounded powder. It is 100% pure, organic, and in the rawest form. Just add hot water, steep, and enjoy!

    3. Bobbi Flores

      I tried chaga from 5 different brands. This one is the best! Thanks, Sayan for the great quality!

    4. Michael Dungan

      You can feel the chaga benefits with this powder very quickly. Remember that this powder needs to be brewed and I enjoy the brewing process a lot. Buy it, I think it will be your favorite all natural wellness drink. Highly recommended.

    5. Jerome Serrano

      We have an old dog who had some issues. Then we heard about chaga and started making chaga tea for our dog and now his overall wellness has improved. Also delivery was very fast. Thank you Sayan.

    6. Maureen Lopez

      I was reluctant to stop my habit of drinking strong black coffee. When I heard about the taste of chaga reminiscent of coffee I decided to experiment by brewing my own chaga tea. I stopped drinking my regular morning coffee and used only chaga tea. And here’s what I found, I feel more energetic and I don’t have that caffeine crush that comes after you drink coffee.. Will Order Again … Very Happy with my Purchase.

    7. Gracie Giles

      This coarse powder is clean and pure, also a really good source for boosting immunity and strength. It would be more convenient if powder could be a bit more powdery.

    8. Robin Buchanan

      I tried chaga from 5 different brands. Sayan is the best! Thanks for the great quality !

    9. Donna Drakes

      Natural energy booster
      I have been using this chaga raw powder from Sayan for about a month now. The benefits are
      outstanding. It’s a great energy booster that reduces fatigue and improves my concentration. The best part is it makes your skin and hair look much better. I am pleased with the quality and the results.

    10. D. Moser (verified owner)

      Excellent service, quality product. Ty

    11. Ashley Clark

      Immunity booster
      I’ve tried different brands of chaga earlier but none of these worked for me. I then ordered this product from Sayan. I’ve been using the chaga powder for over a month. The taste is great and it’s easy to brew a warm cup every day. Coming to the wellness benefits, my immune system is getting better.

    12. Robert Dalzell

      Tastes great!
      A friend recommended this product. And, surprisingly, it tasted good. It’s just been a week. So, I really hope that all those antioxidants would work for me too. I am taking this every day with my morning tea.

    13. Gloria R

      The constant fatigue and low energy level has bothered me for a long time, but I feel better after I start drinking this tea. Brewing is easy and I think faster than with chinks. Like many others, I want to maintain better wellness, and this tea gives me a feeling of being solidly healthy.
      What a relief! I do hope this tea does the same for you!

    14. Charlene Hoover

      A completely natural product with great wellness benefits!
      I brew up a warm cup every day. The benefits are great. I have now started feeling much healthier. It’s 100% natural and gluten-free

    15. TINA CHRISTIAN-LENSON (verified owner)

      Great quality, Delivered faster than expected. I will be recommending it to family and friends.

    16. Jane Kelly

      Sayan Chaga is the real deal … at great price! All I can say about this product is GREAT! I used to drink Chaga in cubes(chunks) but now I discovered coarse powder that I like better plus it is easier to brew. I’m in love! It supports mine and my family’s wellness. I like Chaga because it gives me energy. I love the way chaga makes my body feel. The detox benefits are huge. I like the rich flavor and aroma of this tea. Sometimes I add a little bit of honey when I feel like having something sweet. I’m very glad I have access to purchase this purest Chaga.

    17. Ralph Robinson

      Very good. This raw chaga powder doesn’t dissolve in a shake, so if you want the product which you don’t need to brew, then you should buy the extract powder. This coarse powder needs to be brewed but I don’t mind because the pieces are very small. Awesome as tea and a great way to start your morning, or use during the day to eliminate the lunch slump.

    18. Gloria Rodriguez

      Fantastic as an afternoon pick me up!
      As a mushroom lover, I found this one while searching for the best mushroom supplements. As Sayan is a big brand when it comes to pure and potent chaga supplements. So I decided to try it. It’s delicious and mellow. I don’t taste mushrooms, but the flavor is very pleasant and earthy. I can’t say whether it makes me healthier or not but I like the energy boost that I feel after having a cup in the afternoon.

    19. Debrah Morales

      I am brewing the tea and drinking it in the morning after my oatmeal. Bye-bye coffee and caffeine. Great product.

    20. Patrick Moore

      I saw this review on making it with ice tea and I had decided to try it, best thing ever. Very tender taste.

    21. Jackie Bennett

      Delivery was fast and this product is actually really good. Will continue using it forsure!

    22. Kate Salas

      Great item. I use it daily in the morning in anything I drink boiled.

    23. Betty Cortez

      I drink this to help my immune system. The way it makes me feel, reminds me of coffee which is great because this is 100x healthier. The way the chaga powder comes in a well insulated bag and it’s coarse powder.

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