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    Chaga Soap with Birch Tree Leaves and Buds*

    9 customer reviews

    Chaga soap with birch tree leaves and buds has excellent cleansing, antibacterial, and capillary strengthening action. Reduces skin irritation and redness. Chaga compounds are natural stimulants that increase skin immunity and its protective functions. Systematic use of this natural soap improves metabolism and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. Gentle enough for all skin types.


    $11.99 available on subscription from $10.19 every 2 weeks

    Chaga Soap with Birch Tree Leaves and Buds – Monthly Subscription

    Chaga Soap with Birch Tree Leaves and Buds

    We’ve combined the natural healing properties of the Chaga mushroom with the essential antiseptic action of birch tree leaves and buds in this 100% pure soap. Pamper your body and naturally soothe dry skin.

    Major Benefits of Chaga Soap with Birch Tree Leaves and Buds

    • Excellent cleansing, antimicrobial action*
    • Strengthens capillaries and reduces skin redness*
    • Enhances skin immunity and its protective functions*
    • May improve metabolism with frequent use*
    • Promotes regeneration of skin cells*
    • Antiseptic benefits without irritation*

    Ingredients: Soy Bean Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Goat Milk, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Calendula Oil, Water, Chaga Extract, Birch Tree Leaves and Buds, Blend of Pure Essential Oils.

    The Benefits of Chaga Soap Go Beyond Skin Deep

    A Winning Combination

    On its own, the Chaga mushroom is a natural stimulant known to increase skin immunity and bolster cellular defenses. When combined with birch tree leaves and buds, the original harvesting host of the Chaga mushroom, the benefits for your skin are unparalleled.

    Composed of multiple tannins, resins, flavonoids, essential oils, and betulinic acid, birch buds and leaves instigate a curative action in human skin and hair. An excellent cicatrizing and anti-epidemic cosmetic product, our Siberian Chaga and birch soap and skin is also ideal for re-greasing, acne treatment, blemish control, inhibiting the aging process, and possibly preventing excessive hair loss.*

    Chaga Soap with Birch Tree Leaves

    Pamper Yourself with an Ancient Tradition

    For generations, people in Asia and Siberia have celebrated the multi-purpose medicinal qualities of the Chaga effects mushroom. One of the favored routes of application has always been a well-brewed tea, but research has shown it’s also widely beneficial when administered topically.

    Even though Chaga grows in several parts of the world, Sayan Health exclusively uses Siberian herbs Chaga from the Sayan Mountains, a region known for its extreme temperature swings which allow for perfect growing conditions. As Chaga’s popularity expands throughout the Western world, we’re excited to present our soap as another way you can enjoy the inimitable benefits of this special mushroom.

    Chaga Soap Made from the Finest Pure Chaga

    Unlike most exfoliating products, our pure Chaga soap won’t cause irritation as it promotes healthier, more even-toned skin and a fresh, soft appearance. When you combine Chaga soap with our other Chaga extract supplements or teas, you present your body with the ultimate sustainable health regimen.

    We use only the highest-quality, sustainably harvested wild Chaga and birch tree leaves and buds. Our Chaga extraction method preserves the highest possible concentration of nutritive benefits using a low-pressure bud products, hot water extraction method and sublimation freeze-drying process. We believe in the power of hard science and are pleased to say that we offer a fully researched product with no false claims of siberian soap.

    Why Choose Sayan Health Soap?

    Imagine feeling as good as you look. When you buy Chaga soap made from Sayan Health, you can achieve this every day of your life.* Because we have been the original and leading source of raw Chaga mushroom products since 2007, we are your link to total Chaga health of Siberian Birch.

    When you try our soap, you’re sure to become one of hundreds of our repeat customers from 50 countries around the globe. For any questions about the benefits of the Chaga mushroom or our extraction process, our experts are always standing by, happy to help.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    9 reviews for Chaga Soap with Birch Tree Leaves and Buds*


    1. Mary Daugherty

      This is a wonderful soap. It lathers well and cleans the body and face effectively. The smooth earthy aroma of birch tree and Chaga. It is perfect for daily use and it also removed almost all of my whiteheads. Thanks

    2. Tracy Richardson

      Love the smell, it makes my skin feel really smooth and soft. Thanks Sayan!!

    3. Luann Yardley

      This Chaga soap is very smooth on the skin and its texture describes its potency. Massage with the tip of your fingers in a circular motion for a couple of minutes for better results. I have been using this soap for the last month. Now I can say it’s super gentle and cleared my red skin condition to normal!

    4. Martha Anderson

      I got this soap as a gift from my friend. After using the soap for a few days, I had to give one pack to another friend of mine so she could try the new soap as well. We all like it! Thumbs up <3

    5. Mary Palmieri

      I used it as a facial soap. Really refreshed my skin. The best part of this soap is it cleans thoroughly without making the skin dry.

    6. Abby Martin

      Love Love Love.. Totally love this soap <3! It is not only good for my skin but it is also a natural cleanser and makes my face feel super clean. Definitely worth purchasing!

    7. Marie Myers

      Loving it!
      It has a soothing smell with a great texture. The soap is organic so it’s safe on the skin. I’ve noticed a difference in my skin tone after using it for a week. It’s a must-have for your beauty regime. I’ll be ordering more.

    8. Hector Walker

      Love it!. Saves me so much money on looking for something that works really well on my skin!

    9. Barbara Eubanks

      I really liked how this worked on my hair, really has helped the damaged ends.

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