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    Beauty and longevity


    Chaga Soap with Red Wine and Spices*

    9 customer reviews

    Chaga soap with red wine and spices is rich in antioxidants, which makes it an excellent means of skin youth prolongation. It perfectly cleanses and tones the skin. This soap has a warm and herb aroma of spices. Regular use of this soap makes skin soft and smooth, which helps it look younger and fresher. Gentle enough for all skin types.


    $11.99 available on subscription from $10.19 every 2 weeks

    Chaga Soap with Red Wine and Spices – Monthly Subscription

    Chaga Soap with Rhassoul Clay, Bee Pollen, and Honey

    Combining antioxidant-rich Chaga, a powerful adaptogen, with the purifying and exfoliating qualities of rhassoul clay, bee pollen, and honey, we present a unique soap that keeps your skin toned and soft without causing irritation.*

    Snapshot of Main Chaga Soap Benefits

    • Gentle for all skin types
    • Improves skin firmness and elasticity*
    • Normalizes lipid exchange*
    • Narrows the pores for a softer, refreshed complexion*
    • Aids in the removal of dead skin cells*
    • Eliminates toxins*
    • May regenerate connective tissue structures*

    Ingredients: Soy Bean Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Goat Milk, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocoa Butter, Sesame Seed Oil, Water, Raw Ground Chaga, Chamomile, Linden, Sage, Rhassoul Clay, Bee Pollen, Honey, Essential Oil Blend of Litsea Cubeba, Lavender, and Orange.

    Chaga, Rhassoul Clay, and Bee Pollen Soap – A Trifecta of Chaga Soap Benefits

    A Dream Team of Ingredients

    The Chaga mushroom itself is a bountiful cornucopia of health benefits. Wild Chaga is a powerful adaptogen that increases the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue.*

    Chaga Soap with Red Wine

    When you combine Chaga with rhassoul clay, bee pollen, and honey, the result is an unbeatable combination for ultimate skincare. Absorbent Rhassoul, made of Moroccan volcanic clay and cosmetic mud, can improve skin firmness, eliminate toxins, and enhance microcirculation. Bee pollen is rich in proteins, vitamins, and amino acids for anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Finally, honey contains up to 70 useful elements and compounds, including glycogen, for advanced moisturizing and softening, and is a powerful antiseptic.*

    Uncovering a Centuries-Old Secret

    The Chaga mushroom is anything but a new discovery. For generations, Chaga has been used both internally and externally. Often referred to as a “Gift from God” or “Nature’s Silver Bullet,” folklore medicine practitioners have always used the birch tree-feeding fungus for its plethora of wellness properties.

    Today, Chaga is enjoying much-deserved recognition as its popularity grows throughout the Western world. Backed by scientific research, Chaga is also finding acclaim in mainstream medical and health circles. As people learn of its amazing healing capabilities, Sayan Health is excited to be innovating Chaga products and extracts.

    Chaga Soap Complements a Healthy Beauty Routine

    Every day when you wake up, soothe and pamper your skin with Sayan Chaga soap benefits. Using the highest-quality Chaga mushroom from the Siberian Sayan mountain range and a variety of unique, in-demand cosmetic ingredients, our Chaga and rhassoul clay soap will quickly become an essential part of your beauty routine.

    For health, you can feel and see, the Sayan difference is how we process our Chaga extract. Utilizing a low-pressure, hot water extraction method and sublimation freeze-drying process, our extract rate is 16%, ensuring the highest amount of nutritive concentration possible.

    Why Choose Sayan Health Soap?

    We’ve been offering the finest-quality Chaga mushroom products since 2007 and are experts in our field. Every bar of Chaga soap you receive from us has been developed to help you get the most out of Chaga soap benefits, satisfying your desire for health and longevity – just like hundreds of our other loyal customers in 50 countries. For a youthful glow inside and out, try Sayan Health soaps today.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    9 reviews for Chaga Soap with Red Wine and Spices*


    1. Phyllis Gilmore

      My skin is very allergic to all commercial soaps, that’s why I was thinking of using something natural. I bought natural soap from Sayan and it is really a wonderful soap. Now my skin feels great and no hives at all. Thank you, Sayan! I am a client for life 😀

    2. Ophelia Ontiveros

      My skin was very dry. I felt very irritated and frustrated. A friend of mine suggested that I use Chaga soap. I am so glad I listened to him and purchased Chaga soap from Sayan. After having a shower with this wonderful soap, I stopped scratching my skin. Also, my skin has become smooth and I don’t need a lotion now. This Chaga soap makes me feel clean plus I love the scent.

    3. Randall Gross

      My skin was very dry and itchy. I used a lot of skincare products but they were not very effective. Out of desperation, I tried this soap and to be honest this product has given me some relief. I really believe that these natural ingredients are so good. It’s not an expensive option when compared to other products, give it a try!

    4. Beatrice Jewett

      It’s only been a week since I started using this soap and my skin has become so smooth. I’ve always had good skin, but this soap takes your skin to another level of smoothness. I will keep using this soap. Love it!

    5. Tammy Parker

      Ordered this from Sayan and delivery was very fast. I like this sweet scented soap a lot. It makes me feel like taking the shower again. 😀

    6. Cara Gable

      Refreshing it is!
      I have been using this chaga soap for only a week, and can already see the positive effects. My skin feels much smoother. It’s a good product that offers some extra love to your skin. It has red wine soap which is my favorite, plus it contains iron and other micro elements that are great for your body.
      Soap has a lovely aroma, as well. You won’t be disappointed. Recommended.

    7. Christie Fenster

      Smells great
      What could be better than a natural hand-made soap! The exfoliation is great and it makes the skin soft and glowing. It’s a medium-sized soap with a fine texture. As I can clearly see the results, I’ll be ordering more!

    8. Kenneth Moses

      At first I was weirded out about it but a friend recommended it and I am so happy she did. This soap is absolutely the best thing that has ever been on my skin. I definitely will continue to use it.

    9. Mack Baugh

      This soap makes my skin feel absolutely new. I love the smell.

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