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genuine Altai Shilajit
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Shilajit Resin

Altai Shilajit, or mineral pitch, is packed with vitamins and minerals. Each serving contains more than 85 ionic essential minerals, as well as trace elements. Shilajit is also rich in fatty acids and plant sterols, as well as vitamins A, B, C, and P. Other perks,  include mega amounts of fulvic and humic acid, which naturally help the body balance electrolytes and transport vitamins and nutrients to the gut, brain, and skin.

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What in the World Is Shilajit?

Altai Shilajit is a special, carefully formed substance found in the rocky mountains of the Altai range and many other regions in Europe and Asia. Over hundreds of years, the thick, black material forms as plant matter decomposes in these high altitudes. Venerated in ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit has been used for centuries and is an effective, safe supplement. You’ll find this pungent, miraculous goo has a positive effect on your overall health and energy level, along with offering anti-aging benefits.

Shilajit Benefits Your Whole Self

Improve yourself every day with the incredible benefits Shilajit provides. Advantages you may experience  include:

  • Boosted immune system – Shilajit stimulates the immune system, which supports healthy body functions and reduces environmental stress.
  • Natural aphrodisiacs – Shilajit know for boosting sexual drive and enhancing sexual strength in males. Shilajit also helps in increasing testosterone levels in males and maintaining healthy ovogenesis in women
  • Potent antioxidant source – Packed with antioxidants, Shilajit helps your body combat free radicals and reduce oxidation of cells.
  • Natural detoxification – Purge your body of harmful toxins and renew your system for longevity with clean composition and zero fillers or additional ingredients.
  • Improved digestion – Shilajit can purify blood, which improves the function of the pancreas and strengthens digestion.
  • Increased adaptation to stress – Because of adaptogenic properties, Shilajit helps the body adapt to internal and external stressors.
  • Maintained metabolism – Your liver will be supported with daily use of Shilajit, helping to secrete enzymes responsible for proper metabolism.
  • Improved bone density – Increase bone density, thanks to Shilajit’s promotion of the transformation of minerals such as calcium and phosphorous into bone tissue.
  • Enhanced energy and stamina – Unique, rejuvenating properties of Shilajit naturally increase your stamina, lucidity, and energy throughout the day.

Why Altai Shilajit?

At Sayan, we provide our customers with organic Shilajit resin sourced from the Altai Mountains in Siberia. We choose this area because it is one of the most virgin, unpolluted places on the planet.

We harvest Shilajit in an ethical way to preserve it at altitudes above 12,000 feet. After harvesting, our Altai Shilajit is purified by stringent water extraction. Then, we test our product at an independent, ISO-certified laboratory in the United States for heavy metals concentration and microbiological contamination to maximize product safety. Our Shilajit is also fully complied with CA 65 Prop.

Sayan genuine Altai Shilajit brings you wellness from the most pristine mountain range at its rawest, most natural form. Take daily to maximize your use of this amazing, 100% natural substance for your overall health and quality of life. Our vegan-friendly product is 100% natural, with no GMOs, chemicals, or fillers.

7 reviews for Shilajit Resin

  1. Rich

    Seem to be getting good results. Too early to tell. But I did appreciate the timely shipment and customer help.

  2. Joseph Mills

    I started taking Altai Shilajit two weeks ago and since then I never complained of restless, lack of energy and problems with stomach. Apart from strengthening digestion, the capsule worked for me towards enhancing my body’s ability to cope with stress. For great results, I recommend it to use as per the directions written on the label. I hope others too can benefit from this too!

  3. Wallace Lundberg

    The nature of my job and my personal life leave me exhausted at the end of day. But things started changing from last five months when I started taking Shilajit powder and capsule containing essential vitamins and minerals to ward off my stress and regulating my energy levels. A magic formula that really helped me feel calmer less exhausted and focused

  4. Brian Lockhart

    I used to rely on my medical doctor to prescribe me drugs that can help me remain focused on my job. My mental health was severely deteriorating and my family was deeply worried about me until they found something genuine Altai Shilajit containing natural boosting agents that transport right vitamins and nutrient into brain. I feel much happy and healthy now than before, thanks for new life!

  5. Edwin Pritchard

    Instead of relying on other supplements for energy, I recommend everyone to go for something natural and as good as Altai Shilajit. There is no end to its potent beneficial ingredients that promises to improvise mood, energy including physical and intellectual performance. I take it regularly into my diet and I have already seen huge signs of improvement.

  6. Gabriel Poole

    So far I searched everything but all in vain until someone recommended Altai Shilajit by giving me the assurance that it will help reducing body weight. Before this I had a bad experience of trying other brands pill, but as soon as I started consuming Shilajit my ovogenesis level is moderate and I am much more comfortable with my body now. Many thanks for the miracle product!

  7. Notadonna

    This tastes like a petroleum product. Very nasty.

    • admin

      This is exactly how natural shijit taste. You can try to mix it with milk or smoothie to mask the taste.

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