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IShilajit Dry

Sayan Dry Shilajit

Sayan Dry Shilajit is an all-natural supplement packed with over 85 vitamins and minerals, including fulvic and humic acids. This powerful compound offers a bounty of healthful benefits that can help you feel and look better, increase your energy level, battle the wear + tear of aging, and lower your stress response. Easy to take and readily absorbed by your body, Sayan Dry Shialjit is a vegeterian/vegan, additive free, Non-GMO, 100% natural supplement you can depend on to support your health and improve your overall wellness!

$19.99 available on subscription from $19.99 $16.99 every 2 weeks

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Dry iShilajit - Monthly Subscription

What is Shilajit?

Plant matter break down over centuries and eventually becomes fused into rock. When heated by the sun’s rays at high altitudes, in regions – like Siberia’s Altai Mountains – these ancient rocks excrete a thick, brownish resin. Rich in the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals present in the rocks’ foundational organic matter – that resin is Shilajit.


Shilajit’s active ingredient is Fulvic Acid. A naturally occurring humic compound, Fulvic Acid is linked to a bevy of health and wellness benefits.

Natural detoxification – Shilajit helps remove toxins you take in daily from our increasing polluted environment, which can give skin a healthy, radiant glow, sour body odor, and reduce amount you sweat.

Slowed aging – A rich antioxidant, Shilajit battles free radicals, which can boost your immune, support other critical bodily system, and generally curb the physical wear of aging.

Increases nutrient absorption – Countering the Earth’s soil depletion that robs crops of nutritional value, Shilajit maximizes your body’s absorption of essential nutrients from food, which can increase your energy level and help your body operate at peak performance!

Hormone balancing – Shilajit can help bring your hormones into balance, which can minimize the stress and other emotional struggles that so often results from hormonal disruption.

Improved Metabolism regulation – By increasing your body’s nutritional absorption, Shilajit can ease the burden on your liver and pancreas, enabling these vital organs to better regulate your healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels – key components in promoting and maintaining your and overall wellness.

Advantage of  Sayan Dry Shilajit Over Traditional Paste?

Shilajit resin is typically gooey paste that’s a quite challenging to deal with. It’s tough to get out the jar, a chore to dissolve in water, can stain your clothes, furniture, carpet, etc. In short using shilajit resin could be difficult, especially when it becomes rock solid.

Sayan dry Shilajit, on the hand, comes in solid thin form. Which could be easily cut and consume for your desired dose. No sticky jars. No fabric stains. No mess.

How to Take Dry Shilajit…

Just cut your desired size and dissolve in spring water or milk. Or just pop it right into your mouth. And you’re good to go!

When dissolving in water, we recommend avoiding tap or carbonated water, which can lessen Shilajit’s potency and impact.

Sayan Delivers the Best Quality Dry Shilajit

Sayan Shilajit is harvested from the high peaks of Siberia’s pristine Altai Mountains. We gather only the highest quality resin, sourcing our Shilajit from the unpolluted atmosphere soaring 10,000 feet above sea level.

Once collected, we vaporize the resin, which removes any potentials impurities, and converts the thick, brown goo into dry, solid shilajit. Which makes for quick and easy handling and consumption.

And we never add unnecessary fillers or chemicals to any of our supplements – At Sayan you get pure, unadulterated Altai Mountain Shilajit.

If health + wellness is your aim, beginning a regular, daily doses of Sayan puts you on the path to feeling and looking better – inside + out!


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