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    An All-Natural Source of Wellbeing
    Enjoy a delicious cup of Ivan Chai Tea daily, and you’ll look, feel, and perform better!

    Ivan Chai Loose Tea*

    12 customer reviews
    • Organic, all-natural herbal tea sustainably harvested from Siberia’s Altai region.
    • Rich source of vitamin B with more vitamin C than found in lemons.
    • Contains 16 amino acids and bioflavonoids, potent natural antioxidants.
    • Macronutrients that help fuel your body and maintain its internal structure and systems.
    • Very dark hued tea with a uniquely exotic and pleasing taste.
    • Caffeine-Free, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Vegan, with no added fillers.
    • High Fermented tea with wellness benefits

    $17.99 available on subscription from $15.29 every 2 weeks

    Ivan Chai Loose Tea – Monthly Subscription

    Revitalized and Refreshed
    With each cup of Ivan Chai herbal tea, you’ll feel your fatigue melt away, your energy level surge, and your endurance increase. *
    A Cup Full of Wellness
    Among a host of wellness benefits, a daily mug full of Ivan Chai Tea supports healthy digestion, acts as a natural detoxifier, and improves metabolic efficiency, which helps you maintain consistent weight. *
    Overflowing With Healthy Nutrition
    Brimming with flavonoids, tannins, micro-elements, Vitamin C and A, organic acids, and triterpenoids, this potent herbal tea lends vital support to your mind and body. *
    Superior Quality, Always Fresh, And Nutrient Rich
    Always delivered fresh and rich in vital nutrient content, Sayan Ivan Chai tea is GMO-free, gluten-free, with zero taurine, purine, oxalic or uric acid. *
    High Quality is Our MISSION
    Our top quality, wild harvested Ivan Chai Tea is a natural restorative that helps you look, feel, and be BETTER.
    Highly Fermented Tea
    Ivan Chai Tea helps strengthen your immune system and contributes direct support to high level physical and mental performance.
    Also Known As Fireweed or Willowherb
    Known by many names, this ancient herb is sustainably harvested in Altai region, ensuring its all-natural purity and potency.
    Your Wellness is EVERYTHING
    Alongside proper diet and regular exercise, Sayan products can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and live your life to its fullest!
    Serving Satisfied Customers Across The Globe
    For over a decade, thousands of customers in over 60 countries have turned to Sayan products to fortify their wellness.

    Ivan Chai – Fireweed, Famed Plant of Rejuvenation and Refreshment

    Savory with a light fruity taste, Ivan Chai is an herbal tea that has been prized by the Russian culture since the 13th century, when local monks first fermented plant’s leaves.

    Also known as “fireweed”, willowherb is the first plant that grows when a land is consumed by fire. Fireweed heals the ground and prepares the soil for the growth of future plants. As a rejuvenator of the earth, fireweed or willowherb is also a rejuvenator of the people who use it.

    Before Chinese leaf tea (black and green) was introduced to Europe, people living in Western European countries consumed Ivan Chai tea and preferred it to Indian black tea.

    Sayan now offers this loose herbal tea, made across centuries to pour into your favorite mug and put an extra zip in your day.

    Ivan Chai – Fireweed, Famed Plant of Rejuvenation and Refreshment
    Drinking Ivan Chai Tea Puts a Smile on Your Face and Spring in Your Step

    Drinking Ivan Chai Tea Puts a Smile on Your Face and Spring in Your Step

    Upon the first sip of Ivan Chai drink, you’ll notice its mild, yet inviting and unique taste with pleasant sweet aroma and a slight fruit flavor. It is more like an exotic drink with a tropical fruit flavor.

    As you close your eyes and enjoy the exceptional herbal tea, you’ll notice yourself feeling more alive, refreshed, and excited to continue with your day, even if you’re dragging through your lunch break. You’ll feel focused on the rest of your work schedule.

    Ivan Chai tea helps boost energy levels, refreshes the body, reduces fatigue, and promotes endurance. It also contains chaga effects no caffeine, taurine, purine, oxalic acid, or uric acid, which can negatively affect metabolism and brain functions.

    After drinking Ivan Chai tea you’ll even feel like a whole new person. Why is this possible? As soon as you begin drinking the tea, willowherb unleashes its various micro-elements, 16 amino acids, and other nutritional components that produce a wide range of benefits.

    Major Benefits of Altai Ivan Chai TEA

    Support digestive health*
    Supports maintenance of healthy weight*
    Facilitate weight maintenance*
    Maintain efficient metabolism*
    Slow the aging process*

    Sayan Quality Promise

    At Sayan(chai tea company), as with all our products, we ensure that you receive only the highest quality ingredients in the world. Often, the Ivan Chai tea you may find in online stores is poor quality and made from low-quality herbs. We have combed the market carefully, hand-picking the top Ivan Chai available from the foothills of the Altai Mountains in loose tea shop.

    We also know how to import this tea correctly and with care. Given the fragile nature of the fireweed, it needs to be packed in special wooden boxes to prevent the tea from being crushed. We follow the tradition of maintaining the quality of this tea to the letter, sending you a properly prepared product that will yield max benefits in every cup.

    From the wilds of Russia to your kitchen, Ivan Chai tea is the sustainable source of energy you’ve been craving. Try Ivan Chai today and spice up your life.

    Sayan Quality Promise
    Brewing Instructions

    Brewing Instructions: To kick and back and sip Ivan Chai tea morning, noon, or night, add a couple of pinches of loose leaf tea to eight ounces of boiling hot water. Steep at least five minutes in a diffuser. The longer you let the leaves steep, the stronger the taste and more potent the benefits. When the water has turned a rich amber color, remove your diffuser and sip slowly. Drink multiple times per day for an extra boost or a satisfying spot of tea.

    Package Weight: 1.8 oz / 50 g.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    12 reviews for Ivan Chai Loose Tea*

    1. Marina Leung (verified owner)

      I tried to order from Amazon but the tea was sold out. Surprisingly I can order online from the supplier although the price is a little bit higher than Amazon. Refreshing tea with a developing taste throughout clean, light and fresh as leafy spring water. Comfortable and hydrating beverage tea, good for self reflecting moments.

    2. Mary Gonzalez

      Really happy to find such a great herbal tea. I have tried Ivan tea once only and after that, I was looking for high-quality Ivan Chai tea. The moment I saw this product I just ordered it. I can say this is the exact taste I was looking for. The tea has amazing wellness benefits as well. It offers one of the best detox properties of any other herbal tea. Nicely packaged and delivered as promised. Thank you, Sayan.

    3. Barbara Smith

      Very healthy herbal infusion!
      A potent tea with exceptional taste, smell, and color. It’s now my favorite tea. Delicious! Thank you, Sayan for bringing this amazing product into our lives! Highly recommended!

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