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    Shilajit Tablets back
    Shilajit Tablets back
    Shilajit’s natural adaptogenic powers help your body better adapt to environmental stress.

    Shilajit Tablets*

    21 customer reviews
    • Genuine Altai Mountains Shilajit harvested above 10,000 feet
    • Golden grade, organic, all-natural + sustainably harvested
    • Rich source of energizing, immunity-boosting Fulvic and Humic Acid
    • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan + Paleo
    • No chemical additives, fillers, or any unnecessary ingredients
    • Screened at ISO certified lab to ensure purity, potency, and superior quality
    • Raise your energy level, improve digestion, fortify your overall wellness!
    • Shilajit tablets are easy to swallow and more convenient than shialjit resin.

    $15.49 available on subscription from $13.17 every 2 weeks

    iShilajit Tablets – Monthly Subscription

    Conqueror of Mountains!
    Shilajit is a natural antioxidant that battles free radicals (harmful, invasive cells) and reduces the damage caused by oxidation. *
    Look and Feel Young Every Day!
    Shilajit enhances your metabolism, serving as a natural detoxifier purging harmful environmental toxins. *
    Improve Digestion
    Shilajit resin is a potent source of Fulvic acid, a natural compound that aids digestion and improves nutrient absorption. *
    Increase Focus and Memory
    Pure Shilajit resin is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals proven to help amplify your focus and strength your memory. *
    Your Wellness is EVERYTHING
    Along with proper diet and regular exercise, Sayan shilajit can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and live your life to its fullest!
    High Quality is Our MISSION
    Our top-quality, pure, and potent Shilajit will help you look, feel, and be BETTER.
    Overflowing with Healthy Nutrition
    Shilajit is packed with antioxidants, Fulvic acid, and scores of essential vitamins and minerals.
    Supports Endurance and Physical Performance
    Supports Endurance and Physical Performance
    Shilajit, destroyer of weakness, boosts energy, counters metabolic-driven fatigue, and empowers peak physical performance.
    Serving Satisfied Customers Around the Globe
    For over a decade thousands of customers in 60+ countries have turned to Sayan products to fortify their wellness.

    Shilajit Dietary Supplement

    Altai Shilajit is an ancient natural substance which has been known for centuries as the most valuable complex of natural, biologically active substances, and its use has been scientifically approved by numerous studies.

    Ancient homeopathy could provide us with valuable information on how to use natural products to improve our body functions. To take notice is to give the past the respect it has earned while creating new pathways with this knowledge in mind.

    In its natural form, shilajit is a bitter-tasting solid mass with a pungent smell and a shiny surface.

    Don’t let that fool you. This substance is as good as any naturally forming complementary wellness assister the world has seen in centuries. In fact, that’s how long its been around.

    Shilajit can be harvested at high altitude in mountains where it oozes out of the cracks in high mountains.

    Its color ranges from dark brown to black. It will melt in your hands and when dissolved in water it forms a turbid solution.

    Shilajit Dietary Supplement

    Shilajit Benefits

    Support Immune Function *
    Improve Energy Levels and Stamina *
    Improve Digestion *
    Support Your Skin Rejuvenation *
    Help with Absorption of All Consumed Vitamins and Minerals *
    Why should you go for Shilajit rather than other dietary supplements?

    Why should you go for Shilajit rather than other dietary supplements?

    Altai Shilajit contains many beneficial compounds and substances including humic substances, fulvic acid, resinous substances, various vitamins, essential oils, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, iron, zinc, sulfur, copper and selenium.

    These substances aid with homeostasis and natural processes in the body including the metabolism of cells and tissues.

    But it doesn’t end there.

    Altai Shilajit has proven to be a safe dietary supplement. It is widely used. It supports a variety of the body’s natural functions including metabolism as well as protective and adaptogenic functions.

    In its sticky tar-like form is how most find Shilajit. One grain of rice sized amount dissolved in water is all you need to start your own journey with this defender of wellness. It has a very distinctive taste.

    For those who are on the go and don’t like taste, we offer Altai Shilajit Dietary Supplement Tablets. They look reddish-brown in color but turn the familiar black hue when the water is added.

    As a general rule, don’t use regular tap water. It contains some of the things we try to remove from our lives.

    These Shilajit tablets contain pure (100%) Shilajit from the Altai Mountains. These tablets are clean and retain all of the natural Shilajit’s active substances.

    Directions: Adults take 1 tablet a day with meals for 30 days.

    Caution: We recommend consulting with your doctor prior to taking Shilajit We do not recommend to use this product is you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

    Package: 60 tablets 200 mg each

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Why should you go for Shilajit rather than other dietary supplements?

    21 reviews for Shilajit Tablets*


    1. Brent P

      This is very good quality Shilajit,I have been using for a period of six years from Sayan.I love the convenient tablet form it comes in. I have noticed an increase in energy levels physically and mentally I also take Sayan Shilajit for its preventive effect with brain disease which many studies are now showing especially concerning Alzheimer’s. Highly recommend this Company for quality of product and service.

    2. Bonnie Thurston

      I’ve been taking Shilajit tablets for a few weeks now, and I’m impressed with the results. This natural supplement has helped me feel more energized and focused, and I’ve noticed an improvement in my overall well-being.
      I like that shilajit tablet are made from a natural ingredient that’s been used for centuries in traditional homeopathy. They’re easy to take, and I don’t have to worry about any unpleasant taste or aftertaste. Highly recommended.

    3. Joseph Passmore

      This is my second order from Sayan, and the results have completely blown me away. I’ve seen amazing results from taking this shilajit when combined with exercise and lots of water. Not only I experienced less daytime stress, but I have also lost weight and experienced a sense of wholeness and well-being that I have never experienced before. Starting your shilajit journey, especially with this shilajit brand, is highly recommended!

    4. Peter Campbell

      A quality product. Very well packaged. I liked how they mention batch information. Everything is tested for safety. Authentic product! Must try!

    5. jack gallant

      do they work for mens ED? i read many articles on this thanks

      • David Vartanian

        HEllo Jack,
        The shilajit supports your overall wellness.

    6. Nicole Cartwright

      I have been taking shilajit tablets for the last week. The taste is not very good but I can feel the improvement in my wellness, my energy level is up and my concentration is better. I feel more active and my daily drowsiness has gone. Worthy product.

    7. George Cockrell

      I have been taking shilajit tablets for the last two weeks, and I noticed my level of anxiety is decreasing. Also, I feel fresh and more focused. In addition, I have lost some weight too. I swear my energy has truly increased and I have less desire for a nap. These work as they should, so I am not concerned about the taste.

    8. Enrique Morgan

      Excellent product! It does seem to work, I felt significantly better by day three and it also helps with concentration too.”

    9. Jerry Hawkins

      It took some days to see the results but this product is amazing. These tablets helped me to lose some weight, improved my focus, energy and helped me to perform much better at my workplace. I will be a regular customer.

    10. Terry Jones

      The product was delivered on time and I took one pill on the same day. I actually don’t like the taste as it was just like medicine but that really doesn’t matter when you are trying a product to improve your wellness. I have watched many videos describing the benefits of shilajit for memory, immune system, skin, and hair. I hope it will work for me as I feel low energy and restless.

    11. Juan Wilkinson

      I always wanted to try shilajit without dissolving in water. I bought these tablets last month and they do work. Now my energy level has improved and digestion is better too. The quality is much more than expected. If you want to get shilajit fast or you are traveling this is a really good option without sacrificing quality. Will buy it again!

    12. Steven Bray

      The tablets are much easier to take (rather than scooping out sticky resin). I have been using this for 3 months and noticing a lot of differences in my body. I feel more energetic, and my digestion has improved. These Shilajit tablets provide important trace minerals no longer found in foods grown in the USA depleted soils. Works as advertised.

    13. Micheal Self

      Excellent product and very fast shipping. This shilajit is very easy to take and the benefits are outstanding. I can feel my energy levels boosted and more focused throughout the day. Thanks Sayan 👍.

    14. Theodore Perry

      This product is really working for me. I had some skin allergies and now I can see the improvements. Also, my mind has become much more focused and the drowsiness has gone.

    15. josh (verified owner)

      I’ve been using it for just over a month now and really enjoy the energy it gives me. I also feel it’s helping my body detox and cleanse of impurities. I love the premade tablets that easily can be dropped into hot water. I’ve found if you are in hot weather it can get sticky and melt in the foil, but I just put mine in the fridge to keep it solid. I think over time the results will be even more visible and for the reasonable price I can’t see a better option to improve my wellness. I actually just bought another large shipment for many years of supply. =). Thanks Sayan!

    16. Gary Barnett

      I guess these tablets are the best alternative for all those essential nutrients and minerals that we are lacking in our daily meals. Great product, will buy again.

    17. Clint Walters

      Improves your stamina
      This is a safe dietary supplement that improves your metabolism greatly. I am using this shilajit
      tablets for like 2 weeks now. The results are unexpectedly good. Within a week,
      I started feeling much better,and my overall wellness improved. This wasn’t the case with other
      supplements I tried earlier. In addition to boosting my stamina, it has also
      rejuvenated my skin. Loved it!

    18. Darren Bell

      I am getting my trace minerals on a daily basis. I take only 1 tablet a day because 200mg is sufficient. Now, I feel more energetic. Thanks Sayan.

    19. Brent (verified owner)

      I’ve only been taking it for 2 weeks but it seems to work well. And an infinitely better choice than using the liquid form which tastes awful and as messy as well.

    20. JimJ

      I’ve only been taking for 2 weeks but seems to work well. And infinitely better choice than using the liquid form which tastes awful and as messy as well.

    21. Cassandra Jackson (verified owner)

      I have only been using this product for a week. I use it with the chaga extract. Cannot recommend it more highly. A friend of mine uses it and is having great results so I thought I would give it a go. After years of wasted money on supplements that have a lot of hype but don’t deliver, I thought what the heck give it a go. I am so very happy. As I said it’s only been a week, can’t wait to see even more improvements after a month. I think I have finally found a company that does in fact produce good, clean, high quality products. Thank you Sayan..

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