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    A Powerful Adaptogen
    Chaga mushroom’s adaptogenic powers helps your body adapt to stressor, restoring a grounding sense of calm.

    Chaga Extract Powder*

    55 customer reviews
    • Freeze – dried hot water extracted from 100% Siberian Chaga
    • Organic, All natural and sustainably harvested
    • High ORAC value of 153,200 μmole TE/100 g confirmed by Brunswick lab
    • Contains Polysaccharides, Polyphenols, Triterpenes
    • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan
    • No added fillers, mycelium, or grain of any kind
    • Multiple weight option to suit your needs with a subscription option
    • Verified for quality at ISO accredited Micro Quality lab

    $29.99$601.00 available on subscription from $25.49$510.85 every 2 weeks


    With its soaring ORAC value (which measures antioxidants), Chaga protects you from harmful free radicals.
    Freeze-drying maintains nutrition better than any other extraction methods, and preserves raw Chaga’s delightful natural taste.
    Upgrade your morning tea, coffee, smoothie, or liven up your favorite meal with fast-dissolving Sayan Chaga extract.
    Countless pet owners give their furry friends’ Chaga mushrooms. And many veterinarians prescribed Chaga, too.Chaga extract.
    Your Health is EVERYTHING
    From super-immunity, digestive support, and improved organ function to anti-aging and lowered stress response, few superfoods offer greater benefits than Sayan’s Chaga mushrooms!
    Your Wellness is Our MISSION
    Our top quality, wild harvested Siberian Chaga mushrooms are a natural restorative that will help you look, feel, and be BETTER.
    100% All-Natural Organic Goodness
    Sustainably harvested in Siberian’s pristine forests, our products contain absolutely nothing but pure, potent, and powerful Chaga.
    Serving Satisfied Customers Across The Globe
    For over a decade, thousands of customers in over 60 countries have turned to Sayan products to fortify their health and wellness.
    Overflowing With Healthy Nutrition
    Our Chaga mushrooms are packed with antioxidants, brimming with beta-glucans rich polysaccharides, and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.
    Chaga Extract Powder for Optimal Health Benefits
    Experience Chaga extract benefits with our Siberian Chaga Extract Powder. Containing absolutely no fillers or hidden bulk by-products, we’ve concentrated a collection of all the active ingredients released by the Siberian Chaga mushroom when we processed it.
    Chaga Extract Powder for Optimal Health Benefits

    Chaga Extract Powder for Optimal Health Benefits

    Prized in Russian and Chinese folk medicine for thousands of years as a “Gift from God,” wild Chaga is a chaga medicinal properties that offers numerous wellness benefits. Though relatively unknown and overlooked in the Western world for centuries, this little mushroom has in recent years emerged as a natural immune booster.*

    Enjoy pure, wild-harvested Chaga extract powder in smoothies or mix with hot water to make instant tea for a daily energy boost. It has a pleasing taste, is easy to prepare, and can support your wellness in many different ways.*

    Major Benefits of Chaga Extract Powder

    Supports the immune system*
    Detoxifies the body and supports healthy digestion*
    Supports detoxification of the body*
    Enhances the quality of skin and hair*
    Boosts energy and sharpens mental clarity*
    energy boost*

    What’s Inside Chaga Extract Powder

    Wellness Benefits of Chaga Mushroom Powder

    Sayan Chaga mushroom extract powder is developed using only the highest-quality, wild-harvested Siberian Chaga mushroom benefits from the Sayan Mountain range of Siberia. A leading natural adaptogen, Chaga has a high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) that exceeds that of known superfoods acai berries, blueberries, and pomegranates. The higher the ORAC level, the better the body is able to fight oxidative stress caused by free oxygen radicals.*

    Chaga mushroom constituents also include polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and polyphenols, all of which contribute to Chaga’s many wellness benefits.*

    A Celebrated Medicinal Mushroom throughout the Ages

    Chaga’s purifying properties were first documented in Chinese traditional medicine thousands of years ago, and it has been celebrated in Siberian folklore homeopathy for centuries. The preferred route of consumption has been a soothing, woodsy tea made by steeping the raw mushroom in hot water. People still drink it daily in Siberia to improve their wellness and longevity.

    Although ignored in the Western world for hundreds of years, today Chaga is re-emerging as a scientifically-backed adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural substances that can help the body adapt to stress and help normalize bodily processes. Many are realizing chaga tincture numerous wellness benefits, and are finding that using it daily is a great way to increase energy without caffeine, fight the detrimental effects of stress on the body, and boost overall well-being.*

    Wellness Benefits of Chaga Mushroom Powder
    The Science Behind Potency and Quality

    The Science Behind Potency and Quality

    Not all Chaga extract powder is created equal – there’s a science behind producing the purest and most potent extracts. An independent lab, Brunswick Laboratories, determined that our Chaga extract has an ORAC value of 153,200 micromoles of Trolox Equivalents per 100 grams (molTE per 100 g). Compare this to acai extract at 102,700 mol TE per 100 g, blueberries at 9,621, and pomegranates at 4,479. As the creator of the first Chaga beverage in 2007, we are actively and constantly researching the benefits of Chaga using different methods.

    Our Chaga extract is very potent. The extraction rate is 16%, which means for every 1 kg of raw Chaga, we produce 160 grams of extract. In other words, we process 6.25 lbs of raw Chaga to produce 1 lb of Chaga extract powder.

    The secret to Chaga’s immune-boosting power is in a chemical structure known as “chromogenic complex.” The chromogenic complex is measured as a percentage of polyphenols, which are the molecules that dissolve in water first (40–45%) during the Chaga extraction process. Polyphenols are responsible for the extract’s dark color, and aid in absorption.

    Sayan Chaga extract contains:

    • 44–50% polyphenols (chromogenic complex)
    • 12–13% polysaccharides
    • 1.5% β (1,3) D-glucan
    • <1% betulinic acid

    It is very important to understand why Chaga extract with 12–13% polysaccharides qualifies as a high-quality Chaga extract. For more detailed info on chromogenic complex, quality Chaga extract powder processing methods, and polysaccharides check out our FAQ.

    Why Choose Sayan Chaga Extract Powder?

    As the developer of the first raw Chaga beverage, Sayan is dedicated to producing only the most potent, high-quality Chaga mushroom extract powder on the market. Ever since 2007, we’ve used our proprietary technique to prepare raw Chaga for a low-pressure hot water extraction method with subsequent freeze-drying process, to ensure our product is optimized with the most essential nutrients.

    The majority of Chaga manufacturers use a Thermal Infrared Drying extraction process which doesn’t preserve all useful ingredients. See the table below for detailed info on the benefits of our Sublimation drying process.

    Why Choose Sayan Chaga Extract Powder?
    Water vs. Alcohol Extraction

    Water vs. Alcohol Extraction

    We’ve been asked numerous times what the difference is between wild Chaga liquid extract produced through water extraction versus alcohol extraction, so we created the table below to explain. All studies that have been conducted by Chaga mushroom scientists have used Chaga extract powder produced by water extraction. To date, there is no scientific proof that Chaga extract produced by alcohol extraction is superior to Chaga extract produced by water extraction. But if you’re only looking for Chaga extract produced by alcohol extraction or a mix of alcohol and water extraction, before purchasing such a mix, it’s a good idea to ask about the ratio between the two.

    At Sayan, we believe that Chaga produced by water extraction is far superior and proven by time. Thus we only offer Siberian Chaga organic mushroom extract powder produced by water extraction with a sublimation freeze-drying process.

    We believe in the merits of hard science to present to you a formula based on scientific research with no false claims. For any questions about the tea mushroom benefits, our wild Chaga experts are always ready to give you answers and steer you toward impeccable wellness.

    Ingredients: Whole Chaga Mushroom (Innonotus obliquus) Extract Powder.

    Daily supplement use: 0.07 – 0.10 oz (2-3 grams, or about half a teaspoon) of powdered Chaga extract mixed with your favorite beverage to be taken daily.

    Daily Supplement Intense: 0.25 – 0.35 oz (7-10 grams, or about 1.5 – 2.0 teaspoons) of powdered Chaga extract, to be taken daily.

    Pure Chaga has an acquired taste – it may even seem bitter as it has a lot of herbal flavor. If the herbal flavor of Chaga is too strong and makes it difficult to ingest, add some sweetener such as honey or sugar to suit your individual preference or use more liquid (we also find that beverages with lots of flavor could mask the herbal note of Chaga very well).

    Please note that the daily dose can be split in half or even three or four equal portions, to be taken throughout the day. Also if you start with Daily Chaga Supplement Benefits Intense chaga powder dosage we advise to increase serving size gradually, for example, start with 0.07 – 0.10 oz (2-3 grams, or about half a teaspoon) and then increase serving size to 0.25 – 0.35 oz ( 7-10 grams, or about 1.5 – 2.0 teaspoons ) in 7-10 days.

    For best results, take a 5 – 7-day break from taking Chaga studies extract powder every 24 – 28 days. In other words, use it for about a month, stop for a week, and then use it for another 4 weeks, and so on.

    While taking Chaga extract powder we recommend to follow a dairy-vegetative diet and try to minimize the amount of smoked meats, products high in animal fat such as bacon, strong seasonings, and processed foods. We also recommend quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake to a moderate level

    Caution: Avoid consuming Chaga extract powder if you are currently taking penicillin or intravenous injections of glucose, in case of adverse interactions or side effects.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Ingredients: Whole Chaga Mushroom (Innonotus obliquus) Extract Powder.

    55 reviews for Chaga Extract Powder*

    1. Earl Hubbard (verified owner)

      The products offered at Sayan are top notch, really very good at a reasonable cost. Recognize that their sourcing and product’s selective quality is what you are able to purchase with absolute confidence. You don’t have to question or doubt or compare their product’s with that of other vendors. I am a repeat customer because they have totally earned my trust and satisfaction.

    2. Dewayne Middleton

      I had some doubts initially about the extract, but upon trying it, I was pleasantly surprised by its natural woodsy taste. The convenience it offers is fantastic. Despite having experimented with at least six different brands and forms, this was my first experience with an extract. I deviated from the instructions, opting for a whole teaspoon instead of half since I prefer a stronger flavor. Comparing it to another brand I frequently used, brewed in my moka pot, the extract made the alternative taste oddly different and less delightful. Despite the relatively high price for the quantity, the flavor and convenience make it entirely worthwhile. I highly recommend giving the extract a shot.

    3. Wanda Hunt

      I’ve been enjoying the chaga extract powder for a while now, and it’s been a positive addition to my wellness routine. The quality is top-notch, and I appreciate the convenience of incorporating it into my daily beverages. While I haven’t experienced any miraculous effects, I’ve noticed subtle improvements in my overall well-being. The powder mixes easily and doesn’t alter the taste of my drinks, which is great. Overall, it’s a reliable product that I would recommend to others looking to support their health naturally.

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