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    Chaga and Betulin adaptogenic properties helps your body adapt to environmental stress.

    Chaga Extract + Betulin powder*

    26 customer reviews
    • Freeze – dried hot water extracted from 100% Siberian Chaga and Betulin
    • Organic, All natural and sustainably harvested
    • High ORAC value of 153,200 μmole TE/100 g confirmed by Brunswick lab
    • Contains Polysaccharides, Polyphenols, Beta glucans and Triterpenes
    • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan
    • No added fillers, mycelium, or grain of any kind
    • Multiple weight option to suit your needs with a subscription option
    • Verified for quality at ISO accredited Micro Quality lab

    $36.99$400.99 available on subscription from $31.44$340.84 every 2 weeks


    With its soaring ORAC value (which measures antioxidants), Chaga supports your body against harmful free radicals.
    Instant ready freeze-drying extracts maintains nutrition better than any other extraction methods.
    Upgrade your morning shakes or yogurt, or liven up your favorite meal with Sayan Chaga and Betulin blend.
    Join countless pet owners who give their furry friends’ Chaga and Betulin blend.
    Your Wellness is Everything
    Alongside proper diet and regular exercise, Sayan products can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and live your life to its fullest!
    High Quality is Our Mission
    Our top quality, wild harvested Siberian Chaga mushrooms and Betulin are natural products that will help you look, feel, and be BETTER.
    100% All-Natural Organic Wild Chaga Mushroom and Betulin
    Sustainably harvested in Siberian’s pristine forests, this blend is absolutely pure without any additives.
    Serving Satisfied Customers Across The Globe Goodness
    For over a decade, thousands of customers in over 60 countries have turned to Sayan products to fortify their wellness.
    Overflowing With Healthy Nutrition
    Exclusive Chaga mushrooms and Betulin blend packed with antioxidants, polysaccharides, and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.
    Chaga Mushroom Extract With Betulin
    Sayan Health is happy to introduce a new, exclusive product: Siberian Chaga extract powder enriched with betulin. One of the main components of birch bark, betulin has been shown to support the immune system, help regulate cholesterol and fatty acid, regulate body weight, and support heart health. For health-oriented people who want to experience the maximum benefits of the birch tree, this is a great choice. With a high ORAC value and immune system support properties, Chaga extract powder with betulin supports resistance to cell damage caused by free radicals.* Enjoy mixed with your favorite beverages or simply brew as a tea.
    Siberian Chaga Extract with Betulin

    Siberian Chaga Extract with Betulin

    A medicinal mushroom known as the “King of Herbs,” Chaga mushroom has been prized for thousands of years in Russian and Chinese folk medicine. Though overlooked and relatively unknown in the West for centuries, Chaga has emerged recently as a dietary supplement that supports the immune system in many ways.

    Have you ever wondered why birch trees are white in color? The answer is betulin. Betulin, from the Latin word Betula, meaning “birch”, is one of the main components of birch bark, and this is what gives the birch tree its white color.

    Betulin is a naturally occurring substance found in the bark and sap of birch trees. Betulin can be converted into betulinic acid, which is an even more biologically active substance than betulin itself. Betulinic acid is a usual component of birch leaves and birch mushroom (fungus), although its content is much lower than betulin.

    Birch tree bark has been used in folk homeopathy for many years. In recent decades, betulin has attracted increasing attention from researchers, biologists, and pharmacists. Scientific studies on the properties of betulin have been conducted in more than 40 Russian and foreign research centers. Recent studies have shown that betulin is known to support the immune system.

    Major Benefits of Chaga Extract Powder with Betulin

    Sayan offers exclusive and great product: Chaga extract with betulin. While Chaga itself contains a small percentage of betulin, we enriched our Chaga extract by adding 5% betulin to it. This dietary supplement could provide many health benefits when you add it to your diet.

    Supports the immune system*
    Stimulates energy and sharpens mental focus*
    Promotes the vitality of skin and hair*
    Stimulates detoxification*
    Promotes healthy digestion*
    Provides energy boost*
    Supports maintenance of healthy weight*
    Supports maintenance of healthy weight*

    What’s Inside Chaga Extract Powder with Betulin

    Sayan Chaga extract powder with betulin is developed using only the highest-quality, wild-harvested Chaga mushroom from Siberia’s Sayan Mountain range. We use only birch tree bark from remote areas to produce an ecologically clean product. A leading natural adaptogen, Chaga extract has a high ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 151 000 μmole TE/100 gram that exceeds that of known superfoods acai berries, blueberries, and pomegranates. The higher the ORAC level, the better the body is able to fight oxidative stress caused by free oxygen radicals.*

    Chaga mushroom constituents also include polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and polyphenols, all of which contribute to Chaga’s many wellness benefits.*

    Our enriched extract is made from wild-harvested Chaga mushroom with no additives other than pure betulin.

    What’s Inside Chaga Extract Powder with Betulin
    Prized Medicinal Mushroom, Fortified with Betulin

    Prized Medicinal Mushroom, Fortified with Betulin

    The beneficial properties of wildcrafted siberian Chaga extract were first documented in Chinese traditional medicine thousands of years ago, and folk healers in Siberia have prized Chaga for centuries. The typical method of Chaga consumption is drinking a warm, woodsy tea made by steeping the raw mushroom in hot water. People in Siberia still drink Chaga tea daily to support health and longevity.

    Chaga mushroom is emerging today as a scientifically-backed adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural substances that can help the body adapt to stress and help normalize bodily processes. People in the West are realizing that Chaga mushroom offers many wellness benefits.

    Many people drink Chaga tea instead of coffee, for a natural way to stimulate energy levels without using caffeine, regulate the effects of stress on the body, and support overall wellness.*

    Now we’ve fortified our Chaga extract powder with betulin, boosting its ability to support the immune system, and promote overall well-being.*

    A Little Bit of Science About Our Unique Siberian Chaga Extract

    A wide spectrum of Chaga action is due to the presence of a rich complex of biologically active substances. Active substances are considered pigments, forming the chromogenic polyphenol-carbon complex, organic acids (oxalic, formic, acetic, oil, vanillic, p-hydroxybenzoic).

    Organic acids have a great influence on the human body. Aromatic carboxylic and hydroxycarboxylic acids could regulate the function of the tissues. Also, micro- and macro-elements that support health have been found in wild siberian Chaga extract: manganese in large numbers, silicon, iron, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

    Chaga contains the whole complex of terpene compounds that can be divided into four groups: α-amyrin, β-amyrin, lupeol, Damodaran.

    Derivatives of lupeol – betulin and betulinic acid – are extracted from birch bark.

    Two triterpene acids are also found in Chaga from the group of tetracyclic triterpenes; acids, free phenols, polysaccharides, pterin, lignin, fiber, etc. Due to the presence of pterins, Chaga mushroom can support the immune system.*

    Betulin has the ability to support resistance to cell damage caused by free radicals, the main cause of aging and degradation of the individual systems.*

    A Little Bit of Science About Our Unique Siberian Chaga Extract
    A Little Bit of Science About Our Unique Siberian Chaga Extract

    Ingredients: Whole Chaga Mushroom (Innonotus obliquus) Extract Powder, Betulin.

    Daily supplement use: 0.07–0.10 oz (2–3 grams, or about half a teaspoon) of Chaga extract powder with betulin, mixed with your favorite beverage to be taken daily.

    Daily Supplement Intense use: 0.25–0.35 oz (7–10 grams, or about 1.5–2.0 teaspoons) of powdered Chaga extract siberian herbs, to be taken daily. If the herbal flavor of Chaga is too strong and makes it difficult to ingest, add some sweetener or use more liquid (we also find that beverages with lots of flavor could mask the herbal note of Chaga very well).

    The daily serving size can be split in half or even 3 to 4 equal portions, to be taken throughout the day.

    Please note that Chaga extract with betulin is slightly less soluble in water than pure Chaga extract. Also, you may notice that the color of this extract is lighter than the pure Chaga extract powder.

    You can use this unique product by stirring Chaga extract powder with betulin into yogurt or smoothies or brewing it as a tea for a caffeine-free energy boost. It tastes good, is simple to prepare, and can support the wellness of the body in many ways.*

    For best results, take a 5- to 7-day break from taking Chaga extract powder with betulin every 24–28 days. In other words, use it for about a month, stop for a week, and then use it for another 4 weeks, and so on.

    While taking Siberian Chaga extract powder with betulin, we recommend following a dairy-vegetative diet and minimizing the amount of smoked meats, products high in animal fat such as bacon, strong seasonings, and processed foods. We also recommend quitting smoking and limiting alcohol intake to a moderate level.

    Caution: Avoid consuming Chaga extract powder with betulin if you are currently taking penicillin or intravenous injections of glucose, in case of adverse interactions or side effects.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    A Little Bit of Science About Our Unique Siberian Chaga Extract

    26 reviews for Chaga Extract + Betulin powder*


    1. Amy Clarke

      A dynamic duo for optimal wellness! This powerful combination has taken my well-being to the next level. The Chaga extract provides immune support, while Betulin enhances its benefits. I’ve experienced increased energy, improved focus, and a stronger immune system. A game-changer in my wellness journey!

    2. Maria Rodriguez

      I recently started using Chaga Extract + Betulin powder as a daily supplement, and I have been extremely impressed with the results. Not only does it provide a natural energy boost, but it also helps me stay focused and alert throughout the day.
      I appreciate that this supplement is made from high-quality, natural ingredients and is free from any harmful additives or chemicals. The taste is also quite pleasant, and it mixes easily into my morning yogurt or smoothie. Thanks, Sayan

    3. Anthony Chapel

      I recently started taking the Chaga extract and betulin powder supplement and have noticed a significant improvement in my overall wellness and well-being. I was initially drawn to this supplement due to its natural and safe ingredients, and I am so glad I made the choice to try it out. The combination of Chaga’s antioxidant properties and betulin’s effects has made a noticeable difference in my energy levels, immune function, and digestion I love that this supplement is safe and natural, and I have experienced no negative side effects from taking it. I highly recommend this supplement to anyone looking to improve their wellness.

    4. Dorothy Thomas

      Has a little bitterness but it is concentrated after all. I mix it with yogurt as was suggested. I have only been using chaga for a few weeks. I know I’ll purchase this chaga again. Thanks, Sayan for this amazing product!

    5. Melissa Hoffman

      Bought this to improve my wellness and I haven’t looked back since! Thank you for carrying this product at such a great price. Sending best wishes.

    6. Matthew Taylor

      Authentic and Potent form of Chaga. I start each day with this wonderful energy booster to my wellbeing. I also add a spoon of honey with this blend in the morning. I love having a premium quality supplement in my routine to light me up for the whole day.

    7. Stephanie Attaway

      I received the Sayan capsules with Chaga and betulin and started using it the same day. After taking capsules for about a week I can feel that my energy increased. Also, capsules are easy to use and don’t require any brewing or processing. Great for people who want to get wellness benefits but don’t like brewing Chaga tea.

    8. Jocelyn Andrews

      I purchased this product after watching a video on the internet for a healthy coffee replacement. The woman used chaga as one of the ingredients, which looked dark when mixed in water and that somewhere craved me. After doing some research and reading about chaga I came to know that it has amazing wellness benefits. Now, I tried to mix this powder with hot water and some cream, but it didn’t dissolve well, so I added powder to yogurt and it really tastes amazing. My energy levels have increased and I feel much more active throughout the day. Thanks Sayan for such a wonderful product.

    9. King Robb

      I wanted to improve my wellness, so I gave this product a try. It’s been a month now and I feel much better. I add this to my morning yogurt, as do many other customers. I strongly suggest this brand and they offer high quality mushroom products and the reputation is really high. Trusted brand with great products which will support your life wellness.

    10. Jessie Harding

      I bought chaga extract with betulin for my parents and it is really effective. The taste and the aroma of the product is very strong. This product really helps in digestion and gives you energy. My dad really loves it. Excellent wellness product. Thanks, Sayan

    11. Mary Labrecque

      I add this powder to my everyday yogurt. It is very energizing. Also, it arrived pretty quickly and is in a pretty resalable package. Perfect product.

    12. Larry Lim

      Authentic taste! I really love this deep bitter taste. I feel like this Chaga is very effective in boosting the immune system.

    13. Richard Furness

      I am fully satisfied with the quality of this product. It just tastes good and makes you feel better. A little expensive but I would say you get what you pay for. For the best result mix it with yogurt, since it doesn’t dissolve in water well.

    14. Carlos Mann

      I am a regular buyer of Sayan extract. One friend of mine recommended me to try a cheaper Chaga extract from a different brand, but that did not work out, quality wasn’t there. Now I can honestly say that Sayan Chaga works the best. After using it regularly I feel like I have a strong immune system. This extract really improved my immunity.

    15. ZK (verified owner)

      10 stars!!! Authentic products have been used for hundreds of years, what not to love!

    16. Beverley Gallegos

      A good wellness supplement for your immune system. Also, it tastes very good.

    17. Yvette Bustamante

      I really swear by this stuff. This extract blend has wonderful wellness benefits that most people don’t have a clue about. Do your research first and then you will want to buy bags of this wellness product.

    18. Stephen Singletary

      Worked great for me
      I have been using this Chaga extract from Sayan for about 4 weeks now and I am satisfied with the overall quality of the product. This is much more than just a wellness supplement. In addition to improving my immune system, it keeps me calm and gets me a better sleep. I take it every day with my yogurt.

    19. David Sachs

      So far so good
      The reason why I’ll recommend this product from Sayan is that it gives the much-needed boost to your immunity. It tastes good if added to either morning shakes or yogurt.

    20. Scott Dore

      Outstanding product! This is a super high quality and most potent form of chaga I’ve ever tried. When I take it in the morning, It lights me up with energy like a Christmas tree and winds me down at the end of the day. I love this premium quality supplement!

    21. Joseph Coover

      Boost Energy without a dose of caffeine.. ” Highest ” quality Chaga I have ever had from Sayan. This is the best alternative to Coffee, energy booster and it has the highest O.R.A.C. level…. Siberian Chaga is the best ! And Sayan is the best among Siberian Chaga…..Instead of buying from every source known, save your money and go with this company, my only complaint is the price, it is a little bit high as compared to chaga one can buy in Siberia, but you get an exclusive blend, which can’t buy anywhere else.

    22. Joshua Smith

      Best chaga extract with betulin
      This Chaga extract from Sayan is the best chaga product I have used so far. I have bought other Sayan products and have been satisfied with the overall quality. This is much more than a simple chaga tea. It works great for the immune system. Tastes great when added to shakes.

    23. S jay (verified owner)

      Great product! Best chaga extract around! Shipping is also great, it arrived the next day after placing an order.

    24. Neil Francis

      Doesn’t affect me like other reviews say it does. But I do feel more energetic. It’s Great!

    25. Angela Dreher

      Adding this to my yogurt in the mornings has given me a lot of energy throughout the day. This brand is very distinct to other brands, I have seen a lot of results in the past couple weeks already.

    26. Lois Palomino

      I barely started my 3rd bag. I am very happy with how this works with me.

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