Recipe Spotlight – Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga is a very versatile medicinal mushroom.

Not only does it offer an exceptional boost to our antioxidant levels, provide a daily supplement to boost energy, and help our bodies cope with recovery, it has a hidden benefit of being very adaptable to form a part of daily meals and snacks.

Can we cook with chaga?

Yes, we can.

The Smoothest Of Smoothies

If you have ever made your own smoothies then you will know that anything goes. Any fruit or vegetable you can think of can be added to your favorite smoothie base.

Chaga is no different.

Berries, of course, are the best for smoothies, but their antioxidant goodness can be enhanced with the addition of ground chaga.

Look outside the box when it comes to finding and creating new recipes for you and your family. Maybe it’s time to experiment with making your own chaga ice cream.

I bet you never thought of that.

Something For Everyone

Cakes, muffins, bread and even a hybrid savory slice can be made using ground chaga. Imagine incorporating your other favorite superfoods to form the ultimate in healthy meals.

From fudge to chai tea, chaga can be as versatile as any other superfood.

Let your imagination can be your guide.

Tea For Two (And More)

Experiment with different kinds of drinks for your next party, or simply a refreshing alternative beverage you know is doing your body good.

There are recipes for every season. From summer iced tea and fruit punch to those warming hot chocolate and chaga warming pre-bedtime relaxers.

Who needs overpriced, commercial drinks packed with sugar and caffeine when you have chaga?

Don’t forget, for the adults among us, chaga infused vodka can make a great alternative as a special occasion, or cocktail party beverage.


Why Chaga As An Ingredient?

Spinach, kale, and avocado may be your body’s best friends, but chaga rates highly in terms of being a health-promoting addition to a daily regime.

Whether you are vegan, wanting a clean diet, or simply someone wanting to ensure extra nutritional benefits are included in your daily intake, chaga offers many of us a solution.

Trends and popularity in the health supplement world are one thing, but the products that will prevail have a history and a future for providing healing, and dietary benefits far beyond expectations.

It is always fun to try some new recipes. Take some time out for yourself and experiment in the kitchen. You could even involve the kids, and make it a fun boredom-killing event.

Add chaga to the tried and true beverages and treats you have always made for the family, then move on to lunchbox snacks or sweet pudding to help keep the smiles on everyone’s face.

Incorporate chaga and help your body fight off illness and build barriers to keep out the nasties whose life’s ambition is to make us feel unwell.

The added nutrients from this King of herbs might just transform them from the ordinary into creations that could become a regular occurrence.

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