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Summer Health Tips for Better Well Being

The warmer months bring a smile to many faces. The need for warmth is welcomed after seemingly endless cold and discomfort.

Consequently, the summer sun can’t get here quick enough, but with it comes some health hazards.

In terms of our health, summer can mean extra health care needs should be on the radar.

Over exposure, and dehydration can turn your dream summer into a health nightmare.

So what can we do to give our health more attention during the warmer months? Follow these summer health tips for a better well being.

Stay Hydrated

Over 70 percent of our bodies are made up of water. Consequently, we must replace fluid lost through sweat, physical activity and exposure to heat.

Our bodies work exceptionally hard to keep us cool. Feeling of tiredness can be due to the body working a little too hard.

Some drinks which include electrolytes are suited towards rehydration in times of illness recovery, but don’t discount their success as an everyday hydrator.

Electrolytes replace levels of sodium and potassium, but be careful. Too much salt can dehydrate.

By the way, alcohol is another dehydrator, in case you’re wondering.

Everything in moderation is always good rule to live by.

Make Mine Iced

So how do we stay hydrated?  Water, of course, but when you need something else, try adding chaga

Try a nice cool refreshing chaga iced tea.

Prepare cooled down chaga tea, add ice and your favorited flavorings.

Blend to make ice cones or even add chaga ice cubes to a morning smoothie. Ice cube trays full of this ancient healer will not only add the coolness you want, but additional nutritious elements.

Get the kids involved. How about setting up a chaga-lemonade stand?

There are many ways to include chaga tea as a nutritious, hydrating addition to your summer.

Be Chaga Prepared

Here’s a tip.

Pre make a batch of chaga. A pre-prepared batch of chaga tea either in the refrigerator or frozen can make life easier when a quick tray of drinks is needed.

Remember chaga tea freezes particularly well.

To have reserves of chaga tea means having a nutritional, satisfying beverage at your fingertips. Make sure you are never without it.

Summer Love

Why do people love summer? For some, summer means no school for months. A perfectly fine reason to love it.

For others it means a possible vacation, or seeing family or friends that have drifted away. Beaches, cool breezes and never-ending sunshine appeals to us as well.

Whatever category you fit in, there’s a lot to love.

Relaxing and having fun are high priority, however, being aware of some summer health hazards will mean a more enjoyable time.

Serious Fun and Games

Summer activities present for the sole purpose of making memories. Carnivals, barbecues, beaches and lakes provide opportunity to make new friends, and cement existing relationships.

For those lucky enough to have the time to take advantage of all these things, any safety or health warming may seem a downer. Common sense is key.

Ignoring sun damage and risky swimming practices can result in life long injury and regret.

No one wants to think about the unfortunate things that can happen in life, so preparing and being aware of your own limitations is essential.

Stay safe and healthy.

In Conclusion

Summer is fantastic for fun and relaxation, but it also brings some dangers. Sunburn and heat exhaustion are prevalent.

Take steps to be safe and stay healthy. Include chaga beverages for hydration and health purposes.

For those summer nights, chaga tea can provide a relaxing beverage suited to inducing rest and stillness of the mind.

It may become a stable for your family every summer.

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