chaga tea ratio

The Proper Chaga Tea Ratio

So, you’ve decided to included chaga tea for improve health and general wellbeing. All the signs have pointed to exactly where you are today in your search for the best tea you can make.

Beginners trying chaga tea for the first time sometimes experience an end result that may be too strong. It is advisable to start slowly, and build your way up to find just the right ratio for you.

So, how much is too much? Our body expels anything it no longer needs. It only takes what it needs, no matter what additional supplement we add to our food or beverage intake.

What are you waiting for?

However You Like it

Three to four chunks for a large pot of brewed chaga tea is usually enough. This, of course, depends on the size of the chunks. You will soon know what the right amount is for you. If you use chaga powder the same rules apply. Keep trying until you get it right for your tastes.

Some chaga tea drinkers prefer a stronger brew, so more may be added and brewed for a longer period. Naturally in comparison, some prefer a milder tea. It really is a personal choice.

Stronger chaga tea has an earthier flavour.

Don’t forget the strength ratio alters if other things combine in the tea for flavor. Lemon and lime, as well as diluting ice cubs affect the strength.

Added spices may reduce the earthier taste, if you look to being creative in your tea making.

Experiment with different ratios to create your own special blend.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to making and enjoying chaga tea.

If you are one for following guidelines and instructions, finding several chaga recipes is easy. Everything from basic cups of chaga tea, to tinctures and cocktails recipes are there to stimulate your imagination.

Keeping an Eye on the Prize

Remember the reason you started this chaga journey. Inside this strange looking mushroom are the some of the greatest building blocks to health supplementary medicine has seen. The antioxidant levels alone are impressive. Add to that chaga benefit to immune system strength, and metabolic stability, then we have quite a product on our hands.

It is in our best interests to make and consume chaga tea given the research now available.

We all want better health. After all, it is the one thing where everyone agrees is paramount to happiness.

We all take it for granted, but taking steps to ensuring that everyday we do some small thing to help maintain the best health we can is a way of ticking concerns off the list.


Uncertainty in the beginning of any new trial will require a focus on what information you have around you.

Don’t be afraid of experimentation. It is this chance taking that creates opportunity for your future health.

Research for yourself. Be armed with information, not only on chaga itself, but on the best suppliers. Your future experiences with chaga can be greatly improved if you make the right calls from the start.

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