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What Is the Shelf Life for Chaga and Chaga Tea?

When considering the shelf life for your chaga, be sure to understand its inherent properties. There will be no need to waste this amazing supplement when you follow some guidelines.

What Is the Shelf Life for Chaga?

Stored and handled correctly, chaga can last from 1 to 2 years. Therein lies the key.

Chaga that is not stored in an airtight container, or frozen for future use will not retain its active properties.

Cool, dry and dark places are optimal for storing chaga. Breaking those three things down, remember that heat may affect chaga adversely. Moisture can decay any foodstuffs, not just chaga, so be aware of damp areas of your home.

Finally, light can destroy by breaking down its inherent properties.

Keep in mind, chaga needs to be dried. It may look like hard bark on the exterior but it does contain moisture when cut open.

Chaga is not immune to the many things that incorrect storage, and lack of proper care can bring to food. Fresh or dry, it makes no difference.

Planning is key if you choose to buy chaga in bulk, or at least store it for future use.

What is Shelf Life?

Shelf life refers to how long a product can be store before it loses its viability.

In terms of food, fresh products have a shorter shelf life, and processed products a longer due to the way they are stored and the type of product they are.

Most packaging these days, has some kind of indication of the best way to store the product, and also a date or ‘best before’. This information is meant to be a guide rather than a failsafe ruling.

Packaging indicator are put there for reasons of convenience and information, however, it can be wise to use your best judgement when determining a products viability. Your eyes can be your best guide. If a product appears mouldy, or an odor indicates it may be beyond its shelf life, take caution.

Remember it is illegal in the US to make available for sale a product without an expiry date.

If you are lucky enough to hunt you own chaga, be sure to include a date on the storage container of when it was placed within.

The Versatile King of Herbs

Ancient healers have a well-deserved spotlight, with chaga mushrooms being one. Warm chaga tea is the most popular form of beverage among consumers, but the tea can be transformed into an array of beverages, both hot and cold.

From morning smoothies, and summer cooling iced pops to a calming night time option for the day’s end, there’s more than one way to have chaga become a staple in a healthier life

To Conclude

Store for a few months or used hurriedly, chaga offers much. From an extremely beneficial anti-oxidant levels to its use as an herbal calmer, chaga could be the solution for those who seek the one stop shop of supplements.

Convenience, ease of use, and an array of benefits chaga offers an herbal tonic, free from caffeine, and commercial driver sugar loaded products currently on offer.

Bring chaga into your life for complementary health benefits, with a history to back it up.

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