Why Chaga Only Grows In Certain Areas

Why Chaga Only Grows In Certain Areas

Did you know chaga only grows in certain areas?

Environment plays an enormous part in the growth and sustainability of the chaga mushroom. In fact, it is paramount.

This natural, diamond of the forest depends on environmental strengths.

Why Chaga Only Grows in Certain Areas

Sourced in colder climates, chaga harvests in Northern European sites, Russia and Korea.

A combination of the natural earth, the strength of the birch trees, and air quality, also favors production of the best mushrooms.

Different regions produce varying bioactive substance in the mushroom. Siberian chaga, especially Northern Irkutsk Region and Khakassia is considered to be the finest.

It’s the air that makes the difference.

As a porous substance, chaga feels the effects of environments not conducive for healthy output.

Heavily polluted areas close to cities have a detrimental effect on the quality of the end product.

The best suppliers source their chaga from areas as least 200 kilometres from any city. This reduces the risk of contaminate absorption.

What Environments Are Worse?

Does a bad environment affect the potency of the chaga mushroom? Just as poor soil can affect the quality and life expectancy of food , so can poor air quality.

For growth and sustainability, areas with high pollutants and heavy metal levels should be avoided.

Heavy metals in the air and in the ground have the potential for causing harm. Some examples of dangerous compounds are cadmium, arsenic, and chromium.

Although naturally occurring, large levels of these elements affect human health.

Chaga growing in any areas of toxicity have a likelihood of quality issues and life expectancy.

The Best From the Best

Far removed from the man-made pollutants of today’s world lives the best chaga.

Suppliers sourcing from these areas offer the quality for consumers. Be sure to know where your chaga comes from.

How can you tell where your chaga comes from? Just ask.

A true supplier answers all your questions. The best provide open and honest answers to consumer queries. Ensure your trader is happy to supply all the information you need.

Make an informed decision when you decide to introduce chaga into your life.

Transparency on sourcing, harvesting and processing will be no problem for a reputable supplier.

Luckily, today remedial action for affected soils is available. Plants can be relocated and reintroduced once the presence of alarming levels of toxicity are no longer present.

The main aim is sustainable environments free from such dangers. This ultimately means a quality product for now and for the future chaga harvests.

To Conclude

Naturally, as consumers we want the best products we can find.

An understanding on environmental concerns highlights the need for further awareness.

To understand the mushroom is to be aware of how fragile the environment. Consequently, we need to protect, not only the birch tree but the environment where chaga is harvested.

This action will see chaga enjoyed for many years to come. Environmental sustainability secures the future for chaga devotees, and those new to its overall health and well being benefits.

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