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Press Releases

Your Gut May Determine Your Overall Health

Gut health is now being recognized as significantly important to overall health. Gastrointestinal microbiome helps control digestion and a health gut will support immune system health. Ayn unbalance may cause discomfort, but may initialize chronic and serious medical conditional like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even weight gain. It makes sense to investigate what our gut is and how its health will assist will wellbeing and continued health.

The Body’s Other Brain

Did you know the gastrointestinal system (or gut) has been called ‘your other brain”? Reportedly, there are more neurotransmitters in our git than in our brain. This means simply, that our gut health affects our overall health by telling our brain and our body what’s going on. It has the ability to determine things that may be wrong with our health. The human body is truly an amazing thing. So, can our gut speak to us? Anyone who has ever had disruption to their life from internal stomach issues will say resoundingly, yes.

What Is Beneficial Bacteria

The current thoughts are that people do not pay enough attention to the bacteria in our digestive systems. Beneficial bacteria or ‘flora’ plays an immediate role is pivotal aspects of health. From vitamin absorption to hormone regulation it is imperative this is give the consideration it needs. Interestingly, everyone’s gut microbiome is different, not unlike that of a fingerprint. The things we consume affect the microbiome greatly. One way we are told to increase the health of our gut is to introduce good bacteria. Probiotics, commonly known as directly related to gut health can assist with internal health. Increasing consumed foods or supplement that contain a probiotic element can balance out the good bacteria, and rid us of some of the bad.

Medicinal Mushrooms and Gut Health

Mushrooms have some links to being a helpful probiotic. Contained within are what is called Host Defense Potentiators (HDP) Without getting too technical, foods with these compounds, have immune system benefits as well as overall wellbeing stimulus. The stimulation of such defenders may assist with chronic and serious health issues most of us face. Chaga and other ancient healers are included in the type of mushrooms that can provide inner health. Introducing a medicinal herb such as the mighty birch tree’s chaga mushroom, can be one way to benefit from HDP.

What Causes Gut Issues?

Restoring gut health can lead to overall better health. Poor diet and continued consumption of foods high in fat, and low in nutrient will have an effect on your stomach. Prescribed medications such as antibiotics can cause disruption of the order our body is desperately trying to balance. The main concern for these medicines is that yes, they kill bad bacteria, but they do not discriminate. They all kill the good bacteria. Stress is also a problem for gut health. Tension and anxiety plays a detrimental part in keeping our equilibrium. The goal is to consume more probiotic foods, get plenty of regular sleep and be more aware of our own health.


Typically, discussion around gut health has a common goal. Restoring our bodies health to enable natural defence and resistance to disease causing organisms is the common denominator. Foods we consume have an effect on the above. Consequently, this gives new meaning to the saying ‘ you are what you eat’.