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    Chaga Mushroom Tea

    When you think about mushrooms, you imagine a soft fruit body with lots of water, and a specific smell but Chaga medicinal mushroom is completely different from the picture you have in mind. It has a very dense body that resembles blackened or burned bark, woodsy smell, and growth on the tree. You might find it when you walk in birch forests in Siberia, U.S, Canada, or  Northern Europe.

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    The last thing you would think of this mushroom that it could be brewed as a tea. But it is true. Once you ground it in small chunks and add hot water you will get a tea with a woodsy taste and nice aroma, Many mushrooms have been used for health benefits throughout history in different cultures. It’s a time to honor Chaga mushroom, which could promote your health and wellness in many different ways.

    You don’t need to harvest Chaga mushroom on your own in the birch woods, just look at our Chaga tea for sale catalog page to find a wide selection of instant, loose, or herbal blend teas.  Sayan all-natural caffeine-free Chaga mushroom tea bags will be a good option to eliminate after lanch slumps and to improve your health.* 


    The History Of Chaga Tea

    For many years, Chaga has been used for various purposes in different parts of the world. But the first reference could be found in books of  Khanty people, which lived in Western Siberia.

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    When you think about Siberia you imagine cold winters,  harsh winds, and freezing temperatures. Any organism that survives in those conditions is usually hearty and resilient.

    Obviously the traditional tea couldn’t be farmed in such conditions thus local people looked for other natural alternatives. Siberian Chaga mushroom was one of them. For the last several hundred years, Chaga has been used for brewing tea in this area.  People have noticed that tea made from these fungi provided many health-supportive chaga tea benefits.

    The taste, quality, and concentration of components in any herbs and mushrooms depend on many variables which include the soil and climate.  The harsh weather conditions in Siberia create one of the toughest regions in the world for mushrooms, plants, and trees to grow. Thus Chaga mushroom powder harvested in this area has the most concentration of valuable components and offers the best health benefits compared to all other Chaga mushrooms around the world.


    What are the benefits of drinking Chaga tea?

    Sleeping brew tea Chaga has seen resurgence in recent years as people have discovered the benefits Chaga tea could provide. The grown interest of this mushroom was not only from consumers but from scientists as well. The researchers have found that Siberian Chaga liquid extract contains a variety of polysaccharides, polyphenols, beta-glucans, vitamins, high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients and minerals.

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    All of these components provide different health benefits. Increased energy, improved digestion, and enhanced immune system are just a few of them.  Often we can hear from the medicinal mushroom consumers that after drinking Chaga tea they feel better and ready to take on all new challenges our life brings daily.

    The benefits don’t stop here, independent lab reports from Brunswick lab show that   Chaga has high ORAC value which helps our body to fight the effects of free radicals. The melanin, another important component in Chaga protects our skin from harmful UV rays and supports body metabolism.

    The all-natural pure and potent mushroom tea could be beneficial for promoting overall wellness, leading to better sleep at night.*


    Why Chaga tea good for you?

    It seems like time has changed and today we’re always busy and on the go. It’s nice to have something that can help to relieve some of that day-to-day stress and anxiety. Certain Chaga tea options, along with other healthy chaga medicinal properties, lifestyle choices, may provide some relief.

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    Many herbs could provide different benefits. We all know the expression: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” , there is no scientific proof to it, but the idea is to eat and live healthy. When you drink Chaga tea blended with other herbs you are getting natural support for your body. Simply adding a slice of lemon to your tea could be a great source of Vitamin C, eliminating sugar will allow you to get fewer calories and switching to Chaga tea from coffee will provide you caffeine-free energy jolt in the morning.


    Can you drink Chaga at night?

    If you have trouble sleeping perhaps a warm cup of Chaga tea could help.  If you, like many others, have a hard time falling into sleep and can’t find out the explanation, perhaps the daily environmental stress is the reason. Chaga is adaptogens that assist the body to resist stress. and adapt to new environments. That stress can be a cause of poor sleep and restlessness, so adaptogens are particularly valuable to those that have trouble sleeping.*

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    Since Chaga tea helps to reduce stress and anxiety during the day, it may lead to achieve a better night rest. By reducing these negative factors, it should be easier for you to fall asleep sooner and achieve deeper sleep faster.

    But remember that  Chaga mushroom tea also provides extra energy, this is why we do not recommend to use  Chaga tea bags after 6 pm. You can brew your Chaga tea in the morning, pour it in the thermos and sip it all day long when the sun is in the sky, but once the sun starts to go down, please, put that thermos with tea aside.

    If you a big-time tea drinker and want to get a good night’s rest, also consider adding herbal bedtime tea to your nighttime routine. Drinking herbal caffeine-free tea several hours before bed may improve your sleep as well.


    Can you drink Chaga tea cold?

    There are two ways how to drink Chaga tea: hot tea and iced tea. Brewing hot tea is simple – just put Chaga tea bag into a cup with 6-7 oz of hot water, brew it for 3-5 min and enjoy Siberian Chaga tea, You can also brew a loose tea if this is your preferred product, but if you don’t want to wait, then the Chaga tea tablets would be a great option to make an instant Chaga tea.

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    But what if you want to drink Chaga ice tea? Well then the steps are the same as above, but after the tea is made all you need is to add ice cubes and a straw. Here are a few recipes for you:

    • Add Sayan Chaga tea bag to 6-8 oz of hot water, put one slice of lemon, let it cool, then add a few ice cubes, stir and enjoy!
    • Dissolve Chaga Instant Tea tablet in one cup of hot water, add maple syrup, squeeze a lemon juice, let it cool, add a few ice cubes, stir and enjoy!
    • Use your favorite teapot, put two or three teaspoons of loose Chaga in a tea infuser, add hot water, half of a lemon, some honey, chopped fresh peaches,  some fresh basil. Brew for 30 min and let it cool at room temperature., then refrigerate until cold for a couple of hours. Finally poor a tea into cups and serve with straws, and don’t forget about ice cubes, if it’s hot outside!

    How much Chaga tea should you drink per day?

    Sayan Chaga tea is an exclusive blend of Chaga raw and extract, it is different from all other Chaga tea offered by different companies. We recommend drinking anywhere between 3 to 5 teacups per day. You can add sweetener of your choice like honey or agave syrup. You can add a slice of lemon for extra Vitamin C boost.

    Where can I find Chaga tea?

    Chaga tea is quickly growing in popularity. Today, there are many places and supplement where Chaga tea could be purchased. But if you want to find the most beneficial product which will support your health look no farther than our catalog. Raw Chaga powder and extract in our teas make them the most powerful and potent tea on the market.

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    We offer many different types of teas to suit all your needs. Whether you chose Chaga tea bags, Chaga loose tea or Chaga instant tea tablets you will get the same high-quality products without any fillers, artificial ingredients or GMO products.

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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