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    Chaga tea

    Sayan Mushroom Tea adaptogenic properties helps your body adapt to environmental stress.

    Chaga Instant Tea*

    30 customer reviews
    • Exclusive blend of Chaga raw and freeze – dried extract powder
    • Three flavors to choose for morning, afternoon and evening
    • Chaga with Cordyceps, Chaga with Reishi, Chaga with Peach leave and Fir needle extract
    • Organic, all natural and sustainably harvested
    • Doesn’t require brewing, dissolves in seconds
    • High ORAC value, Polysaccharides, Polyphenols, Triterpenes, Beta glucans
    • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan No added fillers, or grain of any kind
    • Support your immune system, improve digestion and boost energy*

    $19.99$100.99 available on subscription from $16.99$85.84 every 2 weeks


    The King Among Antioxidant Teas
    With its soaring ORAC value (which measures antioxidants), Chaga supports your body against harmful free radicals.
    Start your morning with hot Mushroom Tea
    After sleeping all night, clear morning brain fog and get jitters free energy boost with Sayan Chaga Tea
    No Caffeine, No Crush, No Calories
    Caffeine free our Mushroom tea is an excellent choice for people who are sensitive to caffeine, or those who are trying to cut back on coffee.
    Crank your metabolism up
    The perfect daily kickstart to get your metabolism back on track. Chaga, Resihi, Cordyceps mushrooms offer real wellness benefits.
    High Quality is Our MISSION
    Our top quality, wild harvested Siberian Chaga mushrooms are a natural restorative that will help you look, feel, and be BETTER.
    Your Wellness is EVERYTHING
    Alongside proper diet and regular exercise, Sayan products can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and live your life to its fullest!
    Overflowing with Healthy Nutrition
    Sayan Mushroom Tea packed with antioxidants, brimming with beta-glucans rich polysaccharides, and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.
    100% All-Natural Organic Wild Chaga
    Sustainably harvested in Siberian’s pristine forests, our extract contains absolutely nothing but pure Chaga.
    Serving Satisfied Customers Across The Globe
    For over a decade, thousands of customers in over 60 countries have turned to Sayan products to fortify their wellness.
    All Day Chaga Tea
    Sayan is the first and only company to master production technology and the rapid infusion of a unique and effective mushroom-based hot tea. The specially designed shape of a dry “compact-extract” of Chaga includes the highest concentration of active ingredients and allows for optimal dosing of each cup. All Day Chaga is a Longevity Program that supports our wellness and vitality. The aim of this longevity program is to protect, preserve, and multiply the resources of the body, vitality, and wellness on a daily basis.
    All Day Chaga

    All Day Chaga consists of three effective beverages intended for daily use. Siberian Chaga contains unique substances that are not present in any other mushrooms or plants and has powerful antioxidant activity. Wild Chaga mushroom contains large amounts of polysaccharides, beta-glucans, polyphenols, and flavonoids that help neutralize free radicals.

    Growing on birch trees, the Chaga mushroom is saturated with the useful ingredients that are present in the life-giving juice of the birch tree. Birch juice is known to have a unique chemical composition. It is rich in minerals and trace elements, including potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, manganese, iron, silicon, titanium, copper, strontium, barium, nickel, zirconium, and phosphorus. The concentration of glucose and fructose is only 2-4%, which contributes to its low-calorie content.

    Birch juice also consists of organic acids, vitamin C and B vitamins, protein, tannins, and aromatic substances.

    The structure of each of the drinks in the All Day Chaga tea program is a complex of natural immunity boosters, adaptogens, and antioxidants that will support your wellness every day. All Day Chaga tea is made of rare mushrooms that have remained effective supplements for centuries.

    The comprehensive program includes three packages of concentrate for preparing a hot tea made from extracts of rare medicinal mushrooms, which have been used as an effective means of revitalizing for centuries:

    Chaga with cordyceps and thyme extracts as a morning immunity booster,

    Chaga with reishi and ginger – afternoon adaptation program,

    Chaga with peach leaf and Siberian fir extracts – evening antioxidant protection.

    Chaga with Cordyceps and Thyme Extracts – Your Morning Immunity Booster

    Wild Chaga with cordyceps and thyme extracts is a formula that offers a trio of wellness benefits with prolonged effect. Traditional Chinese doctors have been using cordyceps for more than 1,000 years. Chinese Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis) grows in the mountains of Tibet at an altitude of no less than 3,500 meters. This mushroom starts to grow in the ground and for 24 months, accumulating nutrients and juices, which explains its unique qualities. In China, cordyceps is called the “divine gift” and “magic talisman.” This extremely rare mushroom was used for medicinal purposes for a long time during the imperial dynasty.

    Cordyceps is rich in substances that support overall metabolism. Mycelium of cordyceps contains coenzyme Q10, essential amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins, and polysaccharides, which have antioxidant and immune-supporting effects. *

    Chaga with Cordyceps and Thyme Extracts – Your Morning Immunity Booster
    Chaga with Cordyceps and Thyme Extracts – Your Morning Immunity Booster

    The thyme herb contains large amounts of essential oils, which have a broad spectrum of biological activity. Thyme can support improved energy levels and performance and is sometimes used as a sedative during stressful environmental conditions. The structure of this plant consists of many useful substances, such as natural gum, organic acids, flavonoids, carotene, and vitamins B and C.

    Ingredients: Whole Ground Chaga mushroom, Whole Chaga high mushroom extract powder, Cordyceps mushroom extract powder, Thymus ( leaf, stem, and flower)

    Directions: In the morning, brew a tea tablet with Siberian Chaga, cordyceps, and thyme to recharge yourself with energy. This morning beverage, as a faithful security guard, will support defense against harmful electromagnetic smog and external stress and pass the torch to its partner in wellness, the daily drink. Pour 6 oz of hot water over one tablet, steep for 3-5 min.

    Chaga with Reishi and Ginger – Your Afternoon Adaptation Program

    Chaga extract with reishi and ginger is the tea of youth and longevity and has adaptogenic properties. This Chaga tea supports wellness during periods of intense physical and mental work, promotes healthy skin tone, and supports endurance.

    Reishi is a precious jewel in the treasury of Chinese homeopathy. In ancient Chinese legends, it is mentioned as a magical mushroom that promotes longevity, stimulates energy levels, and supports vitality.

    Reishi is an adaptogen that supports the efficiency of the body, enhances the body’s resistance to the adverse effects of various environmental factors (cold, heat, climate change, and atmospheric pressure, unfavorable environmental conditions, low oxygen in the air). It promotes cleansing of the body from various harmful substances and supports immune systems defense. Reishi promotes increased energy and efficiency.*

    The fruit body of the reishi mushroom contains essential and nonessential amino acids, organic acids, fatty acids, coumarins, saponins, volatile, vitamins (mainly B3, B5, C, E), flavonoids, alkaloids, and various micro and macroelements (germanium, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper, sulfur, selenium, silver, etc.).

    Ginger has a lot of useful properties due to the content of many vitamins and minerals. Here is a partial list of compounds and elements that make up ginger root: magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, silicon, potassium, manganese, calcium, germanium, chromium, iron, aluminum, nicotinic acid, caprylic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, vitamin C, asparagine choline, and fats. It contains many amino acids that must be present in the body, such as Leysin, methionine, threonine, phenylalanine, valine, and tryptophan.

    Chaga with Reishi and Ginger – Your Afternoon Adaptation Program
    Useful properties

    Useful properties of ginger are quite extensive. The most important feature is its positive impact on supporting a healthy digestive system. Beyond giving dishes a special flavor, ginger supports ease of digestion, stimulates production of gastric juice, and regulates gastric secretions. Regular consumption of ginger supports healthy appetite levels.

    Ginger contains gingerol. The main property of this fennel-like substance is giving ginger a bitter mint taste, so familiar to those who like to use ginger in the kitchen.

    Gingerol is also known to be a very healthy substance.

    Ingredients: Whole Ground Chaga mushroom, Whole Chaga mushroom extract powder, Ginger Root, Reishi mushroom.

    Directions: During the afternoon, brew a tea tablet with Chaga, reishi mushroom, and ginger. It will support energy levels during the most intense period of the day. Pour 6 oz of hot water over one tablet, steep for 3-5 min.

    Chaga with Peach Leaf and Siberian Fir Extracts – Your Evening Antioxidant Protection

    Siberian Chaga and peach leaf combined with fir provides strong antioxidant protection. Chaga with peach leaf and fir extracts promotes healthy digestion, and supports body detoxification. Natural antioxidants support the cells’ ability to withstand free radical damage and promote vitality. Daily use supports rejuvenation of the body during the night. *

    In China, peach (Goshen) is revered as a symbol of longevity and is appreciated along with ginseng. The medicinal properties of peach have been known since ancient times. According to legend, the peach tree was stolen by Buddha from heaven for longevity.

    Chaga with Peach Leaf and Siberian Fir Extracts – Your Evening Antioxidant Protection
    Peach leaves

    Peach leaves with their natural plant flavonoids are known for their antioxidant capacity, which supports the body’s defense against free radical formation and related processes of aging. Avicenna, a famous physician of antiquity, used peach leaves and flowers in his practice. In modern China, peach is called the “tree of longevity.” Siberian fir (Abies Sibirica) is a commonly known conifer of the pine family.

    Siberian fir has been used for its wellness properties since ancient times in folk homeopathy to promote strength, performance, and energy. Fir extract supports the body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors, offering immunity-supporting effects. *

    Ingredients: Whole Ground Chaga mushroom, Whole Chaga mushroom extract powder, Peach leave extract powder, Fir needle extract powder.

    Directions: In the evening, brew a lozenge with Chaga, peach leaf, and fir. At the end of the day, the body needs to rest and recuperate. The evening drink will promote an easy transition to a calm state of mind for rest time. Pour 6 oz of hot water over one tablet, steep for 3-5 min.

    All Day Chaga tea tablets contraindications: Chronic colitis, chronic dysentery; use with caution for diseases associated with fluid retention.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    *IMPORTANT – Please accept our apologies but due to pandemics, our supply chain was disrupted and we cannot offer this product in the brown gift set box. As a temporary solution, we are offering silver gift boxes for All Day Chaga Instant tea at this time. Please accept our apologies.*

    All Day Chaga tea tablets contraindications

    30 reviews for Chaga Instant Tea*


    1. Marlene Dimick

      The shipping was really fast. This tea has a nice flavor. Everything about the product, packaging and delivery is wonderful. I will definitely be buying this stuff again.

    2. Nancy Neidig

      The order arrived soon and the deal was magnificent. As for the product, it is great. It detoxes and gives me more energy. My wife also loves this tea. I would recommend it for everyone’s health and wellness. Just buy it and try it. You’ll love this tea for sure!

    3. Steven Place

      I didn’t expect that this would taste so good. I really like the aroma and the smooth taste. You just need 5 minutes to brew this. Some debris still remains at the bottom of the cup but I add more hot water in it. Fascinating, I have enjoyed trying all these flavors.

    4. Ed J. Velez

      This tea takes only a few minutes to brew. Also, it tastes better than I thought. This tea is rich in antioxidants. I can’t wait to see the benefits now.

    5. Mary Roberts

      Very beneficial! Good taste. I have been using this tea for more than 5 months and this mushroom tea has helped me in my digestion and sleep. Fully satisfied with the product. Thanks, Sayan.

    6. Joshua Freeman

      Good taste, super easy to make! I like the taste of this tea and I’ve been drinking exclusively this tea for the last 4 months. This tea helps me with my digestion issues and also improves my sleep. I add an organic maple syrup when I drink it at night. Ordering more!

    7. Carol Broadway

      Brilliant flavors, I am enjoying them all day. Also, they don’t have any fillers. Great tea which you can drink either in the morning, afternoon or evening. Recommended.

    8. Gordon Schroeder

      Very convenient to use!! I really like the concept of the cube to brew my tea. This tea has a very pleasant flavor and is a bit stronger. Love these tea cubes from Sayan <3

    9. Joshua Patterson

      A rich way of drinking chaga. Easy to prepare tea with a very pleasing taste. Thank You

    10. Mildred Howe

      Overall a great tea supplement
      I ordered all day chaga tablets to do away with my B12 deficiency. Honestly, naturally the taste is not that good, so I always add a teaspoon of honey and take it every morning. I started experiencing the benefits from day 6 or day 7 probably. I’ve felt much better immunity wise. The only drawback for me is the leftover tea at the bottom of my cup. Apart from that everything is great.

    11. Shelley Cowan

      Good tea supplement
      I was searching for some good tea to get my sleep pattern right. A friend recommended Sayan Chaga tea tablets. As I am not a tea person, I was a bit doubtful in the first place. But, surprisingly it tastes good. I’ve been using these tea tablets for about 2 months now. It has really helped me with my sleep as well as digestion. The big plus is that tablets don’t have any fillers. My only concern has been some undissolved mushrooms at the bottom of the cup, but that doesn’t matter as long as the product is making you feel healthy and alive.

    12. Dennis Kost

      Feeling better! Power Drink!
      I just received this in the mail yesterday and drank two cups. Shortly after I felt calmer, more energetic. Will continue and see how I feel! I will be writing again after using this tea for a few weeks. For now, it is more like a Power Drink to me! Thank you Sayan!

    13. Rita Camp

      Another great product from Sayan!
      I use these chaga tablets to brew a warm cup of tea every morning. It has a pleasant flavor and the best thing about this product is it has no fillers. I have been taking these for over 3 months now. My digestive system is gradually improving. I’ll be ordering more for sure.

    14. James Duong

      Pleasant Tea
      I have vitamin B12 deficiency and a great deal of nourishment bigotries. I purchased this tea for the B complex and to help my digestion. To my surprise chaga tea doesn’t have an aftertaste, so I usually add cinnamon and a titch of honey for improved taste. It tastes extraordinary with that combo and I’ve really felt much better since I started drinking a cup in the first part of the day. The main disadvantage is the tea sediment on the bottom of the cup, but I simply add a new tea tab and brew another cup. Will buy again and will try other products from this brand.

    15. Kathy Logan

      My immune system is better now
      These chaga tablets are free from any fillers. You can easily brew a warm cup. The only thing that bothers me is some undissolved mushrooms at the bottom of my cup. Despite that, I will continue to use this tea as it’s improving my immune system a great deal.

    16. Brenda J. Walker

      Fascinating tea flavors! We have enjoyed trying these mellow flavors. It makes a nice day’s accomplishment. Thank You.

    17. Robert Boudreaux

      The taste is not that strong, kinda earthy but tolerable. This is the first time I’ve tried tea in tablet form. The way it was packed is very handy. I can easily put it in my bag and I’m good to go.

    18. Constance Rodriguez

      Very natural/ herbal taste, which I enjoy personally. Thank you Sayan.

    19. James McCown

      I really enjoy all three flavors so I can pick a different one everyday.

    20. James Smith

      I have tried other flavors but these happen to be my favorite and I will continue to take these. Thank You.

    21. Mark Malone

      It works really fast and is really good. Definitely recommend it.

    22. Diane Bolden

      I’m a vegan so this non-GMO tea is really for me. I haven’t heard of Chaga before but I’m amazed with the benefits of this tea. This could definitely replace my usual green tea. I got this as a present and I’m definitely buying one after I consumed everything.

    23. Jason Thomas

      Enough energy in these, they can get me through the day with a positive attitude.

    24. Miguel Dudley

      Fast tea to make and very effective.

    25. Brian Jackson

      These tea tablets have chaga extract and are worth the pricing. They last a while and I packaged very conveniently. Highly recommended.

    26. Melanie Bragg

      My grandma used to brew chaga mushroom tea for us and it would take her a couple of hours to finish. This chaga tea takes about a few seconds only to steep. Perfect if you’re always on the go

    27. Dennis Rice

      Extremely effective and super good.

    28. Stewart Marshall

      3 different flavors, all really refreshing and a good product.

    29. Jared Baldwin

      Extremely cheap, very beneficial to my wellness and really delicious

    30. Valarie Milne

      Works the way it tastes, GREAT.

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