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    Shilajit’s natural adaptogenic powers help your body better adapt to environmental stress.

    Shilajit Resin*

    29 customer reviews
    • Genuine Altai Mountains Shilajit harvested above 10,000 feet
    • Golden grade, organic, all-natural + sustainably harvested
    • Rich source of energizing, immunity-boosting Fulvic and Humic Acid
    • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan + Paleo
    • No chemical additives, fillers, or any unnecessary ingredients
    • Screened at ISO certified lab to ensure purity, potency, and superior quality
    • Raise your energy level, improve digestion, fortify your overall wellness!

    $28.99$43.99 available on subscription from $24.64$37.39 every 2 weeks


    Conqueror of Mountains!
    Shilajit is a natural antioxidant that battles free radicals (harmful, invasive cells) and reduces the damage caused by oxidation.
    Look and Feel Young Every Day!
    Shilajit enhances your metabolism, serving as a natural detoxifier purging harmful environmental toxins.
    Improve Digestion
    Shilajit resin is a potent source of Fulvic acid, a natural compound that aids digestion and improves nutrient absorption.
    Increase Focus and Memory
    Pure Shilajit resin is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals proven to help amplify your focus and strength your memory.
    Your Wellness is EVERYTHING
    Along with proper diet and regular exercise, Sayan shilajit can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and live your life to its fullest!
    High Quality is Our MISSION
    Our top-quality, pure, and potent Shilajit will help you look, feel, and be BETTER.
    Overflowing with Healthy Nutrition
    Shilajit is packed with antioxidants, Fulvic acid, and scores of essential vitamins and minerals.
    Supports Endurance and Physical Performance
    Supports Endurance and Physical Performance
    Shilajit, destroyer of weakness, boosts energy, counters metabolic-driven fatigue, and empowers peak physical performance.
    Serving Satisfied Customers Around the Globe
    For over a decade thousands of customers in 60+ countries have turned to Sayan products to fortify their wellness.
    What in the World Is Shilajit?
    Altai Shilajit is a special, carefully formed substance found in the rocky mountains of the Altai range and many other regions in Europe and Asia. Over hundreds of years, the thick, black material forms as plant matter decomposes in these high altitudes. Venerated in ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit has been used for centuries and is an effective, safe supplement. You’ll find this pungent, miraculous goo has a positive effect on your overall wellness and energy level, along with offering longevity benefits.

    Shilajit Benefits Your Whole Self

    Improve yourself every day with the incredible benefits Shilajit provides. Advantages you may experience include:

    Boosted immune system
    Shilajit stimulates the immune system, which supports body functions and reduces environmental stress. *
    Natural antioxidant source
    Packed with antioxidants, Shilajit helps your body combat free radicals and reduce oxidation of cells. *
    Natural detoxification
    Purge your body of harmful toxins and renew your system for longevity with clean composition and zero fillers or additional ingredients. *
    Improved digestion
    Shilajit improves digestion and nutritional absorption. *
    Increased adaptation to eviromental stress
    Because of adaptogenic properties, Shilajit helps the body adapt to internal and external stressors. *
    Enhanced energy and stamina
    Unique, rejuvenating properties of Shilajit naturally increase your stamina, lucidity, and energy throughout the day.*
    Why Altai Shilajit?

    Why Altai Shilajit?

    At Sayan, we provide our customers with organic Shilajit resin sourced from the Altai Mountains in Siberia. We choose this area because it is one of the most virgin, unpolluted places on the planet.

    We harvest Shilajit in an ethical way to preserve it at altitudes above 12,000 feet. After harvesting, our Altai Shilajit is purified by stringent water extraction. Then, we test our product at an independent, ISO-certified laboratory in the United States for heavy metals concentration and microbiological contamination to maximize product safety. Our Shilajit is also fully complied with CA 65 Prop.

    Sayan genuine Altai Shilajit brings you wellness from the most pristine mountain range at its rawest, most natural form. Take daily to maximize your use of this amazing, 100% natural substance for your overall wellness and quality of life. Our vegan-friendly product is 100% natural, with no GMOs, chemicals, or fillers.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    29 reviews for Shilajit Resin*


    1. James Paradis

      Shilajit Resin has truly been a revelation in my pursuit of better well being and vitality. I’ve been incorporating this unique natural substance into my daily routine for several months now. I have to talk about the incredible surge in my energy levels. As someone who often struggled with fatigue, Shilajit Resin has been a game-changer. It’s like a shot of pure, natural energy that sustains me throughout the day. I no longer reach for that second cup of coffee or feel the need to rely on energy drinks. Shilajit is my go-to source of sustained vitality.
      The ease of use is another major plus. A small amount of resin is all that’s needed daily, making it incredibly convenient. The packaging is well-designed and ensures that the product stays fresh for an extended period.

    2. Anthony Batchelor

      I recently tried Shilajit Resin, and I’m thrilled with the results! This product has exceeded my expectations in every way. It provides a much-needed energy boost, improves my focus, and supports my overall well-being. I’m truly amazed by the positive impact it has had on my daily life. Highly recommended!

    3. Ross Porter

      Shilajit Resin is a hidden treasure for my well-being! Its remarkable energy-boosting effects and adaptogenic properties have transformed my daily routine. With its authentic taste and sustainable sourcing, it’s a natural powerhouse that I can’t imagine my life without. Highly recommended!

    4. Justin Williams

      I recently tried shilajit resin and was impressed with its effects. I noticed an increase in my energy levels and mental clarity after taking it for a few days. Additionally, I felt less tired during my workouts, and my recovery time seemed to be shorter. The taste of the resin was a bit earthy, but I got used to it quickly. Overall, I would recommend shilajit resin to anyone looking for a natural supplement to boost their overall wellness.

    5. Mary Stewart

      I have been using shilajit resin for several months now, and it has become an integral part of my daily routine. This product is of the highest quality, with a rich and smooth texture that is easy to mix with water or other beverages. Since taking shilajit, I have noticed a significant improvement in my mental clarity and focus, as well as an increase in my energy levels. I also appreciate the natural and organic ingredients. I highly recommend this product.

    6. Rosa Morris

      AMAZING!! I mix this into my tea, and it works perfectly. I have a lot of energy, feel focused, and great. I’m glad to have this supplement every day!

    7. James McCoy

      I have been using shilajit powder resin for a few months now and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I was initially drawn to shilajit due to its reputation as a natural and safe supplement with a long history of use in folk medicine. I have noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels and mental clarity since incorporating it into my daily routine. The resin dissolves easily into my drinks and has a mild flavor that I actually enjoy. I also appreciate the fact that shilajit is a natural ingredient and has not caused any negative side effects for me. I would highly recommend shilajit resin to anyone looking to improve their overall wellness.

    8. Rodney Vestal

      Everyone should give it a try! More and more people should begin to consume natural products that help you with your wellness without any side effects. This resin has remarkable benefits. Always consistent and always of the highest quality. Thanks, Sayan!

    9. Jaqueline C. Jones

      This product does what it claims. The energy you feel after taking this stuff is astounding. I feel more focused and alert after taking this in the morning on an empty stomach. Now my nails are harder and my body looks more toned. Just ordered my second and I will use it frequently! Thanks for this miracle product!

    10. Mable Clarke

      The flavor is kind of unusual, but the benefits are amazing. It has improved my mental clarity and focus. This wonderful product will make a person feel enlightened.

    11. James Miller

      I bought shilajit for the first time from this brand. I was looking for a pure and potent shilajit and I believe I have found the best one. The packaging is nice and the quality is really great. After using it for a few weeks I am feeling highly focused and more energetic. Highly recommended!!

    12. Carol Harder

      Received my order on time and the product appears of good quality and authentic. The resin was thick but there was no issue dissolving this in warm water. I have been taking this for 2 weeks so can’t really tell yet how effective, but do feel that my system is detoxing. I will buy it again and again!

    13. David Weems

      This shilajit is very easy to use and this packaging contains two boxes. I add a little amount of shilajit to my tea and that doesn’t change the flavor of my tea. This is the perfect shilajit for me and I will be a regular customer. Cheers.

    14. Walter Barron

      This shilajit is very good quality and makes a very nice drink when mixed with honey and chaga. It takes more time to dissolve when mixed in cold water. After having this for almost a week I can definitely say that I feel like it gives a great energy boost and I totally feel refreshed. Highly recommended.

    15. Noel Fouche

      Quality product at a worth price! It mixes well with water or milk and has a pure taste. Totally love it!

    16. Ryan Nowak

      I always feel tired and exhausted and have a hard time focusing, so I decided to try shilajit. I remember when the first time I had this shilajit, I got an enigmatic flood of warmth and energy in my body. I had tried other brands too but never felt like this. This natural product improves your immune system naturally as well, which is big bones for me! High-quality shilajit. Buy with confidence!

    17. Kevin Holsey

      I like this stuff a lot. Honestly, my energy has increased and I feel better every day. It is also very easy to use. I add this to my strong coffee and it easily dissolves in it. Love it I would recommend it to anyone!!!

    18. Michele Lyman

      I gave this product a try because I have heard of the amazing benefits of shilajit. I use a pea size dose of this product dissolved in water every morning. And yes, my wellness has improved. I have become more active. Awesome product.

    19. Scott Lee

      I have used this product for almost a week now and I can definitely say that I feel like I have more energy. I dissolve one tiny spoonful of this resin in a cup of organic chaga mushroom coffee every morning.

    20. Yesenia Hudson

      Very Pure shilajit resin at a great price!
      This shilajit is very clean and creates a nice mocha drink when mixed with chaga, cacao and honey. It dissolves all the way in cold or hot water but takes a bit more time to dissolve in cold water. I can say, taste is no different; It tastes like all other shilajit to me. Just like smokey volcano ash and asphalt. Try mixing it with Sayan Chaga extract powder for a great wellness boost. Highly recommended product!

    21. Ryan Hawley

      Pure and natural, it’s worth every penny!
      The reason why I’ll recommend this product to all is that it relieves you of the environmental stress. I never imagined that Shilajit would work for me. If lately, you’ve been experiencing stressful situations, trust me this will definitely help. However,keep in mind that the taste might let you down, but the wellness benefits are great. In addition to being a stress buster, it improves your immune system, energy levels, and stamina. It dissolves in both cold and hot water. Cold water takes more time to dissolve though.
      Go for it. It’s amazing!

    22. James M. Payne

      A very good product. My wife had needed to improve her digestion and in just 2 weeks she felt the difference

    23. Notadonna

      This tastes like a petroleum product. Very nasty.

      • admin

        This is exactly how natural shijit taste. You can try to mix it with milk or smoothie to mask the taste.

    24. Gabriel Poole

      So far I searched everything but all in vain until someone recommended Altai Shilajit by giving me the assurance that it will help reduce body weight. Before this I had a bad experience of trying other brands, but as soon as I started consuming Shilajit my overall condition improved and I am much more comfortable with my body now. Many thanks for the miracle product!

    25. Mark Daniels

      Instead of relying on other supplements for energy, I recommend everyone to go for something natural and as good as Altai Shilajit. There is no end to its potent beneficial ingredients that promise to improve energy including physical and intellectual performance. I take it regularly into my diet and I have already seen huge signs of improvement.

    26. Brian Lockhart

      I work very hard 10 hours per day, and after 5-6 hours I get tired and my concentration decreases, so I turned to homeopathy to help me remain focused on my job.I researched and found that genuine Altai Shilajit containing natural boosting agents that improve absorption of right vitamins and nutrient and helps with concentration. This is exactly what I needed. I have used shilajit for 4 weeks now, and I feel much happier, my energy level is up and my concentration has improved. Thanks for the new improved life!

    27. Wallace Lundberg

      The nature of my job and my personal life leave me exhausted at the end of day. But things started changing from the last five months when I started taking Shilajit resin that contains essential vitamins and minerals to ward off my stress and regulate my energy levels. A magic formula that really helped me feel calmer less exhausted and more focused

    28. Joseph Mills

      I started taking Altai Shilajit two weeks ago and since then I never complained of low energy. Apart from strengthening digestion, the resin worked for me towards enhancing my body’s ability to cope with environmental stress. For great results, I recommend it to use as per the directions written on the label. I hope others too can benefit from this too!

    29. Rich

      Seems to be getting good results. Too early to tell. But I did appreciate the timely shipment and customer support.

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