chaga fermentation

A Look at Chaga Fermentation

Fermentation is the process in which some foods preserve longer than their shelf life permits. The history of fermentation dates back quite some time. Natural fermentation pre-dates humans by several centuries and it more commonly known as the process for making alcohol. Food fermentation is a means of creation and storing food that spoils. Apart…

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What Are Adaptogens

We all want the best in health supplements we can find. From natural occurring living organisms to manufactured health giving assistance, we make effort like never before. Awareness is especially important, as we grow more conscious of the foods we eat and their inherent qualities. As we move toward newer and better health discovery, a…

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Chaga mushrooms last

Traditional Russian Uses For Chaga

History brings us a variety of life changing experiences. For our health, the progress of supplementary assistance is clearly recognizable. As a result, today’s medicine now has a partner in complimentary products. Chaga is one. So where does chaga trace its origins? Russian Folklore Russian folklore comes to us from the beliefs of ancient Slavs….

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