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How To Prepare Chaga First Thing In The Morning

Do you prepare your chaga first thing in the morning? Morning rituals are said to set us up for the day. They can be no more than a quick cup of your favorite tea, or a full-on family affair. Whatever the morning brings you, introducing chaga adds health…

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Does Chaga Need to Be Certified Organic?

You’ve likely seen it before. The proud sticker beaming Certified Organic. Does it make you look twice when found on labels and packaging? Certification for food takes a spotlight for a few reasons. The need for the best available in health products remains the main cause consumers choose…

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Does Chaga Tea Go Bad?

Does chaga tea go bad? It’s a concerning thought considering especially today when we are all conscious of the food and beverages consumed. Freshness and the ability to ensure we are getting the best quality are all high on the list of priorities, especially the days. Those new…

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How Long Do Chaga Mushrooms Last?

What Are Chaga Mushrooms and How Long Do They Last Chaga mushrooms live off the majestic birch tree. A unique fungus, this King of Herbs grows over a period of many years, resulting in nutrient rich health-giving components. Chaga has a rich history to be proud of. This…

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Some More Ways To Use Chaga Powder

Chaga powder in its most popular form is used primary for making of tea. Great for brewing larger amounts of tea, or for storing for another day, but powder is a convenient form many find more useable. All devotees of chaga tea know of the benefits, but there…

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