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Chaga and Skin Care: 3 Benefits and Top Tips

Chaga for Your Health: Protect Against Sun Damage Did you know that Chaga medicinal mushroom in a raw or extract form contains a high amount of melanin? Melanin is a natural compound found in the body and it’s what gives your skin and eyes their color. For example,…

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Chaga Mushrooms and The COVID-19 Pandemic: Can Supplements Help?

Seemingly out of nowhere, COVID-19 has turned our world upside. With no definitive resolution in sight, infection rates continue to climb, while the death toll steadily rises. And sadly, this growing crisis is quickly becoming the biggest public health catastrophe seen in generations. A vaccine is seen as…

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How To Prepare Chaga First Thing In The Morning

Do you prepare your chaga first thing in the morning? Morning rituals are said to set us up for the day. They can be no more than a quick cup of your favorite tea, or a full-on family affair. Whatever the morning brings you, introducing chaga adds health…

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Does Chaga Need to Be Certified Organic?

You’ve likely seen it before. The proud sticker beaming Certified Organic. Does it make you look twice when found on labels and packaging? Certification for food takes a spotlight for a few reasons. The need for the best available in health products remains the main cause consumers choose…

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Does Chaga Tea Go Bad?

Does chaga tea go bad? It’s a concerning thought considering especially today when we are all conscious of the food and beverages consumed. Freshness and the ability to ensure we are getting the best quality are all high on the list of priorities, especially the days. Those new…

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