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Traditional Russian Uses For Chaga

History brings us a variety of life changing experiences. For our health, the progress of supplementary assistance is clearly recognizable. As a result, today’s medicine now has a partner in complimentary products. Chaga is one. So where does chaga trace its origins? Russian Folklore Russian folklore comes to…

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What Is Chaga Tincture

Medicinal herbs come in many forms but there is one common goal. We all strive to gain the most of any natural and complementary treatment. Getting the best from the product take some research and even more skill. Skills and knowledge concerning the product, its environment, and the…

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Chaga How To Prepare

There are as many opinions on how to prepare chaga tea as there are differences in teas. Chaga lends itself well to all our preferences. From convenient modern tablets to age-old brewing methods. Preparing first by harvesting chaga, then processing. We can learn from the past how ancient civilization…

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Should You Boil Chaga Tea

If you are wondering if you should boil chaga tea, it may depend on the type. Overheating ruins some of the herbal and medicinal teas. Boiling water for tea use is not dangerous but rather unpleasant. People need not concern themselves with the safety factor, although it can…

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Recipe Spotlight – Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga is a very versatile medicinal mushroom. Not only does it offer an exceptional boost to our antioxidant levels, provide a daily supplement to boost energy, and help our bodies cope with recovery, it has a hidden benefit of being very adaptable to form a part of daily…

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