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    Chaga Mushrooms and The COVID-19 Pandemic: Can Supplements Help?*

    Seemingly out of nowhere, COVID-19 has turned our world upside. With no definitive resolution in sight, infection rates continue to climb, while the death toll steadily rises. And sadly, this growing crisis is quickly becoming the biggest public health catastrophe seen in generations. A vaccine is seen as…

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    How Long Do Chaga Mushrooms Last?*

    What Are Chaga Mushrooms and How Long Do They Last Chaga mushrooms live off the majestic birch tree. A unique fungus, this King of Herbs grows over a period of many years, resulting in nutrient rich health-giving components. Chaga has a rich history to be proud of. This…

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    What Can Chaga Powder Be Used For Besides Making Tea?*

    Interested in incorporating Chaga powder into your diet? If so, you’re a very smart cookie! And that’s for two important reasons. First, because Chaga mushrooms are a gateway to good health. And secondly, because Chaga powder makes it easy to add Chaga to your daily routine. Now, if…

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    How Chaga is Used in Traditional Russian Culture

    In modern-day homeopathic and natural supplement circles, Chaga mushrooms are a celebrated all-natural wellness enhancement. The benefits attributed to Chaga are many, including improved immune response, lowered environmental stress response, and increased energy levels, to name a few. And the Chaga consumers spread around the globe swear these…

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    Should You Boil Chaga Tea*

    If you are wondering if you should boil chaga tea, it may depend on the type. Overheating ruins some of the herbal and medicinal teas. Boiling water for tea use is not dangerous but rather unpleasant. People need not concern themselves with the safety factor, although it can…

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