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    Health, Beauty and Chaga Cream

    A lot of what you’ll read about Chaga has to do with its health benefits. But usually, the discussion is about the inner-health benefits. For centuries, cultures all over the world used Chaga for health and wellness benefits. Traditionally Chaga mushroom was used as a tea, but for the past several years, people started to look for different and innovative ways to use this fungus, this is how Chaga cream was created.

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    Our exclusive Chaga face cream is formulated by using only all-natural ingredients and can be used by people of all ages and especially by athletes during heavy workouts or competition.


    Chaga Cream Benefits

    As you may know, skin is actually the largest organ in your body and plays a vital role in overall health. Skin is often an indicator of how well your body is functioning. And that’s where a topical agent like Chaga cream can offer you extra boost for your wellness.

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    When applied topically Chaga cream could offer the full breadth of benefits for your body. Chaga is high in calcium, copper, potassium and other minerals that can penetrate into your body when applied to the skin. This fungus also contains melanin and other nutrients that promote healthy skin appearance, flexibility and turgor.

    Sayan Chaga cream is a quick-acting product that supports healthy muscles and joints function. It also can be used for burns, some skin imperfections and even mosquito bites to reduce itch.

    We apply topical creams today thinking they improve on the surface. That is true, but Chaga cream, along with other healthy lifestyle habits, will improve the inside of your body as well.


    Adding Other Natural Enhancements To Chaga Cream

    Combined with many traditional herbs and natural ingredients Chaga mushroom offers great synergistic effect and provides improvement for your health.

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    When ingredients like coconut oil, comfrey oil, sea-buckthorn oil, beeswax, alfalfa extract, shea butter combined with wild Chaga mushroom into a body skin cream, these minerals and natural compounds offer amazing health benefits of mushrooms in one convenient package.

    You may have tried different creams with these oils, herbs, and minerals in various forms to improve health before. But it is the perfect combination of natural ingredients and freeze-dry Chaga extract which offers outstanding natural skin cream and great results. *


    How To Use Chaga Cream Today

    You apply Chaga cream as you would most other creams. Massage it into your skin until the extract body cream dissolves. Do this 2-3 times per day as needed. It’s also common to wrap your skin with woolen fabric.

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    Active individuals and athletes could apply healthy chaga skin care cream on the skin around active joints and muscles before exercise.


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