Chaga Cream

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Chaga Cream

A lot of what you’ll read about chaga has to do with its health benefits. But usually the discussion is about the inner-health benefits.
For centuries, cultures all over the world have used chaga for health and wellness benefits.* A common way to use chaga has been to consume it in tea form. The chaga mushroom is found on birch trees in northern climates especially in Siberia and Canada. It’s found in those locations today and has been found in those and even some other locations for centuries and perhaps even longer.
Those cultures and people that consume chaga today claim that it has a variety of health benefits including improved energy levels, better digestion, healthier looking skin and an overall improvement in general health and vitality.*

Using Chaga As A Cream

Along with consumption, people have been using chaga in cream form for generations dating back hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years. Many traditional herbs and supplements like chaga have been used in a variety of ways. Their benefits were discovered and then applied in different ways so people could experience the full breadth of benefits for their lives.
As you may know, your skin is actually the largest organ in your body. Your skin plays a vital role in your overall health. Skin is often an indicator of how well your body is functioning. You might look at yourself in the mirror and think that you look sick or that you seem to have no energy.
If you look that way you probably feel that way too. And that’s where a topical agent like chaga cream can provide benefits. It can improve your health both inside and out.
Chaga has melanin, nutrients and natural compounds that improve skin health. Chaga is high in calcium, copper, potassium and other minerals that can go throughout your body when applied to your skin.
We apply topical creams today thinking they improve on the surface. That is true, but really creams like chaga cream, along with other healthy lifestyle habits, improve the inside of your body and your skin and exterior improve as a result.

Adding Other Natural Enhancements To Chaga Cream

Chaga cream today is used with other natural ingredients known to improve overall health and skin health. Water is one of the basic needs for all humans so it is combined with chaga along with other oils like cedar oil, Sea-buckthorn oil, Elecampane oil and other extracts and minerals like Ginkgo Biloba and Saint John’s Wort.
You may have used these and other minerals in various forms to improve healh. When combined with chaga into a cream, these minerals and natural compounds offer something that has rarely been offered. And even back hundreds of years ago people were mixing various ingredients to form super immune system formulas, but they probably never had access to this combination of ingredients.*

How To Use Chaga Cream Today

You apply chaga cream as you would most other creams. Massage it into your skin until the cream dissolves. Do this 2-3 times per day as needed. It’s also common to wrap your skin with woolen fabric.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.