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Chaga, a mushroom that grows on birch trees in only a few climates, has been used for a variety of health benefits for centuries. Those that have used chaga in the past and those using it today report an improvement in general well being along with improved energy, better skin, improved digestion along with other benefits.*

Chaga has been used in a variety of ways with perhaps the most common method being to grind the dried mushroom into a fine powder and using the chaga in a tea. But there are other ways to use chaga that people have used for centuries and that many continue to use today.

You can see here that chaga is available as tea, powder, chunks, supplement, oil, cream and even soap. And people continue to experiment with different ways to use chaga while also experimenting with what chaga can provide in terms of health benefits.

Premium Chaga Products

Sayan Chaga has the mission to provide only premium chaga products. We understand the importance of knowing and trusting what you put into your body. We take the same pride and source all of our chaga products with the scrutiny we expect from ourselves and that our customers expect from us. And we look to go beyond all expectations always looking for the highest quality products.

Each of the items you see listed in our chaga shop are items we have selected carefully and only make the cut after going through appropriate examination. We know that the success of our business is only reflected in the success our customers have and we believe in the products we sell here on the website.

Look For New Products

The items you see above are items we stand by and we’re also always looking for new chaga products with great benefits. We like to add new products to the chaga store every six months whenever possible and you may see new chaga products more frequently.

Please come back and keep an eye out for new items. If you, like many others, are seeing the benefits of chaga then you’ll love trying the new chaga products. You can use chaga in a number of different ways. Chaga has been used for centuries as a tea and in powder form, but as we learn more we continue to discover different ways people have used chaga in the past and new ways people have discovered to use it today.

20 Years Of Experience With Chaga

At Sayan we bring 20 years of experience to you and other chaga customers. We use that experience to bring the best chaga products possible to market and we continue to push ourselves to learn more about chaga and how it can benefit those that use it.

Share Your Suggestions

We are also always looking for your suggestions. Part of our goal is to stay connected with the chaga community and that includes you. If you have any suggestions for products we should include in the chaga shop on Sayan website please let us know.

Contact us with any suggestions, questions or concerns. We would love to hear what you have to say and would love to explore any suggestions you have.

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