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    Propolis adaptogenic properties can help your body overcome the rigors of environmental stress.

    Natural Propolis Spray With Cedar Resin

    • Exclusive Propolis and Cedar Resin Blend
    • Powerful formula supports your immune system and balanced oral microflora*
    • Natural shield protecting the throat, tonsils, and gums*
    • All-natural compound comprised of bee by-products and plant components*
    • Cedar resin helps clean teeth and promotes healthy gums*
    • Rich in antioxidants, phenolics + flavonoids.
    • All-Natural, Organic, sustainably harvested Propolis
    • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, chemical + pesticide free, with no alcohol
    • Quality-tested and certified by ISO accredited lab

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    Propolis Promotes Immunity
    Propolis soothes your throat and boosts your immune system with its cash of potent antioxidants
    Protects Your Gums + Teeth
    Cedar Resin helps your gums grip your teeth by tightening gum tissue, in turn strengthening your overall oral health.
    Feel Better + Sleep Well!
    Propolis and Cedar Resin Spray helps relieve your scratchy throat and quiet your dry cough, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.
    Apply Daily – And You’ll Feel BETTER + Be BETTER!
    A few pumps of Propolis and Cedar Resin Spray – morning, afternoon, or night – will make an immediate impact.
    Your Wellness is EVERYTHING
    Protecting your immunity is the key to living an active + healthy lifestyle – And Sayan Propolis Spray can help!*
    High Quality is Our MISSION
    Our top quality Propolis with Cedar Resin is a natural immunity booster that also supports strong oral health.*
    Overflowing with Healthy Nutrition
    Propolis and Cedar Resin are packed with wellness-supporting antioxidants, including tannins, polyphenols, and flavonoids. *
    Supports Endurance and Physical Performance
    Rich in Pure Biological Compounds
    Our Propolis and Cedar Resin formula is comprised entirely of highly active, body-nourishing biological compounds.
    Serving Satisfied Customers Around The Globe
    For over a decade, thousands of customers in over 60 countries consistently turn to Sayan products to fortify their wellness.

    Propolis Throat Spray with Cedar Resin with Cedar Resin

    Dating back several thousand years, ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian societies used propolis as a homeopathic cleanser to help fortify wellness. Produced by bees as a by-product of honey-making, propolis is a rich source of immune-system-boosting antioxidants. And cedar resin, extracted from tree sap, is an organic purifier long used by age-old cultures. Blending these two natural resources, our uniquely combined propolis + cedar resin throat spray – a wellness product exclusively available from Sayan – works to reinforce your immunity, in addition to promoting excellent dental hygiene.*

    Propolis Throat Spray with Cedar Resin with Cedar Resin
    What is Propolis Bee Spray + Where Does it Come From?

    What is Propolis Bee Spray + Where Does it Come From?

    Propolis combines over 300 natural compounds. And among its impressive array of ingredients, propolis is brimming with polyphenols called flavonoids, which happen to be one of the most potent sources of antioxidants found in nature.

    Propolis is also an abundant source of phenolics, a compound found in many plants that are known to protect fruits and vegetables against environmental stress.

    Using sap collected from Evergreen trees, honeybees produce propolis in the honey-making process to help build and repair their honeycombs.

    What is Cedar Resin + How is it Collected?

    Just like people, trees are susceptible to invasive foreign bodies. Trees exude a thick, sticky sap to protect against slashed bark of broken limbs. And this gooey ooze acts as a barrier and natural cleanser that guards against potential invasion.

    In cedar trees, a key component of this protective sap is cedar resin. The sap is extracted from cedar trees, much like maple trees are tapped to collect maple syrup. And the sap is processed into concentrated cedar resin.

    What is Cedar Resin + How is it Collected?
    Discover A Wealth of Wellness, Immune Support + Dental Hygiene

    Discover A Wealth of Wellness, Immune Support + Dental Hygiene

    Sayan propolis beekeepers’ throat spray is overflowing with polyphenol-based flavonoids, a plentiful natural source of antioxidants. And these essential antioxidants help your immune system achieve peak performance, which ultimately works to fortify your overall wellness.

    Additionally, the phenolics in propolis, a natural compound that defends fruits and vegetables against external stressors, provide many of the same wellness benefits credited to vegetarian diets.

    In its concentrated form, cedar resin acts as a natural astringent. When applied directly to your mouth, cedar resin’s natural properties work to balance the microflora in your mouth and clean your teeth, both of which contribute to fresher breath.

    Cedar resin also helps your gums grip your teeth more tightly by strengthening the gum tissue. And it lends protection to the cuts, abrasions, and other sores that commonly occur in your mouth. *

    Wild Harvested in the Pristine Hinterlands of Faraway Siberia

    Not all propolis is created equal. The composition, potency, and overall wellness potential of wild propolis can vary greatly.

    In fact, these factors depend primarily on where the propolis is produced and the type of trees and flowers the bees making have access to. In other words, less populated, pollution-free environs produce healthier, more robust bees and vegetation. And in turn, yield higher quality propolis.

    Of course, the same goes for cedar resin. The more pristine the environmental conditions, the heartier the cedar trees found there. And the better the resin those trees produce.

    The ensure we capture the highest quality ingredients, Sayan sources the propolis and cedar resin in our beekeeper’s natural propolis spray from the distant forests of Siberia. A genuinely unspoiled locale, situated far from civilization’s toxic pollution civilization, Siberia is home to flourishing woodlands filled with lush vegetation and teeming with wildlife.

    We harvest our wild propolis and cedar resin using sustainable methods that ensure the increasing endangered bee pollution is protected and Siberia’s cedar tree forests continue to thrive.

    Additionally, our ingredients are selected following stringent quality control measures. Lab-purified to remove any contaminants and impurities. And carefully packaged to ensure only the best quality final product lands in your hands.

    Wild Harvested in the Pristine Hinterlands of Faraway Siberia
    An Exclusive Product from An All-Natural Supplement Brand You Can Trust

    An Exclusive Product from An All-Natural Supplement Brand You Can Trust

    There are plenty of propolis products and suppliers to choose from. But none offers the unique combination of propolis and cedar resin found in this exclusive Sayan product. Nor does any competing brand match the meticulous attention to detail behind the production of our Propolis with Cedar Resin Mouth and Throat Spray.

    From our Siberia-sourced ingredients to our careful selection process to our purification protocols and quality control measures – Sayan propolis bee spray is a product you can trust. And with our spray’s all-natural, non-GMO, and no added fillers certification – This is the kind of product you WANT in your household.

    Ingredients: aqueous propolis extract, cedar resin extract, propylene glycol, glycerin.

    Usage Directions:

    • Shake well before using.
    • Spray 1 to 2 pumps directly on the problem areas.
    • Avoid eating or drinking for 20-to-30-minute following application.
    • Apply 4 to 6 times per day.

    Storage Instructions:

    • Store in a cool, dry space.
    • Avoid direct sunlight.
    • Sediment may accumulate but is not an issue for concern.
    • Use or discard within two months of opening.

    Product weigh: 50 ml (1.7 fl. oz)

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

    Usage Directions:

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    1. Elise Aguilar

      I was looking for a propolis spray in order to keep a fresh breath. While I found this product, I was excited to know that this product offers some other benefits too. After using it continuously for 7-8 days I can trust this product completely. I feel fresh with better immunity. Recommended!

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