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    Chaga mushroom’s adaptogen powers helps your body adapt to stressor, restoring a grounding sence of calm

    Lion’s Power Herbal Capsules

    Lion's Power Herbal Capsules – Versatile Mushroom + Herb Blend
    • Energy and Stamina: Tongkat Ali, Maca, and Ginseng boost stamina, endurance, combat fatigue and enhance physical performance.
    • Hormonal Balance: Ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Tribulus are associated with balancing hormones, aiding in vitality and muscle strength.
    • Cognitive Function: Lion’s Mane mushroom improves cognitive function, memory, and focus. It may support brain health and mental clarity.
    • Stress Reduction: Rhodiola and Ginseng are known for their ability to help the body adapt to stress, potentially improving overall wellbeing.
    • Immune Support: Cordyceps and Beet Root may contribute to immune system support, offering antioxidants and nutrients that promote overall health.
    • Certified Healthy: Caffeine-free. Always fresh, potent, and pure. Non-GMO, Vegan Safe. Natural Product. Free from fillers, gluten, gelatin, or dairy.

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    Lion’s Power Herbal Capsules – Monthly Subscription

    Get Stronger
    Herbal allies that work to increase your physical strength, Tongkat and Tribulus help support your body’s natural muscle growth in turn improving exercise performance.
    Sharpen Your Focus
    Lion’s Mane and beetroot help increase concentration with essential nutrients known to support peak cognitive function, promising to hone your memory and mental clarity.
    Fortify Your Immunity
    Known to increase cytokines levels, the body’s natural immune defensive-cells, along with supporting related functions, Lion’s Mane is reported to improved immune response.
    Manage Stress
    A natural adaptogen, Ginseng root, helps alleviate stress by regulating the body’s response to anxiety, easing your mind while promoting a calming emotional balance
    Quality is Our Mission
    We exclusively source only the highest quality Ashwagandha herbal supplements, certify purity with lab testing, and process our products following with the highest industry standards.
    Filler, Additive + Chemical FREE!
    Sayan products are sourced and processed to ensure the utmost in purity and consumer safety. That means no fillers, additives, or chemical ingredients.
    Nature’s Nutrients Power Ashwagandha
    Used for centuries in homeopathic practices Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub in the nightshade family found growing wild in India, the Middle East, Africa.
    Sold in More Than 60 Countries
    Over the past decade, Sayan’s growing reputation as a leading all-natural supplement provider has earned legions of dedicated customers in over 60 countries.

    Lion’s Power Herbal Capsules – Versatile Mushroom + Herb Blend

    Lion’s Power is a robust, all-natural supplement that blends potent homeopathic mushrooms, herbs, and vegetable roots, delivering a diverse array of wellness benefits. Adding Lion’s Power to your daily routine promises to enhance focus, bolster immunity, and build physical strength. This dynamic formula also diminishes stress response, contributing to an overall sense of well-being. Elevate your wellness with Lion’s Power, the all-natural path to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

    Increased Vitality + Lower Stress

    Tongkat and Tribulus, a pair of potent herbs, combine to deliver an all-natural vitality boost. Known to increase strength and stamina, this mighty herbal cohort has proven to support muscle growth and empower workouts, while also helping you more effectively manage the stressors common in daily life. Maca is renowned for diminishing stress, bolstering relaxation, and fostering a sense of inner serenity. Acting in concert, Tongkat and Tribulus help promote strength and endurance, while Maca’s stress-reducing potential can influence your mood, nurturing feelings of peaceful tranquility. Rocketing beyond the average energy supplement, this holistic blend works to support both your physical and mental well-being. You can count on this collaborative herbal compound to fortify your body and mind, bringing balance and stamina to your daily life.

    Immune System Support

    Lion’s Mane is heavily infused with beta-glucans, potent polysaccharides recognized for stimulating the immune system. These essential carbohydrates promote peak immune function, protecting and fortifying your overall wellness. Lion’s Mane’s immune-boosting potential contributes to your physical resilience, helping to support an active, vigorous lifestyle.

    Improved Cognitive Function

    Lion’s Mane and beet root are a dynamic, all-natural duo renowned for providing considerable cognitive support. These natural wonders combine to fortify and hone your mental faculties. Known for its neuroprotective properties, Lion’s Mane has demonstrated the ability to boost cognitive function. Acting as a catalyst to sharpen your memory, this potent herb works to help your recall become more vivid and easily accessible. In turn, beet root, a rich nutritional source, can help increase concentration and heighten mental clarity.
    The collective effects of Lion’s Mane and beet root reportedly considerably impact cognitive function. Lion’s Mane stimulates nerve growth factor (NGF) production, the crucial factors in memory support and learning capacity. Rich in nitrates, beet root can increase blood flow to the brain, improving concentration and powering cognitive performance. In combination, this herbal pairing offers holistic support to your overall mental well-being.
    Find your mind wondering? Struggling to recall names, dates, and places? Wish you could hone your concentration? Incorporating Lion’s Mane and beet root into your daily routine supports mental acuity is a consistent reality rather than a confusing, frustrating struggle. This dynamic compound bridges the gap between fleeting focus and sustained peaked cognitive function, ensuring continuing mental clarity. Leverage an all-natural means to mold your mind into an organ that not only remembers but thrives with clarity and precision, a proactive investment in your cognitive wellness.

    Reduced Stress + Elevated Mood

    Ginseng root is an herb long celebrated for its phenomenal capacity to lower environmental stress levels and cast an overarching calm, relaxing your body and mind. A true botanical marvel, this wild-growing root acts as a soothing balm for the mind, quieting the mental clamor and clang of life’s relentless demands. Tongkat is also recognized as a mood elevator that many tout for improving mindset, with some reporting the herb helps foster a more positive outlook on life. The combined impact of Ginseng root’s calming capacity and Tongkat’s mood-enhancing qualities yields a pleasant sense of internal peace, in turn promoting a balanced, positive mentality. Embracing the mighty alliance between these two potent, all-natural herbal aids offers a means to better manage life’s many challenges and approach the world with a cheery perspective that’s immediately evident to all those you encounter.

    More Energy + Greater Physical Strength

    The potent quartet of Tongkat, Rhodiola, Ginseng, and Cordyceps promises a robust vitality boost many users assert bolsters physical strength. This all-natural herbal cocktail delivers an energetic surge that amplifies stamina, increases endurance, and expedites your recovery from all manner of physical effort, whether you’re exercising in the gym, playing sports, or working a labor-intensive job. And if you’re looking to rachet up your workouts to the “next level,” this supplement collection can help 10x the results of your fitness regime. The impact is particularly evident following intensive, muscle-taxing workouts, with users reporting a significant drop in recovery time. Just imagine the ability to meet physical challenges by exerting your full strength and, in turn, bouncing back to form in short order. Tongkat’s stamina infusion, Rhodiola’s endurance support, Ginseng’s revitalizing touch, and Cordyceps’ recovery acceleration unify to bolster your physical wellness – A well-balanced blend highlighting a path to a more resilient, energized, and fulfilling lifestyle.

    More Energy + Greater Physical Strength


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