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    Reishi adaptogenic properties help your body combat fatigue and enhance mental clarity.

    Reishi Mushroom*

    13 customer reviews
    • Powerful and Potent “Mushroom of immortality”
    • USDA Organic Reishi extracted strictly from fruiting bodies
    • Reishi are worldwide top-selling nutraceutical mushroom species
    • Contains Polysaccharides, Polyphenols, Triterpenes, Glycoproteins, Beta Glucans
    • No Fillers, Sugar and Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Paleo
    • Improves immune function and supports overall wellness
    • Promotes healthy cardiovascular system *
    • Boosts energy and increase stamina*

    $30.99 available on subscription from Original price was: $30.99.Current price is: $26.34. every 2 weeks

    Reishi mushrooms – Monthly Subscription

    Longevity and Vitality Mushroom
    Reishi Mushroom extract is the ultimate supplement that supports longevity, general wellness and vitality. *
    Daily Support for Your Body
    Reishi mushrooms have earned a global reputation through centuries of supporting the immune system, improving memory, and honing concentration. *
    Discover Reishi Wealth of Wellness
    Reishi, also called Ganoderma Lucidum, helps reduce environmental stress, improves sleep, and decreases fatigue *
    Mushrooms Proven By The Test of Time
    Reishi rank among the most widely utilized mushroom for wellness support dating back thousands of years. *
    Your Wellness is EVERYTHING
    In addition to proper diet and regular exercise, Sayan products can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and live your life to the fullest!
    High Quality is Our MISSION
    Our top quality Reishi extract will help you look, feel, and be BETTER.
    Overflowing With Healthy Nutrition
    Reishi Mushroom potent nutrition works to support your wellness at a cellular level
    USDA Organic Organic Reishi
    Certified Organic Reishi ensures absolute purity – No Chemicals, fillers, or unnecessary additives.
    Serving Satisfied Customers Around The Globe
    For over a decade, thousands of customers in over 60 countries have turned to Sayan products to fortify their wellness.

    The Mushroom of Immortality

    A staple of Chinese homeopathic practice for more than 2,000 years, Reishi mushrooms are among a handful of mushrooms currently gaining mainstream popularity. And due to this growing recognition, which has spawned legions of devoted users, Reishi mushrooms are now the one of top 3 selling mushrooms in homeopathy.

    Dubbed the “Immortality Mushroom” in ancient Chinese culture, Reishi mushrooms, also known as Lingzhi, come from the Ganoderma fungus family, which encompasses over 80 species of mushrooms. Like Reishi, Ganoderma mushrooms are also packaged as Ganoderma capsules and Ganoderma coffee, and make a broad family of medicinal mushroom products.

    Often recognized for their bright orange appearance, Reishi mushrooms are overflowing with wellness-supporting nutrients. Specifically, Reishi can help improve immune response, lower environmental stress response, increase longevity, raise energy levels, and generally fortify your overall wellness. *

    And these considerable benefits are distilled into Sayan’s reishi extract capsules.

    The Mushroom of Immortality

    Reishi’s Three Keys To Wellness: Polysaccharides, Triterpenes + Beta-glucans

    Along with a host of essential nutrients, Reishi Mushrooms are rich sources of polysaccharides, triterpenes, and beta-glucans – Each of which offers unique benefits that supports your body.


    A natural polymer found in plants, animals, and microorganisms; polysaccharides are believed to be a significant energy source in all diets. Polysaccharides also provide immune support, powering the immune system to help it achieve peak performance.


    A natural chemical compound produced by animals, plants, and mushrooms, triterpenes form the basis of steroids. Steroids are critical players in cellular signaling, thereby helping your body’s cells perform at peak function. *


    A polysaccharide that naturally occurs in cellular walls of microorganisms, beta-glucans are believed to stimulate the immune system, promoting ideal function. *

    The Potent Power of Reishi Mushrooms Packed Into a Single Capsule

    Reishi mushrooms are used to create a variety of products. Popular choices include Reishi tea, Reishi coffee, and Reishi extract powder. All of which are potent and effective wellness supplements.

    At Sayan, we use a water extraction method to distill Reishi mushrooms into certified vegan capsules. In capsules form, it’s simple and convenient to incorporate Reishi supplements into your routine, whether you’re at home or traveling on the go.


    Most importantly, taking Reishi
    capsules daily can help:

    Stimulates increased energy levels and stamina**
    Supports the immune system**
    Promotes improved athletic performance*
    Promotes improved athletic performance**
    Stimulates enhanced vitality of the skin and hair**
    The Sayan Advantage

    The Sayan Advantage

    Attention to detail is what sets Sayan apart from our competitors. We travel the world to personally visiting the harvest sites and suppliers for every product we market. Carefully inspecting the locations and ingredients, we certify both with our seal of uncompromising quality. And we only do business with small, local suppliers who personally stand behind the quality of their products.

    The same goes for our Reishi capsules, too. Each capsule contains nothing but pure, 100% USDA-certified organic, hand-picked Reishi mushrooms. We only use the fruiting body (mushrooms blooming with live spores) instead of traditional mycelium, which grows on grain and relies on fillers that compromise nutrients. Our hot-water extraction process preserves Reishi mushrooms’ natural compound, maximizing the nutritional benefits packed into every capsule.

    Sayan’s entire product line is all-natural with absolutely no added fillers, always non-GMO, vegan, and paleo-friendly. Our extracts are manufactured and processed in compliance with the strictest GMP guidelines in an FDA-approved facility.

    We are excited to be a partner in your quest for longevity and wellness.

    Direction: Adults take 2 capsules twice per day preferably with a meal.

    Ingredients: USDA Organic Reishi extract powder, vegetarian capsule

    Package: 90 capsules 440mg each

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    The Sayan Advantage

    13 reviews for Reishi Mushroom*

    1. Tara Coomes

      Reishi mushroom capsules have become my secret weapon for a calm and balanced life. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results!

      These capsules offer a convenient way to experience the incredible benefits of Reishi mushrooms. With their adaptogenic properties, they have helped me manage stress and promote a sense of tranquility. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my overall mood and mental well-being since incorporating them into my daily routine.

      The packaging is also worth mentioning. The capsules come in a well-sealed container that preserves their freshness and potency. The clear instructions provided on the label make it easy to incorporate them into my daily routine without any guesswork.

    2. Damien Howard

      I am absolutely delighted with the Reishi Mushroom Capsules! These capsules have quickly become an essential part of my daily wellness routine. The benefits of Reishi are truly remarkable, and I’ve experienced a sense of calm and balance like never before. Incorporating these capsules into my routine is effortless, and I appreciate the convenience they offer. The quality of the Reishi extract is evident, and I’m grateful for the positive impact it has on my overall well-being.

    3. Arnold Peters

      As a new customer, I was initially skeptical about trying reishi capsules. However, after just a few weeks of incorporating them into my daily regimen, I can genuinely say I’m impressed.
      I’ve noticed subtle yet positive changes in my overall well-being. My sleep has improved, and I wake up feeling more refreshed and energized. Additionally, I feel more focused during the day, which has helped me be more productive at work.
      Although it’s still early days, I’m optimistic about the potential long-term benefits of these reishi capsules.

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