Boost Your Body’s Testosterone Levels Naturally With Shilajit*

Author: David Vartanian

Could Shilajit resin be an all-natural product that supports the production of testosterone? As men age, their testosterone levels steadily decline. As a healthy man over the age of 40, you can expect to see your overall testosterone level decline by an average of 1.6% per year. Additionally, your free and bioavailable testosterone levels fall by an average of 2%-3% each year. And for those whose health and wellness are not perfect, this average annual decline can be even greater.

Declining testosterone levels can result in lowered sex-drive, increased body fat, decreased muscle mass and physical strength, and a loss of bone density, along with other signs that make aging a challenge for many men. A growing body of research, however, appears to indicate Shilajit resin, a natural dietary supplement can help to promote testosterone levels in healthy adult males.

What Is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a sticky, brownish-black resin that’s secreted from sedimentary mountain rocks. The resin is derived from biological material, the remains of plants and animals, that decomposes over time and is compressed into rocks found in high mountain ranges. And as these rocks are baked in the sun at high altitudes over centuries, the thick ooze slowly seeps out, forming Shilajit resin.

Why is Shilajit Celebrated As a Health + Wellness Supplement?

A staple of Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years, Shilajit has long been used as a natural supplement to support overall wellness. In fact, the name Shilajit roughly translates from ancient Indian Sanskrit to the phrase: “Conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.” Shilajit owes this lofty title to its compound profile, which includes a high concentration of fluvic acid, an incredibly powerful antioxidant, along with 84 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B, C, E, and minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, carotenoids, and retinol, among a great many more. And powered by this potent combination, Shilajit is reported to aid several critical aspects of human health, including…

Shilajit’s Key Health Benefits

• Improves immune response
• Promotes physical vitality and slows aging
• Contributes to hormone balancing
• Helps to reduce environmental stress
• Enhances mental clarity
• Improves sexual stamina

How Does Increased Testosterone Benefit Men’s Health?

In addition to offering support in the areas described above, Shilajit is also believed to promote the production of testosterone, along with regulating other key factors governing men’s sexual and reproductive function. And this, in turn, has a direct impact on men’s wellness.

The specific benefits of increased testosterone in men include: higher energy levels, lower body fat, the ability to develop larger and stronger muscle mass.

In short, testosterone in your body helps you to be thinner and stronger, with more energy, and a higher sex drive.

genuine Altai Shilajit

How Does Shilajit Impact Testosteron Production?

The impact of Shilajit on testosterone in adult males has been studied in two separate clinical trials (noted in Wiley Online Library, PubMed, and by Huntington College of Health Sciences regarding a study conducted at the J. B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital).

Each study was held over a 90-day period and measured serum testosterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), in addition to malondialdehyde (MDA), a harmful oxidant often found in the body.

What Did the Clinical Studies on Shilajit Reveal?

The first trial studied 28 men struggling with fertility issues. After taking 100mg doses of Shilajit twice daily for 90 days, the study participants saw definite increases in testosterone serum (an average of 23%) and FSH (an average of 9%), and a decrease of MDA in their semen (an average of 18%). The participant’s sperm count increased by an average of 61% and their sperm motility increased by an average of 37%.

In the second study, 98 healthy adult males between the ages of 45 – 55 were randomly divided into two groups. The control group was given a placebo, while the active group was given 250mg of Shilajit twice daily. Both groups’ testosterone levels were measured on day one, to establish a baseline, and at 30, 60, and 90-day intervals. The placebo group actually saw an overall decline in testosterone at each stage of measurement. While the Shilajit group’s testosterone levels showed an increase at each measurement, ultimately resulting in a 20% overall increase in testosterone, a significant jump in FSH and LH, and a 31% increase in DHEA.

What’s the Ideal Shilajit Amount for support Testosterone proudction?

Ultimately, the ideal daily intake of any supplement depends on individual factors. Bodyweight, age, physiology are among the many considerations that could play a role in determining an effective quantity.  But using the studies noted above as a guideline, you could logically assume 200mg – 500mg of Shilajit daily can potentially boost your testosterone levels. The course length also likely varies, though the above-mentioned studies appear to indicate 90-days is a suitable length.

Ultimately, it’s best to experiment with dose size and course length. And you can make adjustments along the way until you achieve your desired results.

How Are Shilajit Supplements Packaged?

Shilajit is available in several forms. Option include resin, capsules, tablets, powder, and solid.

How Does Shilajit’s Effect Users?

As is the case with any natural supplement, some Shilajit users may experience unexpected effects, including potential allergic reactions. And others may be at risk from these unexpected effects.

Some Shilajit users may experience…

• Feelings of physical weakness
• Unusual headaches
• Increased or unexplained fatigue
• Stomach discomfort

Symptoms of potential allergic reactions include…

• An itchy rash
• Dizziness
• Increased heart rate

Additional Health Considerations

Shilajit is a natural product, and broadly speaking, it’s completely safe for general consumption. However, you should not consume unprocessed Shilajit. In its raw form, Shilajit resin may contain impurities that must be removed to ensure it’s safe for consumption. Additionally, it’s wise to consult with a doctor before taking Shilajit, particularly if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Sourcing Quality Shilajit

Sayan harvests Shilajit from the pristine peaks of Siberia’s Altai Mountains, which rise 10,000 feet above sea level. An undisturbed region far from the harmful pollution of modern civilization.

The Shilajit resin we harvest is vaporized to remove any potentials impurities. And once purified, it’s rendered as a refined resin or as dry sheets, in capsule, tablet, or powder form, or as pre-packaged teabags.

Additionally, our Shilajit is 100% organic – We don’t add any unnecessary chemicals or fillers.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  1. It would be helpful to know the entire list of ingredients of the Shilajit you sell. Also what are the proportions of Shilajit and the number of times to take it daily? In addition, there are energy practices that saturate the body with energy in such a way that sexual deficiency or weaknesses would not happen with age. These are known in China, Mexico, and possibly India. These practices may have been discovered in the areas of Russia and other places on the planet too. One reference is about energy practices in Mexico. This is the book by Carlos Castaneda, Magical Passes. It is sold by Amazon. One edition I know of is 1998. If you know more about the energy practices, please let us know. The ones that are in the book by Castaneda do not depend on taking supplements. But the Author has spent more, than 13 years to gain the proficiency and be certified by his teacher. However, it could likely be that complementing energy practices with foods, herbs, and other substances would improve one’s chance to get results if prudently done.

    • Dear White Cloud,

      Please see answers to your questions below:

      It would be helpful to know the entire list of ingredients of the Shilajit you sell.
      We only offer pure shilajit in all our shilajit products, there are no fillers or any other ingredient. You can always look at the ingredient list if you have doubts.

      Also what are the proportions of Shilajit and the number of times to take it daily?
      The daily amount of shilajit is between 100—300mg.

      Best regards,

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