Chaga Mushrooms and The COVID-19 Pandemic: Can Supplements Help?*

Author: David Vartanian

Seemingly out of nowhere, COVID-19 has turned our world upside. With no definitive resolution in sight, infection rates continue to climb, while the death toll steadily rises. And sadly, this growing crisis is quickly becoming the biggest public health catastrophe seen in generations. A vaccine is seen as the ultimate solution, which has kicked research into high gear. In the meantime, many wonder what impact supplements, like Chaga mushrooms taken for health benefits, might have on COVID-19?

Myths Vs. Reality – Sorting Out the Fact and Fiction Surrounding Chaga Mushroom + COVID-19

Since COVID-19 emerged, there’s been a HUGE uptick in the sales of natural supplements. In particular, there’s been a surge in demand for mushroom extract, with one of the most popular being Chaga dry mushroom extracts.

Celebrated for centuries in homeopathic medicine circles, Chaga mushrooms are believed to offer a variety of health and restorative benefits. Lately, medical science has focused on mushrooms for health benefits, even with limited research on Chaga, it demonstrates a better immune response, decreased fatigue, improved digestion, and stronger mental clarity. Though such research is too slim at this point to be deemed “medically conclusive.”


The implication amid growing consumer demand is mushroom supplements and Chaga extract possibly holds the power to make an impact on COVID-19.

In reality, however, at the moment there is NO cure for COVID-19at this time. Even a vaccine isn’t a cure. In actuality, a vaccine is a weakened v irus that stimulates your body’s natural antibodies and prevents you from acquiring a full-blown viral infection.

Your best hope is to avoid contact with infected individuals, immunize yourself against infection contraction, or mitigate viral effects should you become infected.
All of this noted, however, mushroom supplements, including medicinal mushroom and Chaga extract offer a host of wellness benefits. And in turn, these supplements can fortify your overall bodily function and help minimize the physical and mental strain created by the fear and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 crisis.
But to gain a better grasp on how Chaga mushroom extract can help you, it’s best to discover a bit more about these supplements and how they work.

What Exactly is Chaga Mushroom Extract?

A naturally occurring fungus that grows primarily on birch trees, Chaga mushrooms look similar to charcoal. Chaga is typically found in the forests of cold weather environments, such as Northern Europe, Northern Canada, Alaska, and parts of Russia and Asia.

One of the best regional sources for quality Chaga mushrooms is Siberia. Sayan, a leading Chaga provider, sustainably harvests their superior quality wild Chaga from Siberia’s pristine, unpopulated, and unpolluted birch forests.

The extraction process involves grinding the raw fungus is ground into a powder or chunks, which is then refined to remove impurities, and freeze dried for better quality and easy consumption. The resulting extract powder can be made instantly into a tea or taken in the capsule.

How Can Mushroom Supplements Help You?

All-natural, low in calories, and high in fiber, Chaga mushrooms are packed with antioxidants and have been a staple of traditional herbal medicine since ancient times. Chaga’s many restorative uses make it one of the best mushrooms for health and wellness benefits. Notable benefits of Siberian Chaga extract include heightened immune function, improved digestion, increased energy, and lowered stress response. Additionally, Chaga is a powerful adaptogen that can enhance the impact of other herbal supplements.

How Do You Take Chaga Mushrooms?

Chaga supplements come in a variety of forms, including solid chunks, powder, capsules, and unbleached tea. But the most popular form is dry Chaga extract. Rendered as a mushroom powder extract, Chaga can be combined with different beverages, depending on your preference. It can be added to hot water to make instant, healthy teas that don’t require brewing, which allows you to easily regulate your dosage. Mix your desired dose into hot water and it’s ready to drink. Chaga extract can also be blended with milk, orange, grapefruit and other fruit juices, and even coffee.

A typical course of Chaga extract generally takes one to two weeks to make a noticeable impact on your health. Many users take a consistent dose for an extended period. While others choose to take mushroom powder supplements on an as-needed basis.

Chaga Mushroom Supplements And COVID-19

The fear and anxiety surrounding COVID-19 will persist until a credible vaccine is widely in use. In the meantime, the demand for supplements will continue to surge, as scientists and medical researchers pursue both preventative measures and antidotes to counter COVID. But amid this frenzied pursuit, it’s important to understand that no supplement has been proven to prevent, mitigate, or cure COVID-19 (or any other viral infection for that matter).
And considering all the misleading advertising, you would do well to steer clear of any supplement merchant prompting you to buy Chaga with the promise of preventing or curing COVID-19. Such claims are simply false. Sayan completely avoids this approach. And you can buy chaga mushrooms from Sayan with the confidence that while our supplements do not offer a cure or treatment for COVID, they do provide a host of benefits that can improve your wellness.

Ultimately, what can be certain about is the stronger your health amid these trying times, the better off you are. And among the many mushroom benefits for health, Chaga extract can help boost your immunity, give you more energy, and generally elevate your overall health and wellness. All of which can provide a strong hedge against the weakened physical state that invites potential illness.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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