Some More Ways To Use Chaga Powder

Chaga powder in its most popular form is used primary for making of tea.

Great for brewing larger amounts of tea, or for storing for another day, but powder is a convenient form many find more useable.

All devotees of chaga tea know of the benefits, but there is more to this king of herbs than meets the eye.

Why not incorporate chaga powder into more of your daily food and beverages.

Are There Some More Ways to Use Chaga Powder?

In a word, yes.

Siberian Chaga extract powder can be worked into many beverages and recipes either by making a tea and adding it or by using the powder straight into other ingredients.

Lets look at a few.

Chaga Chai Tea. Yes, technically this is still a tea, but chaga chai tea is one step beyond average.

Combine a cinnamon stick and chaga tea, made previously by steeping the powder in hot water and brewing until a nice dark consistency. Add white clove, and other spices you may enjoy such as ginger, cardamom pods or even black pepper.

Add frothy milk and enjoy this warm spiced blend.

Chaga Smoothie. There’s nothing quite like an ice cold smoothie. Berry laden thick and lush combining your favorite non-dairy, or milk blends. You can add chaga mushroom powder and make it even healthier.

Prepare your mushroom extract powder tea just as you would if you were brewing a cup. Keep it refrigerated to have on hand when making smoothies.

Add one cup of chilled chaga tea, add berries, bananas, low fat milk (almond milk is great in this). Blend and add ice (or a spoon or two of yoghurt) at the last minute and blend again.

Sometimes a little preparation is needed. Plan ahead for your venture into smoothie heaven.

Your morning smoothie will never be the same.

Chaga Pops. Freeze a blended combination of the above mixture into moulds and you have an amazing healthy ice cold pop made with chaga.

Chaga Muffins and Hotcakes. Incorporate in a regular muffin mix, or hotcake recipe, half a cup of chaga tea blend. Simply add the tea as you would other liquids when making these. Add honey as an alternative to sugar, if you have a sweet tooth.

How is Powder Formed

Chaga chunks are harvested by the world’s finest hunters. Chunks are processed correctly health powder and ground into a fine powder ready for use.

Sold in sealed bags, the best chaga should be sourced from the best regions, conducive to producing the best chaga products.

Remember What You’re Getting

The source of chaga is quite natural powder a feat in itself. The environment for the best end result is one of pollutant free air natural and life-giving energy.

From the birch tree chaga inherits many health giving properties. From antioxidants to melanin and betulinic acid, chaga offers all that nature organic chaga mushroom powder brings to assist our ongoing health concerns.

Research for yourself the ways in which chaga mushroom powder bulk can aid in better health and wellbeing for you and your family. By introducing chaga into basic recipes for food and beverages, you introduce an alternative to commercially produced, sugar laden products.

Now you know just how versatile chaga extract powder can be, start experimenting.

Giving yourself options in the kitchen can lead to greater satisfaction when creating new meal ideas.

Get the family involved. Kids love to help and, a little mess aside, you can find yourselves bonding through good nutritious, and healthy ingredients.

The key here is not to remove all your other favorites from your life, but simply involve chaga as a new friend.

Introduce and create. It’s all worth it in the end.

6 responses to “Some More Ways To Use Chaga Powder”

  1. Can Chaga Powder be consumed raw? In other words, can I put the powder directly into my smoothy?
    I’ve done it twice and although I know it doesn’t dissolve and break down I didn’t have any issues drinking it.
    It was no different than adding Flax Seed or Chia seeds.
    Good for me or bad for me?
    Do it or don’t do it?

    • Hello Donna,

      Raw chaga mushroom can not be digested by humans. There is no benefits to eat raw chaga powder because chaga has chitin in cells wall which is not digestible by humans. The only proper way to use raw chaga is to brew it or make an alcohol tincture. Raw chaga mushroom needs to be dissolved in water or alcohol first.

      Thank you

    • Hi Janet,

      There is a difference between mushroom coffee blend and chaga tea, these are two different products. Coffee blend has following ingredients: coffee, chaga extract reishi extract. Chaga tea has raw chaga and chaga extract. Both product come in packets. Tea needs to be brewed with hot water and coffee is just an instant coffee, which also needs hot water in order to make instant coffee. If you more of a coffee drinker, than we would recommend use coffee blend or buy chaga extract powder separately and mix it with you coffee.

    • Hello Chemula,

      Thank you for your question. Chaga on its own probably won’t be your number one choice to get help with libido and be sexual active. We would suggest to look at other natural products, ishilajit one of these products which had good reviews from people who were looking to improve libido and be sexual active.

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